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Because of its geographical position has been the passage of different cultures, of which at present can find traces in the various existing archaeological sites. Albox owes its foundation and settlement to the Arab (his name means “the forest” in Arabic) with a widely linked story medieval splendor of the Kingdom of Granada since the thirteenth century. In the throes of the Christian Reconquista, in the fifteenth century, Albox was taken from the Arabs by the troops of Mayor Head of the Crown of Castile, Alonso Yanez Fajardo, and incorporated subsequently to the Marquess of los V lez. Around 1500 a strong earthquake hit Albox largely destroying the people, so it was necessary to demolish the ancient stone castle was rebuilt with damaged houses.The villa albojense took active part in the continued and persistent Moorish uprisings, which occurred in the fifteenth century throughout eastern Andalusia, would be His Majesty King Philip II who, after defeating the Moors, decreed their expulsion from the region and resettlement of the town that brought Christians from Valencia and La Mancha, becoming then Albox council or city council in 1563, under the command of which was its first mayor, Don Antonio de Andrano. This would be to help keep the amount levitra pills for sale of swelling down. There are hundreds of thousands of people around the world to treat erection issue. purchase cheap viagra erects your reproductive organ and make it firm. How to Prevent Stress From Affecting Erections? To begin with, start talking about it openly. orden 50mg viagra The inside of the monitor free get viagra is a compilation of fragile odds and ends that require the proportional spread of weight. Although the Barrio Alto de San Antonio with an irregular layout of steep streets all converging on a small central square, was the original center of the town of Albox, however, is the La Loma neighborhood of San Francisco-named for the former establishment of the Third Order Franciscan, which reaches more development and expansion in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This is due to the linkage of Albox with tragic floods, floods and earthquakes that have hit this land periodically.During the nineteenth century the town played a big role in the fight against the French invaders, which are kept news of two bloody skirmishes in the years 1810 and 1811. That was the period of greatest economic boom in Albox, thanks to its weaving and pottery industry of traditional character. Your shopping tradition has now turned the population into an economic hub between Baza (Granada) and Lorca (Murcia).