Born in Santiago,

Born in Santiago, in a family of 15 children. He studied at school, “French parents” of Alameda Street, and in 1889 entered the School of Medicine, University of Chile. Victim of two delicate diseases syphilis and gonorrhea, two intractable diseases at the time, led him to suspend his studies to begin a long and fruitless series of treatments in the hands of teachers and leading scholars of the period, despite It reached the point of being evicted. He then visited a summer resort of the Constitution, where he met with Father Thaddeus of Wiesent, German priest in South America reported its innovative spa and diet therapy, developed by Sebastian Kneipp. Subjected to such treatment, he saw his health restored within months.Impacted by the results and to an entirely new perspective of conventional medicine that he had studied in college, decided to dedicate the rest of his life to study and practice of natural medicine. For nine years, Manuel Lezaeta, continued with his father Tadeo Wiesent, diligent studying the writings of the pioneers of naturism as Hippocrates, Vincenz Priessnitz, Sebastian Kneipp, among others, due to Tadeo go to Colombia to heal lepers. The new medical teaching, found deep knowledge of nature, irredarguibles arguments for vegetarianism and the use of vital agents (water, sun, air, earth, herbs …), which convinced him of the great advantages the natural and stimulated method to refine the proposals presented by each of them.Finally, a synthetic conception that clearly explain the laws that determine health and the causes of its loss, Lezaeta enunciated his “Doctrine Health Chill,” which marked a milestone in the history of herbal medicine and has proved of enormous value, both for theoretical studies, and for the practical exercise, as it clarifies the goals of any treatment and simplifies the methods so that you can reach the same good results either in nature or even in the artificial conditions of life of the city. If you are looking for effective treatments then it is crucial to realize that you do not buy generic cialis navigate here need to break or crush them first. Primarily, a negative suction force (or intra-discal pressure) is generated that aims at drawing the prolapsed ends of the disc inwards and thereby helps in alleviation visit now now order cheap cialis of symptoms. With all their training and all their experience, they tell purchase cheap viagra children the best way to handle an adversary or a conflict-ridden situation. However, they are viagra in the uk very expensive unlike kamagra, which is a circulatory ailment. To develop new ideas and work began studying philosophy and logic, a step that should take to be ready to defend its new system. Manuel Lezaeta not return to medical school, and instead, he entered law school at the same university, graduating as a lawyer in 1904.His humanist vocation led him to develop several parallel activities, public service, among which his work as Professor of Castilian and History of Humanities Institute of Santiago, as in 1905 was elected mayor of Santiago. In 1911 he married Raquel Perez-Echeverria Cotapos whose union was born Rafael Perez-Cotapos Lezaeta, who got 5 grandchildren. In 1944 she was widowed. He made many trips to disclose your health doctrine throughout Chile and many countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Central America, United States, among others, which left many disciples. In many of these countries have created institutions that bear his name and promote his teachings.In September 1959, at the time of his death, a Uruguayan journalist summed up the personality of Don Manuel Lezaeta, referring to him as “man of science and conscience, a distinguished and talented, as good work and love humanity can not ever forget. “