Brazilian Adolescents

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Word-key: drugs, adolescent, family. 1 – INTRODUCTION the use of drugs precociously and the importance of the familiar orientation is the subject of this article, that has as objective to explain the reasons I exaggerate of it that currently we observe in our daily one of some adolescents who if involve in diverse situations as the Alcohol use and drugs, causing serious damages the health and desestruturando the familiar seio. Atulmente the Brazilian society if comes across with a situation where young children who have if involved each time more early in the world of the drugs, children of classroom parents are low, measured and high classroom, that is, this situation can involve the families of all the social classrooms, all is vulnerable to this badly that it reaches the population. In alleys and side streets we observe a meeting of great small groups usuary of drugs and between the adults we notice some adolescents, many of them cause panic, therefore due to the continuous use of the drugs they become violent, these adolescents can cause small roberies to acquire money.