Breathe In The Workplace With The Clean Office CARBON Filter

Clean Office CARBON by the Hamburg-based filter specialists Riensch & held reddened eyes, dry mouth and headache: many people feel tired after a day at the Office. A reason for this nano-particles can be, emit the laser printers, fax machines, and copiers in the operation. The spectrum of the disease, bringing the medicine with the emissions relating to cell degeneration ranges from asthma. Clean Office CARBON by the Hamburg-based filter specialists Riensch & held is the exhaust filter for Office equipment on the market, holding back a maximum range of such pollutants. Reason is that it is produced based on activated carbon. If you would like to know more then you should visit Glenn Dubin. The Federal Environmental Agency has tested various retrofit filter for laser printers, including a filter based on activated carbon.

Only the tested filter type activated carbon based on was almost completely restrain also ultra fine particles according to the UBA in the location next to coarser and finer. At the trade fair currently in Leipzig (19-21.10.2010) of manufacturer manufacturing in Germany presents occupational safety and health This innovation in a new format: The filter clean Office CARBON covering the vents even more popular laser printers. Since the via are highly permeable, hardly any resistance arises, the fan functioning is not impaired. That confirmed an audit by TuV Nord. More tests clean certified Office CARBON also bests.

A for the first time carried out measurement under real conditions of Office resulted in a reduction of ultra fine dust particles by more than 75 percent in the middle of the Office space. Also excellent values are obtained in the filtering of ozone: an independent testing laboratory here determined an efficiency of 95 per cent. In 2009 the product was awarded the ECARF seal of the European Foundation for allergy research. Compatible printer models, as well as an explanation of the installation are listed under. In addition, a dealer directory is available online. Notes for editors: the 1845 founded company Riensch & held is one of Germany’s renowned filter specialists. Mainly in addition to a large range of high-performance filter types and types, the company offers for home and workplace, for their customers in addition, idea generation, development and construction. A total range of the duration filter for the flavor-rich coffee to the highly sensitive medical Diagnostics.