Economic Crisis

The economic crisis from the medical point of view. In these times of great uncertainty and heightened by the media of communication, there is no day in which no reference is made to the global crisis and its impact on our everyday life. Since I remember Argentines have lived crisis in crisis with some episodes of normalcy that we long for when we return to the crisis. Whether real or not when one thinks that there will be a crisis it ends being a self-fulfilling prophecy as people leave decisions investment, consumption or directly changes that would favour their physical and emotional health with the prepending of what if total all goes to the devil? From the everyday for what: why should I change the covers of your car? (to avoid accidents) What I’ll fix the roof of House? (so not us mojemos when it rains) Even the most serious: why should I study? (to be better prepared for my future employment) What I’m getting married? (to continue my life project) What will I have children? (for complete me as a human being) for ques originating the global thinking is very harmful to our physical and emotional health because at the end it ends up being a boomerang that alters our quality of life. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has to say. Because spend of the so economic and everyday to the to what emotional and then to the so that alter our quality of life. What will I quit? What will I take care of myself? What will I lose weight? What will I do physical activity? Do we live ever in argentina and have any age know by experience that life continues, and that people who had a positive attitude during the crisis are those better left unemployed and the most benefited from the post-crisis stage (that always happens whenever it rained stopped) then: how to protect yourself from the crisis? With an appropriate MENTAL attitude.

Not pass decisions that improve our health since with crisis or without it if we have a body in better conditions we will be able to respond with a better adaptation to the changes. Is not the same think intoxicated (with tobacco by) (example or with food) with a clean body and shape. In recent months, OurCrowd has been very successful. From our point of view the crises are complete, i.e. physical, emotional and spiritual. Prepare in all these fields is the best way to deal with it. That is why we say: there is that sound to not have NIGHTMARES Dr Norberto Palavecino El Dr. Palavecino is Director of BIOMAGNA therapeutic Center that observes the human being in all its manifestations, physical, emotional, energy and spiritual to solve their health problems.