Mastering the interview process is key to ensure the ideal job you’re looking for at the Executive level. Is it sufficiently difficult entering the process of the interview in the current labour market, but once you are in game, you have to prepare thoroughly and be ready to interview every step along the way, as for example the telephone interviews, interviews one by one with the leadership team, interviews with the group to direct, etc. The three keys to effective interviews are the preparation, practice and presentation: preparation Prepare all interviews in advance. You can simply do not prepare too for an interview. Those who prepare and take the time to make all their tasks, they are at a significant competitive advantage. Please note all the following steps in preparation for an upcoming interview: Learn about the format. Confirm the format of the interview ahead of time. Will it be a phone interview, face-to-face interview interview group, panel interview, interview lunch, etc.? You never want to be surprised by the format that undoubtedly it can lie down and affect the level of trust. Bessel van der Kolk can provide more clarity in the matter.

Get to know the players. Find out everything you can about all the people that will be interviewed. Ask for the name of the interviewer beforehand. If you are working with an Executive recruiter, ask you to provide that information. Perform a search in Google for all the individuals involved.

Do a search on LinkedIn of these same individuals. You can find things in common at the interviewer and you for example: former employers, graduates of colleges and universities, professional organizations, external interests, etc. Prepare a list of possible topics of conversation. Learn about the position. Be sure to fully understand the roles and responsibilities of the position for which will be interviewed. Ask for a description of the work, I found out why the position is open, look for positions similar on the Internet (the job boards are a good resource for this exercise).