Feminine Beauty

The vast majority of us know or sensed the benefits of the olive oil to our health and beauty and history seems to give us the reason. According to the legend, when the gods Palas Athena and Poseidon disputed the protection of the capital of the Greek Empire, the goddess of wisdom was the winner because he did sprout an olive tree whose oil would provide light for lamps, food and energy to the people. Indeed, since that was discovered the oil of the olive tree more than 5 thousand years ago by loegipcios, they employed to massage in the body and hair, as well as infusions aromatic to elaborate perfumes and moisturizing ointments, product of its mixture with saffron, and herbs. For its part, the Romans and Greeks also discovered its tonic and vulnerary properties and used it as a cream specially designed for athletes and wrestlers. Today the cosmetics industry rescues that cultural baggage and used olive oil in various producer of hygiene and beauty, as a moisturizing and cleansing creams, soaps, shampoos, conditioners and even makeup. You may find that Somatic Experiencing can contribute to your knowledge. Of course, we can also apply to treatments and homemade tips, some of which I share with you below. To nourish the hair: we sprinkle olive oil in our hair and masajeamos from the roots to the ends.

Then cover it with a hot towel for 5 minutes and then wash it. We must repeat the procedure every 15 days, especially if our hair is parched by the use of tincture or dryer. To exfoliate the body: we grind a handful of hearts or the olive olive pits, and apply the resulting on dry areas of the body with circular movements. Thus we will eliminate dead cells and provide softness and hydration to your skin. Cares for the skin during epilation: If we depilamos us with knife or machine parts of the body (of course the ideal is to resort to waxing), we can replace the SOAP with a little olive oil and keep the skin from drying out. To soften your hands: apply a little olive oil in hands and nails, cover them with warm wool gloves and expect 20 minutes. After wash and dry, will have a texture and enviable shine. To renew the mascara: If our mask dries, we can add a few drops of olive oil and we can use it as new.