Interpret Children

In ancient times, dreams were taken as revelations of the gods. People believed that good and evil spirits can enter the body through sleep and dreams to tell him different information, to persuade him to certain acts, portend events. But even then, it was observed that in the dreams of gods and spirits prefer to express it is not clear, sometimes symbolically, providing the people themselves to solve the hidden meaning of dreams. This was considered a difficult task, accessible only Priests and professional interpreters of dreams. Over the past 100 years, psychology has accumulated considerable experience in the interpretation of dreams, which can take advantage of everyone who is interested in the meaning of their own dreams or dreams of her child. Than Sleep differs from a dream In fact, sleep and dreaming – different things.

Dream – a physiological process, the opposite of wakefulness. Dream – that we see in a dream. If these infections are not thoroughly buy pill viagra cured, the infections will develop chronic. One can buy this product through online drugstore as have a peek here overnight cheap viagra well as with brick-and-mortar pharmacy. They may leave in few days time or in viagra buy no prescription find content several hours. Browsing by the name of the various drugs and uk viagra prices have one thing in like manner and that is the reason, it is of cheap rate and thus all of it ends at a horrible note. By itself, a dream mixed. It includes two differing from each other state, classical and paradoxical sleep. A man sleeps paradoxical sleep 3-4 times per night. Under normal circumstances, the process of sleep leads to a gradual development of the classic, deep sleep, which lasts about 90 minutes and suddenly replaced by a paradoxical sleep characterized by rapid movements of the eyeballs, changes in heart rate and electroencephalographic pattern of activity.

rem sleep lasts about 10 minutes and always occurs with dreams. Dreaming is a specific manifestation of the unconscious. As the soul is the day side, consciousness, since it also has night-side, unconscious mental psychosis.