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Main article: History of medicine Medicine had its beginnings in prehistory, which also has its own field of study known as “Medical Anthropology”, were used plants, minerals and animal parts, in most the time these substances were used in magic rituals by shamans, priests, magicians, sorcerers, animists, spiritualists and psychics. The historical data show the medicine found in different cultures such as Indian Ayurvedic medicine, ancient Egypt, the ancient China and Greece. One of the earliest known historical characters is Hippocrates who is also known as the father of medicine, Aristotle, supposedly a descendant of Asclepius, by her family: the Asclepiades, and Galen. Following the fall of Rome in Western Europe declined Greek medical tradition. File: Alexander Fleming.jpg Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. After 750 ADMuslims translated the works of Galen and Aristotle in Arabic to which Islamic doctors was induced in medical research. It is worth mentioning some important Islamic figures as Avicenna who along with Hippocrates also has been mentioned as the father of medicine, Abulcasis the father of surgery, Avenzoar the father of experimental surgery, Ibn al-Nafis father of circulatory physiology, Averroes and Rhazes called the father of pediatrics. By the late Middle Ages after the Black Death, major medical figures of Europe emerged as William Harvey and Gabriel Fallopio. Diabetes has many levitra generika symptoms like frequent urination, extreme thirst, hunger, tiredness, weight loss, and blurred vision. Bile is also an alkaline tadalafil 20mg for women fluid with a pH in the 7.0-8.0 range. Online pharmacy stores help people purchase these drugs from the comfort of their homes and at affordable rates.If you think that treatment of male impotence drugs? This question is very valid and this forms the basis of the entire discussion of buying prices cheapest levitra from physical pharmacy store. Communicate with Each Other The most important thing that should also be taken into consideration is that while buying from online pharmacies you should be aware of the store from which you are buying drugs because many of them search for the solution. cheapest online viagra In the past most of the doctor thought was due to what authorities have previously said and looked as such that was said to remain the authority, this thinking was largely replaced between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries AD time that the pandemic was the “Black Death” .Pre-modern biomedical research discred several older methods such as the “four humors ” of Greek origin, is up around 1800 with the progress of the Leeuwenhoek microscope and discoveries of Robert Koch of bacterial transmission was actually the beginning of modern medicine. Only in the eighteenth century were large numbers of discoveries such as antibiotics that was a great moment in medicine, figures such as Rudolf Virchow, Wilhelm Conrad R ntgen, Alexander Flemming, Karl Landsteiner, Otto Loewi, Joseph Lister, Francis Crick , Florence Nightingale, Maurice Wilkins, Howard Florey, Frank Macfarlane Burnet, William Williams Keen, Harvey Cushing, William Coley, James D. Watson, Salvador Luria, Alexandre Yersin, Kitasato Shibasaburo, Jean-Martin Charcot, Claude Bernard, Paul Broca, Nikolai Korotkov, Sir William Osler and Harvey Cushing as the most important among others.As medicine and technology development began to become more reliable, as the emergence of herbal pharmacology of various drugs to date are derived from plants such as atropine, warfarin, aspirin, digoxin, taxol etc.. Of all was first discovered arsphenamine discovered by Paul Ehrlich in 1908 after observing that dying bacteria as human cells did not. The earliest forms of antibiotics was the sulfa drugs currently antibiotics have become very sophisticated, modern antibiotics can attack specific physiological sites, some even designed to support the body to reduce side effects. Vaccines for their part were discovered by Dr.Edward Jenner to see the milking of cows that contracted vaccinia virus by contact with the pustules were immune to smallpox which made the start of vaccination, years after Louis Pasteur vaccine gave the name to honor the work of Edward Jenner with cows. Currently, knowledge about the human genome has begun to have a great influence on her, why they have identified several conditions linked to a specific gene in which cell biology and genetics to focus on medical practice management, Even so, these methods are still in their infancy. The staff of Asclepius This staff is used as the global symbol of medicine is a staff with a coiled snake used by organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), American Association of Medical and Osteopathic 7 the Australian and British Medical Association and various medical schools worldwide that also incorporate this logo.