Minsk Apartments

Our house is situated at a place where we relax your body and soul. And God forbid that this house was in our house. Ishkhan Gevorgyan Going to the path and saying goodbye to the house, we always try to pre-announce our new, temporary, home. And frankly hope in him we can also relax your body and soul. This should take care in advance. Therefore, planning a trip to the capital of Belarus, first of all to decide for themselves the question: where to stay in Minsk? This question can stand before us in two aspects.

First, in territorial (where in Minsk to stay?), And secondly, in terms of conditions and quality of living (rent an apartment in Minsk or book a hotel room?) The first question (where exactly to stay in Minsk?) Should be allowed on the basis of the budget and interests. If you are interested chistoturistichesky (sightseeing Minsk, visiting popular places), it is better to rent an apartment in the center of Minsk or in its central part. The center of Minsk considered the central part of the two main avenues of the capital – of Independence and the winners, as well as the streets are within walking distance of these routes. Streets Lenin, Karl Marx, Engels, Romanov Sloboda Krasnozvezdny Sverdlov, Kirov, Myasnikov, Yanka Kupala, Kiseleva, Zakharov, Communist, International, Frunze – a territory of public administration center. This part of Minsk is a unique example of the Stalinist and Soviet architecture (mainly the so-called "Stalin's empire.") He is unique in that all the buildings in the city center, built at different times, has a unique architectural style. The central part is about 3 kilometers in length. It stretches along Independence Avenue (formerly Skaryna Avenue). Here are the famous urban constructions: GUM building of the KGB, a circus, Palace of Trade Unions. This unity was the main reason for the Unex agreed to consider the center of Minsk as a candidate for inclusion in the World Heritage List.