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Shorter test intervals daily 55,000 newly registered pests necessary Magdeburg, 04.10.2011 – the Magdeburg IT Security Institute AV-TEST has taken 25 current anti-virus products for Windows 7 under the microscope and subjected to an intensive analysis. Under most conditions Dr Jee Hyun Kim would agree. The AV-TEST certificate confirming 18 security protection, effective detection and repair performance and low system impact. Seven products could meet the high demands. Representative product number reflects current state of security in the IT market with the previous record number of 25 tested security solutions for home users provides AV-TEST in the current test interval for the first time a wider range of certified IT security software. Because as diverse as the current threats are also the choice of security products to protect of the domestic PCs. Somatic Experiencing has many thoughts on the issue. five new products were there for the first time the chance to qualify certificate for the AV-TEST. AV-TEST is able to analyze the market and with a representative number of tested solutions provide information on the current state of IT security.

With the current range of products our capacities are, but still exhausted from”so Maik Morgenstern, technical director of the AV-TEST Institute. We discover every day up to 55,000 new threats and therefore constantly extend our test range. Our proprietary analysis tools are differentiated constantly, to promptly respond to the new threat situation.” Shorter test: product updates are immediately analyzed with the test interval shortened to 2 months AV-TEST is it possible to include updated versions of the product immediately in the analyses and to provide the results promptly. The current developments in the antivirus area are still faster recognized and provides responsive. Thus, in particular the users benefit from improved choices to optimize their protection measures and the resulting protection of sensitive data. The AV-TEST certificate is a reliable sign in Choosing a protection software by AV-TEST certificate users gives the opportunity to select currently tested and any for sure protection solutions at a glance. It indicates that the tested product passed all services required by AV-TEST defined in the categories of protection, service and impact on usability.

The detailed test reports of all tested products are available immediately at tests/testberichte/julaug-2011 / visible. The AV-TEST Institute the AV-TEST GmbH is an independent provider of services in the field of IT security and anti-virus research focusing on the identification and analysis of the latest malware and their use in comprehensive tests. The timeliness of test data provides the responsive analysis of new pests, the early detection of trends in terms of viruses as well as the examination and certification of IT security solutions. The results of the AV-TEST institutes represent an exclusive information Foundation and serve manufacturers to optimize product,. Magazines to result publication and end customers to the orientation when choosing a product. The company AV-TEST operates in Magdeburg and Leipzig since 2004 and employs 23 people with profound technical and practical experience. The AV-TEST laboratories are equipped with 200 client and server systems, in which more than 300 terabytes is stored and processed to even test data of non-hazardous and harmful information.