Slender Man

Do you want mark abdominal and delete the tummy in a few moments? Men can already use the secret weapon that women have been using for many years to look thin and with a slender silhouette: the fajamasculina. Secret: Spandex within the women’s costumes, the Strip is used as inner garment underneath clothing to collapse, define and get a figure stylized with harmonious and soft curves. Now, this popular garment among celebrities and stars of TV and film, is also also available for men. Like the Strip for women, this garment allows men instantly eliminate the extra pounds and look an athletic figure. Therefore, a garment indispensable in your wardrobe if you really want to look spectacular. as a related topic. One of the best-known brands is Spanx.

Recently launched in the market the male version of the Strip, an inner shirt in cotton whose objective is to compress and comfortably say breast, reduce the stomach, improve posture and delete packages below the clothing. This type of underwear, as that is the case for women, helps to instantly solve a problem with which many men are identified: the floats known around the waist and bulging belly. Many men have already discovered its benefits and although they do not speak of this garment, are already buying it in stores and also on the Internet. It is the best kept secret to project a good image. Other brands that have similar garments for men are Sculpteeso Equmen. T-shirts you can find them in different colors and types of neck, and the price ranges between $50 and $60. With the passage of the years, all want to have a physical image that look young and in shape. I personally think that it is a good investment to feel attractive and safe, especially if you are going to a job interview or you have an important event. The only disadvantage of the product, is that you late or early you have to cope with reality when you take you off this shirt. Therefore, the secret to project your best image, is not only used clothing that makes you look better, as elSpanx, but also adopt a healthy lifestyle, with a diet rich in vegetables and fruits and daily exercise.