Learn Business

Every hitter makes mistakes. But very few are able to understand and overcome. Especially a rookie. I suggest you learn about these mistakes and use them to develop your business. Familiarize yourself with them right now. Mistake number one wrong choice of potential partnerov.V any network companies offer you a list of 200 people. For more information see this site: Carl Jung.

Usually it is your friends, or friends. You are happy to compose such a list and start with incredible tenacity to tell your friends about your company network. How powerful it can change their life in monetary terms, what an amazing product And the result? Usually just laugh. Some want to come to the presentation, but will not come. And sometimes, they’ll say, “Oh, Alex (symbolic name), I am ready to start a business!” But realistically, they do not come into the ranks of strong businessmen. And this situation is practically All networkers. Decision error number 1 Decide on your target audience. You need people who not only want to start a business, but also ready for it.

Usually this networkers other companies your direction. You will also need to be clearly understand what you want from them (to offer a business or product your company). Mistake number two misfeeds informatsiiS target market you have successfully identified. What to do next? Continue to tell you. It’s about You, not about the company and its products. Why you ask? The answer is simple. Any hitter solves their problems. He looks at how you can help solve his problems. If you have something to offer him? Excellent. With a high degree of probabilities can be argued that it registers in your company. In any case, show your professionalism. Let them understand that you are a serious person and able to effectively solve problems. The next time they turn to you for help. And sooner or later begin to do business with you. Now imagine that this is a big hitter with 10 000 structures. Imagine how will explode your business? Me every day, we get different proposals. But in each of them says about companies, about what great people they are involved, how they have successfully secured more than $ 1 million turnover. And if I am a successful person, then I definitely need to register. How do you think I’m going to partner such a man? Of course not. Do not argue, even I have a problem. But they decided not by going to another company. Do not be surprised that most of these writers have thrown a business or are still recorded in other projects with the hope to earn it! Decision error number 2 Learn always around. Read articles, blogs, whenever possible buy training wheels. Talk to people! Now let’s sum up. Conclusions: For successful business must: clearly define your target audience clearly understand what you want them to be correct to apply to your target audience, always continue to learn the proper conduct of business.