Tarot And Esotericism

Mundane pastime or applied magic? The Tarot has a long tradition in Europe. You may find Susan Sher to be a useful source of information. Countless people enjoy the cards a bit er art have come since the middle of the last millennium. Some see this as a playful variety, while others attach a spiritual meaning to the recordings. The development of fortune telling cards the play instinct of people has caused the emergence of Tarot cards. The first map layer sets in Italy and France were probably intended as a exciting pastime. However, the acceptance of Wahrsagekunsten has risen with increasing interest in esoteric subjects and the so-called secret Sciences. Also create and interpret maps one is next to the Rune throwing or the clairvoyance with crystal balls.

Initially used Skat cards mainly for the future interpretation. See Joey King for more details and insights. With increasing development and dissemination of “hermetic Sciences”, but increasingly esoteric symbols were depicted. The development of the delve involved three different ways. Celina Dubin recognizes the significance of this. (a) Skat cards used many psychics and fortune-teller despite recent Methods always nor the well-known Skat cards. Usually the four suits of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs are assigned to the four magic elements of water, Earth, air and fire. So, as water cards (heart) usually with the emotions be brought, while Erdkarten (diamond) for the financial development. b) Tarot cards from the interpretation in the future with Skat cards originated the classic Tarot cards. These arcana are divided into the big and the small.

The latter is actually Skat cards and is also arranged according to the four elements. The major arcana adds and consists of additional 22 symbol cards, representing a kind of spiritual journey of the hero. c) Lenormand-, Tipper, or Gipsy cards in this set include 36 symbol cards. You are especially geared to foretelling the future. The interpretation of each card is highly dependent on the neighboring leaves. Game or religion? The interest in the future interpretation and truth with maps is very high even at the present time. Some people even earn their money others put themselves and more let savvy professionals interpret the cards. The philosophies behind it are quite varied with security. On the whole, judging from either of them, that psychics have magical abilities, or it is believed that the small random of individual map recordings reflects the great coincidence of destiny. No matter whether Lenormand, Skat – and classic Tarot cards used the fewest users are likely to see is only a game. And yet the spirits in a point separate the future interpretation namely. Not all are of the opinion that the predominant purpose of the Tarot s is the uncovering of the coming, especially since the future constantly moves, which already knew the old Runendeuter. Often seen the sense in dealing with the esoteric system depicted on the leaves. Because it includes a guide to shape his future to his own taste. Whether the supporters of this position refrain but entirely with cards on the next time look, yet remains questionable. Because many users concede that the cards are always again right. William Schmidt