The City of

The City of La Tailpiece The above analysis of the provincial economy is removable, almost entirely, to the municipality of the butt, except the preponderance of the services sector despite having an industrial estate in the municipality, that little influence the municipality. The township’s population shows a considerable degree of training, with more similarity to the large cities than small towns, taking 51.1 of people who have overcome first-degree studies and 26 that has exceeded second-degree studies (ESO, GBS, Bachillerato Elemental). Taking even a 7.8 who have completed a university degree, and only 0.5 of illiterates. These levels of training, higher than in municipalities with similar characteristics to the stump, are due mainly to the nearby town of Avila, since it facilitates the entry of the study population to those who can not access in the municipality, and The Tailpiece that has only primary school.This proximity to Avila causes 100 of the population younger than 20 years undergoing education of any kind, this significant fact because after 16 years of schooling is not compulsory. This figure is more relevant when analyzing the population between 20 and 25 years, since they are more than 41 of people attending the some form of education. As he examines the status of the population have seen a curious subscriptions fact, since of the 131 men were unmarried in 2001 census 58, by the 69 married, 3 widowed and 1 separately and the 128 women surveyed were single 46 by the 60 married, 19 widowed, 1 divorced, separated and 2. Considering that in 2001 were enumerated 40 order men under 30 years and 44 women, mean that there is a high number of single men of marriageable age. Another consequence most of the similarity of the inhabitants of La Tailpiece to the inhabitants of a great city, because in the less developed peoples is the number of unmarried minor.Another striking fact which demonstrates the dependence of the Tailpiece to Avila is the large number of vehicles, as according to the census 2002 census were 240, this means that something less than 1 vehicle per census. Given that the number of children in the census is offset by the number of vehicles including agricultural and livestock census, there are approximately a vehicle for domestic use for each over 18 years. This may be due mainly to minimal jobs in the municipality and for working people should be moved to Avila. This proximity to Avila helps the activity rate is high, magazine with a rate of 25 for men between 16 and 24 years, 98 for men between 25 and 44 years and 78.6 for men between 45 and address 64 years. The effect of this drug lasts for about 6 hours, giving men enough time to perform in the bed. cialis soft generic often refers to kamagra, a sildenafil citrate medicine used to increase blood supply in particular areas. generic soft viagra The shift does not happen because you tried to change the relationship or you tried to end the relationship. generic cialis sample Voice Broadcasting is also cost effective. It helps female viagra sildenafil to keep the capillaries and blood vessels of the penis first and foremost, giving a man more bang for his buck. This rate is slightly lower for women, as is customary in the agricultural world, with a rate of 54.5 for women between 16 and 24 years, 60 for women between 25 and 44 and 45 , 5 for women between 45 and 64.This activity rate as high unemployment makes it much less than expected, with 6.9 of unemployed people of working age. The unemployment rate is much lower than the provincial unemployment rate, cited above, and the national unemployment rate. Looking at the unemployment rate by age and sex, with 33.3 of unemployed men aged 16 to 24, 0 for men between 25 and 44 years and 4.5 for men between 45 and 64. And knowing that women have an unemployment rate of 16.7 of stops among women aged between 16 and 24 years, 16.7 for women between 25 and 44 years and 10 for women between 45 and 64, we see that it confirms magazine subscriptions the national trend, with the sectors hardest hit by unemployment of young people and women. The population of the municipality shown in the sectoral composition of economic activity concentration in the primary sector, although there is also a significant representation of the secondary sector in the construction subsector.The service sector remains below a certain entity, although there has always been a remnant that has managed to survive. The agricultural land of the municipality covers a total of 970 hectares, including 378 ha in arable land, whose total utilization is arable, 587 ha of permanent pasture and 5 ha. fall on other non-forest land, all organized into 311 payment plots. Of these 970 have to add the total agricultural land of the municipality, 307 ha correspond to a regime of ownership, and the other 664 ha is located in a leased. The farmland comprises a total of 18 farms, of which 16 are land holdings with no land holdings and 2 (grazing). These farms have cattle with 288 units, of which 108 are for cattle, 176 sheep, 2 pigs and 2 to equines, and 12 units of work-years.