Art City Dsseldorf

Dusseldorf has always been a city for arts and culture. North Rhine-Westphalia Landweshauptstadt with its convenient location right on the Rhine attracted since its inception, the patron of art – and in the wake of the sponsors, developed its own artistic tradition, which spawned their own artists. Already, the elector John William was a prominent patron of Rubens. This lovingly in Dusseldorf “Jan Wellem” said the Elector of the Palatinate resided from 1690 in Dusseldorf – his home office in the palace was destroyed during the war. The man about town was known in addition to its promotion of art, especially through his extravagant celebrations – it has remained in Dusseldorf preserved. It’s levitra 20 mg also used to treat nervous disorders and sexual disorders. This herbal supplement helps to restore sildenafil for women lost vitality and vigor. This restraint results in an cialis without prescription erection when aroused. If you want a dose of it, please log in to the particular site and make an order in proper way; the drug will reach to you at earliest day by shipping. viagra mastercard In the 18th Century, then founded the Elector Karl Theodor, the Art Academy in Dsseldorf. From the Academy evolved since those days, a series of groundbreaking art direction, started from the Dsseldorf School around Wilhelm von Schadow, the “Group Zero and” Mutter Ey “, a landlady, leading ultimately togallery owner known to avencierte Joseph Beuys and his students, which revolutionized the contemporary art. The site selected for outstanding art museums like the Art Collection North Rhine-Westphalia (K20/K21) or financed on a private-public partnership Museum Kunst Palast in Dusseldorf Court of Honor has become a pilgrimage cities for art lovers from around the world. And one thing that has brought Jan Wellem to Dusseldorf, remains important: art and joy of living together: museums in Dusseldorf, galleries and the artists themselves know how to celebrate.