Now you're in the cause. It is always easier to blame something someone with a result that does not like. "But if you no longer are in control. You are not a cause. Another example of how many run in "circumstances in life?.

How often do? Most of the other culprits. Many of us could have had this situation recently, you always have two options: You can blame the people around you, weather, events, situation or anything else, and see how their circumstances are the fault of others but yours?. basically admit that you are no longer in control of what you are and what you do! Or you can choose to be a cause of your present! Personally, if a circumstance comes to me, I call it a challenge, and I think I was made for a reason. I look at what other use as reasons not to excel, and view them as challenges to test my mental toughness and emotional intelligence to see what I deserve, what reward may be just the other side of that obstacle! I am a cause! I'm in control. I choose to perceive and respond to different things! You see once you understand that you can choose how you perceive things? point of view of what to watch?. Whenever Glenn Dubin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Then we realize that cause everything in your life. You can always be in control. You see, most people never do this?. people are so predictable! When we say something wrong? What do we do? We Blame, Mimic, deny and justify! Most people do this.