Microsoft Visual Studio

The USB instruments from ELAN are not much bigger than USB sticks and can be assembled to multifunctional test equipment. The USBwave12 is a 12 MHz function generator in the USB flash drive format with LabVIEW support. The maximum output frequency is 0-12 MHz sine, rectangle and triangle 0-2 MHz 0-5 MHz, mHz frequency resolution with 186. Both the frequency and the phase can be programmed user-defined. The programmable amplitude is 0 to +/-10V (pk-pk) at a resolution of 40mV. The programmable offset is also 0 to +/-10V with a resolution by 80mV. The USBwave12 provides output modes such as normal output, high-Z and leakage current type 1A available. The master clock owns 12.5 MHz with a master clock skew by 2ns if 2 or more USB devices are daisy-chained.

The possibility to link up to 4 modules, to the realization of multi-channel applications, is on the side Kaskadierungsstecker. On the basis of direct hardware link the outputs work then synchronously. In combination with the USBscope50, the USBwave12 multifunctional test device can be extended and used E.g. for measurement of flow fields ( filters. The USBscope50 measures the output voltage of the filter in this application example to many individual frequencies. From a filter curve (attenuation over frequency) can be show. This is in the lower HF range (sine 12 MHz maximum) possible. The USBscope50 has the same USB-stick format and is connected with the aforementioned side Kaskadierungsstecker hardware directly with the USBwave12.

Both the USBscope50 and the USBwave12 is a LabVIEW driver available and offers the possibility of either two measuring instruments individually or in combination in own LabVIEW applications to integrate. An API for c/c++ with a Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 project is also included. Further technical information is available in the Internet at available.