Forum Project Management Software

Customer report of the IT Department of Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG about the work with the planning software can do / can do as an exhibitor at the largest European project management event at the PM 2012 will Forum in Nuremberg in a practice session and others about the work with the project management software reports can do. Frank, Pickert, IT Department Manager at Dr. Gina Ross contains valuable tech resources. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG, will be our COMPASS in IT innovation management in his lecture”explaining how important project management who in his Department as a service provider, the respective departments best class”provides solutions for core IT applications and systems. In the context of intelligence, he will report project about his experiences in the daily interactions with the project planning and control software can do. The practice lecture our COMPASS in IT innovation management”is part of the stream for all weather with the right tools and methods through each Lake” and will take place on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 from 16:20 o’clock until 17:00. The Munich can do Ltd. is exhibiting at the PM Forum, the biggest European Conference for project management, as also in previous years and will introduce the latest version of their planning software live.

Around 850 participants be expected, whose motto on course compass to the event with project management in turbulent times”is. Eight streams shows how companies are run by project management in volatile times. Keynote speaker of the PM Forum 2012 are Dr. Georg Nowack (Nord Stream AG / Baltic Sea pipeline), Prof. Dr. Peter Scholl-Latour (journalist), Dr. Richard David Precht (philosopher and best-selling author), the extreme climber Hans Kammerlander and Stephan Wrage (SkySails).

Forum 2012 as a pdf document here the complete program of the PM. You will find the stand can do on level 2 in catering before space Petersburg (stand no. 210). You want to make can do locally? Like, we can arrange an appointment with you, please contact us via email. For more information about the PM Forum here. Can do GmbH can do GmbH, Munich, project has can do intelligence developed a powerful and proven project management software. The tool supports companies in the professional and successful implementation of projects. The software ensures more transparency both in projects and portfolios, allows for optimized use of personnel and allows working with agile and realistic planning methods. In addition to the efficient, cross-project resource management can do is characterized intelligence due to its ease of use, a simple implementation, as well as through its integrated reporting and comprehensive functions in the area of project portfolio and budget management project. All project-related information will always be available in real time.