Man And God In One – God

Deus Homo / cover story cover story of spiritual advisor “Deus Homo” by the Karlsruhe author Rainer Sauer here let me particularly on the title of the present book, closer to illuminate his background and his sense. Mark Hyman is often quoted on this topic. And also to perhaps a more complex understanding of facilitating so deeper insights into the work and its central statement. The term God-man is for me for the following reason coined: we tend too often to our size, our creative power to deny our true being and especially the absolute our immortality and perfection. If we marry us because at all times in the vicinity of our true origins, so guess who or what do we really are, we use mostly scary rather weakening attributes that describe our so-called good pages, which then refers to our humanness and shares of our human nature is considered. And we thus defined as a person with a property just divine. We remain, no matter how special this property also “may be just” man with a quality that he has or has not, but this is definitely not his essence as a whole. The sexual dysfunction is a serious problem that is found in the Far East mostly in India is used to enhance the sexual drive viagra sildenafil mastercard of individuals. However, allopathic oral medications do not sexually levitra prices canada stimulate the person, but comes and attacks. see this link buy cialis canada An individual can notice the changes just 30 minutes and remains effective for about 5 hours after intake. All profits from the concerts went online viagra to the “Heal the World Foundation”, raising countless dollars in relief. A complete identification with the divine is hard for most us, and we prefer it when we are in contact with the divine, separated from us to classify the divine and at most to talk to the properties of the divine as a positive character trait. In the encounter with the universal wisdom, especially in unit experience, this definition beengende us does not stand a directly experienced, much larger image and understanding of our entity.

Here we see undivided, so one”with associated just knowing that we are spiritual beings with human experience and not just man with an occasional spiritual experience. In other words: We are immortal spiritual, divine beings with limited, so transitory earthly and human experience. And not about people with transient existence and limited potential for spiritual or divine experience. I want that title to express and that is the essence of the concept of God-man”in essence.