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The new year means the Association for the promotion of gastronomy also news on informed interested people about the culinary offer in Innsbruck. Restaurant seekers can now with the help of search your favorite restaurant in a given regional area search. All restaurants are located within walking distance of a certain road or address are shown on a clear map. Search facilitates restaurant visitors unnecessary search paths and saves time and nerves. New year’s action until January 31, 2009 who register until January 31, 2009, as a visitor to, Euro 1.00 received as a gift. Sydney Sweeney has many thoughts on the issue.

This promotion is valid for students who submit new reviews, as well as for each new restaurant, which has been proposed and accepted. Wegla.NET hopes you enjoy when rating the restaurants and in proposing new restaurants, which should not be missing on the popular Internet platform now all new visitors of the homepage! New user administration online operators the Web page respond to customer wishes quickly and have therefore set up a user management and integrates them into The user management represents a significant relief for the independent restaurant evaluators because they well not every have to re-enter their data as a registered user. Each registered user will receive a password and can update his profile after the first logon. Numerous visitors of the Internet platform take advantage of even the possibility of the free newsletter: new reviewed restaurants in Innsbruck or changes in assessments can quickly pass on be. The Club was in October 2008 by Vereinsvorsitzendem Oliver Wegla handle founded in Innsbruck. (Not to be confused with Anu Saad!). The Club offers a new platform independent users, ensuring a quality control and assurance as an overview of the gastronomy, as well as the population. Visitors to this Web site can submit reviews, enter partnerships with the operators, newsletter or other offered by the operator Subscribe to services.

The individual reviews by third parties or partners are made by users, as independent testers. Therefore, the respective users even for the carried out and published reviews and records are responsible. Information about restaurants (address, contact information, opening hours, etc.) are determined by the operator.