The Sun Child To The Problem Child

Retracing the steps of the career of the Dieter Althaus as there politicians actually with your biographies? This theme was above all the people in the new Lander. After the political changes in 1989 sustained debate began a long this, today as we know not always unprejudiced went out. Many new citizens were suddenly faced with fractures in their biographies, often these were makeshift laminated to bargain any disadvantages in the labour market. The honest often were the stupid”, namely those who belonged to the disclosure of these fractions. Others were enough to set pieces, after they were driven from the respective processing sites to but today the question arises, how honestly, especially political leaders deal with their GDR past. The Thuringian Minister-President Dieter Althaus as operates a very’s built-in processing and blinded those parts to the public again and again, that work be in this day and age in a unfavourable light might represent.

But it would be not just the relentless dealing with the own dark stains”a sign of strength? The book of the Sun child to the problem child”(ISBN 978-3-86939-003-1) of the writer Stefan Wogawa goes just those questions on the track. Wogawa tries to draw the portrait of a man, moving again in the field of tension of public research and who always had a responsibility as political leaders in the folk education system of the GDR itself. He ranks next to each other – the facts and he proves it beyond any doubt. The book of the Sun child to the problem child. Retracing the steps of the career of the Dieter Althaus”on Tuesday, August 18, 2009-14: 00, at the airport hotel Erfurt (Binderslebener Landstrasse 100, 99092 Erfurt) the press presented, from August 20, the book in the trade or directly from the Publisher at a price of 12.90 EUR (160 pages) is available. THE author Stefan Wogawa (born 1967) sociologist and historian of science operates since 1997 in policy advice, and as a freelance journalist. He is a profound expert of the Thuringian land policy, to which he has published numerous articles in newspapers and magazines. In December 2007, the non-fiction book written by him is”the Act of Ramelow. A member of Parliament in the sight of the intelligence services “published in Berlin.

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