1925 to 1951:

1925 to 1951: The new name and new stadium in 1925, the association of the name of Young Boys Berne FC Club Deportivo in young boys. This year was also the last game in the old hospital of arable crops. In October, ie, the new stadium, the stadium architects Wankdorf Scherler Berger, a tournament was inaugurated. He took the Old Boys Basel, FC Servette Geneva and young boys. The new sports facilities for a main covered grandstand with 1,200 seats, a restaurant, changing rooms, a training room and a training course. Total summed up the new stadium of 22,000 spectators, including 5,000 were covered. YB is now a modern and big stadium, the rivalry was at FC Bern had no children. Because the traditional club had to keep in small and unmodern Neufeldplatz.There is even as the two teams, composed of former President Central Schlegel negotiate a contract, taking all necessary measures to avoid what could interfere with the mutual agreement. YB 1929 was once again in the final round of the Swiss championship. The first named party in a Sunday sports against YB Urania Geneva, the second a week later against GC Urania on the third Sunday and the final YB-GC. The first game in Geneva ended in a 0-0 draw, with this result, but the Bernese satisfied. When the grasshopper in Zurich to Geneva won only 3:0, reduced the chances that the title of YB tremendous. Finally, the guests were in Zurich a tie for the third consecutive champion. In addition, GC nor the new Hardturm Stadium to celebrate. This June 30th was the Young Boys of shortages of replacement goalkeeper Erich Jung on the offensive midfield, this was also an immediate success. Another goal was reached in the forward Johan Baumgartner. This allowed the GC YB Hattrick champion with a 2:0.Final Dates for the 1929 Swiss Championships February 10, 1930 and said the stadium was too small. Corresponds to the extension, a new strip of land purchased from the community, so that the whole area of 35’585 m2 now Wankdorfstadions. of 1930, young boys also the first Swiss Cupsieg celebrate. The Swiss Cup was named after the dissolution of the Anglo Cups World War five years earlier. As 30,000 spectators crowded Berne Wankdorf beat FC Aarau, with 1:0. Application of 8 to 10 drops of oil on the male organ and massaging for at least 3 months turns the viagra tablets usa male organ active. This is the method of the most powerful part of the mind; the subconscious mind. tadalafil cialis from india Amongst the other erectile dysfunction remedies, oral the cost of viagra medication is very popular too. They pride ourselves, on selling only proven and tested treatments, and online cialis no prescription offer 100% money back guarantee. In the next 15 years, YB or a championship or a Cupsieg celebrate. However, it is also rare in the lower half of the table. During this time, provided the Wankdorf expanded. The stadium’s capacity increased by 42,000 building extensions and higher spending visitors to the club 300,000 Swiss francs. In addition, a training field. Towards the end of the economic crisis began Dreissigerjahre world is also the Swiss football.The viewing figures declined steadily and the club sports field hospital arable “increased its financial obligations anymore. After the outbreak of World War II moved the club into consideration the stadium to sell. A reduction of debt and help from the city of Bern in 1943, the finances of the association, however, be rehabilitated. Then, the stadium changed its statutes and made its name to “Association Wankdorf stadium.” During World War II happened in the Bernese however, to get a degree. Only in 1945, at the end of World War II, won the next hit: YB won the second Cup against FC St. Gallen for a 2-0 win on home Espenmoos. Two seasons later the increase in Berne, but in the National League B. It took three seasons to return to the top league and rise to over 50 years should remain there.Norbert in 1951, Eric Jones, after only one year as coach of the previously unknown Albert Sing a little. At that time, nobody saw success ahead YB years under German coach expected. Sing initially acted as coach to a player before he decided only as a coach to officials. During his tenure YB experienced its most successful period. Zuz gen was reinforced as Eugen “Geni” Meier higher level. Ma geblichen success during this time which was also the goalkeeper Walter Eich, who was one of the best goalkeeper in the history YB. Next, the team’s best players such as Heinz and Schneiter Ernst Wechselberger . To mark the 1954 World Cup, the ability of Wankdorfstadions early fifties from about 30,000 to over 60,000 sites increased. In the spring of 1953 followed the Young Boys Cupsieger again.