ENERGY EFFICIENCY These four foci together consume about the same amount of energy than a conventional incandescent light bulb 70watts. The efficient bulbs provide the same lighting, but in the course of their life avoiding the emission of almost a whole ton of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. (Roger Ressmeyer, Starlight S / L). The buildings also waste energy in spurts. Thermography in the left photo, shows the heat loss of an office building.The different colors indicate different temperatures, ranging from blue (cold) to white (hot) (Williams and Metcalf / SPL). To the right shows the thermography of the distribution of heat on the outside of a house. Most heat loss occurs through windows with a single glass. The red areas indicate a ceiling heat loss (Agema Infrared Systems / SPL). (Http:// ALTERNATIVE ENERGY “Renewables are those that occur continuously and are inexhaustible on a human scale.The Sun is at the root of all because its heat in the Earth causes pressure differences that give rise to winds, wind power source. The sun orders the water cycle, evaporation causes leading to the formation of clouds and hence rainfall. Also the sun comes hydropower. The plants serve the sun for photosynthesis, live and grow. All that matters is the biomass plant. Finally, the sun is used directly in solar energy, both thermal and photovoltaic. Renewables are also sources of energy supply environmentally friendly. You can have a viagra for cheap good relationship with your wife by communicating your feelings with your Partner’s or by discussing your problem with your doctor. The effective component present in the medicine that is decided by an expert committee levitra 60 mg and is understood internationally. Almost everyone generic sildenafil india can take it and can use it to solve the purpose. Salabmisri is rich viagra without prescription uk Recommended pharmacy in starch, mucilage, sugar and nitrogenous substance. The generation and consumption of conventional energy causes significant negative impacts on the environment. Without actually saying that these effects do not exist in renewables, it is true, however, are much smaller. Renewable energy produces no CO2 and other polluting gases into the atmosphere, as it does with so-called fossil fuels: oil, gas and coal. Renewable energy has no waste treatment difficult. Nuclear power and fossil fuels that generate waste for generations pose a threat to the environment. The environmental impacts of renewables are always reversible impacts. Renewable energies are inexhaustible. Fossil fuels are finite. Renewables are indigenous. Fossil fuels are only a limited number of countries. So renewables decrease our dependence on external supplies. And at this point, what is true of Spain also applies to Europe, greatly deficient in conventional energy sources. Renewable energy creates five times more jobs than conventional ones, which generate very few jobs on their turnover. Renewables contribute decisively to the territorial balance because they tend to settle in rural areas.