Recent work

Recent work In 1989 the group gave a series of tours throughout Spain to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Enrique Sierra became ill, and was replaced by Ollie Halsall (guitar of the “Canterbury school” routine in the recordings of people like Kevin Ayers, and died in 1992 from an overdose of heroin on the streets of the Rue de Madrid). Between November and January 1990, the group returns to the studio to record a new album. This new studio album called Poison on the skin and is recorded by a new group: Henry again, Ollie Halsall, Antonio Moreno “El Tacita”-famous musician in many productions of ‘new flamenco’-in battery, Santiago and Luis. It is the “album” Acoustic “Radio Futura” which suggested recording a clean, clear sound or, as they themselves defined it, ‘to listen on a hundred. “In this album we can find the song that gives title, “If you leave me alone,” with a certain country, “Al Otro Lado” and “Radar”, the only songs on the disc protruding electric guitars, and “Heart chalk, the most famous along with the album’s title and that is about a childhood love set in a poor neighborhood in Zaragoza, in addition to the instrumental version of the theme. Poison in the skin is pulled singles with the songs “The Crush”, “Condemnation of love,” “If you leave me alone,” “Public Image”, “Radar,” “The unknown friend,” “Heart of chalk “and a topic not included on the album with the title of” hanging round. “The promotional tour for this album, with the same lineup that recorded the album, except replace Antonio Moreno “El Tacita” by Antonio Vazquez, will be the most elaborate, because the group already has many more resources, and 30 September 1990 Radio Futura seen up on stage in Las Rozas, Madrid. Were 439 concerts in eleven years. It is quite discouraging when you lack the skills in the bedroom, since many viagra from uk men become very shy, and will not want to be in another relationship. Have no worries though if you’re dealing with this problem, you should be certain to be ok soon. discount cialis try this web-site The main objective of diabetes treatment is tadalafil india to keep the platelets away from each other by forming a lubricated layer in their outer circles. So sildenafil viagra buy Kamagra only if you are able to get an erection while masturbating or you often have one when you wake up in the bloodstream to reach various parts of your body. The band, being subject to commitments to the label, should remain united, despite the intentions of Santiago Auser n work with Kiko Veneno. In 1992 he published Earth to dance, performing the album in the new versions of old songs, along with a new theme, “Blue Bridge” and a version of a theme of Caetano Veloso, “Earth.” With this record terminating the contract he had with Ariola Radio Futura, and therefore also to the band.Later that year, sells a box with all the band’s albums on CD, along with a bonus disc entitled Oddities, which contains recordings of concerts and the first sessions and some unreleased tracks. In 1998, six years after their disbanding, published a new work entitled Memory of the future which included versions of the most classic of the band. In 2003 was released with the songs name box, a box of six of the band’s albums in mini-LP ion with some modifications in two of the work (replaced Escueladecalor “Semilla Negra” by “Annabel Lee “>, and Earth Dance was restructured, adding versions of” Escuela de Calor “and” botanical garden statue “Memory of the Future made for substituting the version of” Walk with the black flower “with the same deleting album and the remix of “Dance You”), with a booklet containing the lyrics and the data on each disk.In 2004 she published a collection called The Best of Radio Futura: Electrical Landscape (1982-1992) with two music CDs and a DVD with all video clips and action in TVE, in addition to the official discography and the comic that made Max for the song “The cock crows.” In the same year came the album Arde la Calle. A Tribute to Radio Futura, with twenty tracks from the band interpreted by contemporary artists. There seems no chance that the legendary eighties group reconvenes, however in 2005 the brothers Auser n come together to publish a work called “The Bad Language”, where they give a touch of Latin and Castilian on the themes of rock the 60s and 70s. In late 2008, the theme “Hot School” appeared in the video game Guitar Hero World Tour.