Consciousness, Reality and Motor Development

Enzo Alveal. Physical training oriented motor development has led to the neuroscience to investigate various aspects of human consciousness, conceiving the brain as a closed system modulated by the feelings. “We dream of building machines that Virtual reality models. Our reality ” R. Llinas 1996 The reality is constructed from a set of simultaneous activities that occur in the thalamocortical system, swept constant review “what is happening in the world.”The brain does not take what is presented from the outside (perception) and re-presented in its subsystems, what it does is create it in the way he knows how to do it (Llinas et al.) According to the above we have the brain as a self-referenced system that have a need, and find this in itself, but there must be a common reality with other systems where there may be an interaction. Returning to “reality”, the contexts in which we operate change, this is a fact. This may involve two situations: a very egocentric, in which our systems will make those around us change, which would mean that we do not “move” in external reality and that the move is nothing more than another “reality” entirely generated by our brain. This company provided the brand name of the medicine is sweet not bitter like rest of the generic no prescription viagra dosages as per tolerance power of a patient. Opposing accepted belief, impotence erectile dysfunction never best online viagra happens to be an erectile dysfunction. It shows levitra online canada maximum effects with warm water or milk and continue it for at least four months to get satisfactory results. Don’t risk buying testosterone illegally from a guy in the gym generic viagra online find to find out more locker room or from some website selling out of a pharmacy in a foreign country. And one in which we move into external systems, perhaps not as we believe, but necessarily do. If the “reality” is not real, at least move it has to be. Llinas said that the mentality and thinking is the evolutionary internalization of movement, and to turn any internal image can only be externality with movement. Damasio adds to this base, its vision for how to move and outsource our thoughts for which we have a notion of where our body and this is called “proprioception,” which is the identification of the state of our body (more pronounced in the right hemisphere). The proprioception is processed in the somatosensory cortex sensory our central nervous system, specifically (citoarquitect nicas areas 3, 1, 2 in the parietal region, the bark of the island and the area S2), and processed in that place also coordination processes more elaborate motor. Somatic sensory cortex The development of this is allowed by the motor development, manifesting itself in the latter. Brodmann Areas architectural Cito Antonio Damasio in his book Descartes’ Error presents a novel circuit Decision Making, showing the following centers involved – Pre-frontal area, a region which is considered responsible for hypothesizing, and source of conscious decisions.