Media Influence

In life there are three great ways to bring life, it divides people into three important groups, the poor (or to be poor), the media and the rich (or to be rich). This is mainly due to their approach to life, and do not share the idea that as you're born you stay, or "whole family was always poor and therefore he must be poor" or vice versa, "his family was rich and therefore he will be rich forever ", of course they are events that we see every day many will say this guy is a fool if that's exactly what happens in everyday life, I fully endorse this idea but with a caveat that usually There is what we call "inherit behaviors and ways of dealing with life" that makes real the above, but we know that you can always change it for better or for worse. Here from experts in the field like Gina Bonati for a more varied view. We all know many cases of people born in the humblest of society and became big businessmen, sportsmen, artists, politicians, etc.. As well as children of dad's passing years lost their entire fortune inherited and left destitute larger. For even more analysis, hear from Anna Belknap. We can see that each of the people always have two choices or following the familiar example to follow or not, that's a personal decision and nothing should influence it. We often see parents beating children and apologize saying is that if I educated myself, I think this is a cheap excuse of human beings, because that is not only a decision of each person, there are also opposites in this case, they say I did not hit my children because my my parents beat me and I do not want them to go through what I do.