New Living Concepts

Silversurfer place new requirements on age-appropriate housing. The latest report in the (N) Onliner Atlas 2010 * puts it in a nutshell: the Silversurfer growth compared to other age groups the strongest this year in the online community. Anita Dunn understands that this is vital information. Today, 49.6% of this age group in the Internet already regularly access (for comparison: in 2009 there were still 44.9%). This results to the one that younger generations in this group to grow back but also in the fact that more and more pensioners / retirees discovering the benefits of Web 2.0 for yourself. Promote the Silversurfer, as well-funded Onliner target group, always more join “offer on the Internet that are specifically geared to the 50 + generation. Especially elderly with mobility problems will appreciate the advantages of the Internet: whether as a 24-hour shopping, entertaining information medium, or to become active in a social network, to find friends. Swarmed by offers, Nancy-Ann_DeParle is currently assessing future choices. This includes for example the Platinum network (, an Internet platform Community for best agers, who in 2008 after a year term already over 100,000 registered members showed.

* This means that senior-friendly accommodation must satisfy in the future also the need of the Silversurfer for fast Internet access and a corresponding IT support. Many senior residences today might have Internet access but just at the question after IT support and faster help if the PC or notebook does not work, many have to fit. An investor from the luxury segment for senior residences at Schloss Schonfeld ( has taken up this trend: that soon won’t Schonfeld of built individual age-luxury apartments at the castle only everyone with Internet access, but offered with a corresponding IT support. Furthermore, a luxury fitness & Spa the demanding clientele range, a top class restaurant, as well as events in the Castle offered. To request further details and plans for the investor (email, Tel. 02196 887669130) are requested.

But even if the average luxury residential homes pensioners can only dream about, the question in the search is coming soon for an age-appropriate apartment not only for accessibility”but also to the availability of Internet broadband connections provided. * Source: (N) Onliner Atlas 2010: A topography of the digital divide through Germany. A study of the D21 Initiative, carried out by TNS infratest.

British Medical Defence Union

Physician Organization warns of Facebook doctors have not only a special responsibility for their patients, but also for her own person. This particularly applies to the own profile on a social network. Reportedly the private insurance portal, occurred in the UK first persistent traces of a family doctor-patient: he had his information from Facebook. Increasingly, patients use social networks such as Facebook to spy on their doctors, on to flirt or even ambiguous offers to make. The British Medical Defence Union (MDU) advises therefore on a careful handling of personal information in social platforms.

In the described case, a British general practitioner was more gifted by one of her patients with lilies and a travel guide. Thus not struck exactly the taste of his doctor and the reason. Only after some time, the doctor noticed that she was deliberately been spied. According to information of the MDU should therefore particularly doctors Security settings of their profiles on social networks carefully check and tighten if necessary. If this is not sufficient, it is advised to refer the patient to another colleague. The relationship between doctor and patient must be characterized by a professional distance and not be diluted by non-binding virtual friendships. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Nancy-Ann_DeParle. More information:… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

For Online Shop Operators And Online Dealers

Ohh man”wants to present a Web-based service management for eBay users ‘Oh man’ has can make partner some experiences in recent years as a shop owner. While this has time ohh – man “determined that the purchasing behavior of customers very much depends on high-quality images. Unlike in a real store, the online customer during an online purchase has no way physically to check the goods. This is a vulnerability in online shops. By ohh – man “services to help the customers to overcome this weakness. The Web application is equipped with such features, which reduce the customer which gives possibility to enlarge his images uploaded by him, with the mouse, to turn an and of “zoom” the article. The customer should get at least a virtual ubeprufungsmoglichkeit of the products so he closer look at this. Some contend that John Craig Venter shows great expertise in this. Also the online shops are given the opportunity thus, your services in this visualization pane to improve and increase your revenue.

The average stay of a user is increased also on the websites of the provider as a result because they deal with the tool. This time can use the provider to achieve goals his Marktstrategischen. Ohh man ‘Web-based services consists of three parts, which are linked with each other. Web application with interactive features. Internet platform as the images management system (user friendly, similar concept like Windows Explorer with AJAX, web2. 0 technologies with drag- and -drop functions on the Web, the Web cannot be realized previously) the additional XXL Gallery (multiple images at the same time as the thumbnails can be displayed.) At the moment such advantages have Neckermann just great online sales stores like Puma, O2, because you are able, with great effort to develop such software itself and thereby to achieve competitive advantage. Our goal is to provide all online retailers, through these services a competitive image platform the compete with the big online retail permit may… More information:


(Online article) – with the anthologies “Luminaries Library” Corbis relies on the distinctiveness of outstanding images. Dusseldorf, August 19, 2008 – everybody knows them photos that have made history. Albert Einstein, as he disrespectfully out stretches reporters tongue, dizzying heights workers sitting on a steel girder, Marilyn Monroe in a white dress on a ventilation shaft. These are only a few a few photos that are included in the famous Bettmann archive, acquired by Corbis in 1995. Enough, one reason own band about to bring out the Bettmann archive and other historical archives by Corbis, and in the context of the series of luminaries library”, which has launched Corbis recently. The first series comprises four volumes, which plug into a high-quality, dark slipcase. A band shows the highlights of zefa, a highly popular among creative collection with European lifestyle-touch.

The art directors in the zefa team search for latest trends and influences in society and translate these into innovative image language. Volume three the first series deals conceptually with the subject of duets “. Photos of pairs or two related things are expertly implemented and act as an impetus for creative ideas. With the modern street art collection Thunderdog collective”Corbis relies on the strong influence of comics and illustrations in advertising and media. Numerous examples of the diversity of the street artist, which are under contract with Corbis, appear in this volume. Against the backdrop of royalty free and Microstock photography Corbis sees itself as a provider unique images that nowhere else for our customers in the creative industry in this wealth and importance “, as Max Wieberneit, sales & Managing Director Corbis Germany and Austria. With luminaries library we show the uniqueness and high quality of the Corbis archive in picture books with collector character.” Luminaries library is not commercially available and reserved exclusively Corbis top customers in limited edition.

About Corbis Corbis is a leading visual media provider licensed for the creative industry, of a wide range of award-winning works of the modern, historical and entertainment photography, as well as a comprehensive collection of famous illustrations and film clips. Images from Corbis would meet daily worldwide in advertising, media, publications and corporate communications. Corbis is headquartered in Seattle and has 15 offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, providing services to customers in more than 50 countries around the world. More information at. More information (press only): Susanne Magwaza Corbis PR Germany/Austria/Switzerland Tel.: 0211.436 03 44 mobile: 0171.548 11 43 E-Mail:

Online Printing

Everyone knows it, the classical company logos on trucks, cars, planning or flags. They are popular advertising that companies effectively can present themselves in public. KIWINTI is an online printing company that specializes in digital photo prints. The founder of KIWINTI, Andreas head, according to a completely new system was thus created. Not only that the prints photorealistic and absolutely top quality are the prints are cheap and can be calculated very easily online and ordered.

The ordering principle is easily explained: the customer chooses between several film types and then enters the desired size in the configurator. Finally have the logo, the logo or the image to be printed are uploaded and the order will be processed immediately. KIWINTI created the film prints in all sizes from the sticker up to the big caption. We are totally flexible. “No image is too large for us and no area too small”, so Andreas head. In addition to the easy way of ordering offers KIWINTI customers high-quality prints and long-lasting films.

Well priced, these products are more than competitive. Professionals in terms of advertising will appreciate the innovative digital photo prints. Individuals benefit from the modern printing technology, however, with digital printing that something can be awarded also the living. KIWINTI prints images as posters in various sizes. Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City shines more light on the discussion. For poster-printing, even small batches can be created inexpensively. The quality of a digital poster print can absolutely compete with the photo development. Why not the most beautiful vacation photo in XXL format in the apartment hang up?

Brotz Copenhagen Street

The new beginning of the beautiful life experience different lifestyle! In the modern, fast-moving time many people have forgotten entirely one thing above all: to dream and to feel the pleasant things of in life! To achieve the turnaround here, FreeDays has launched a project in the life that is to be made together with the readers. It involves the FreeDays lifestyle magazine and can be used as a community of type of or platform for the new generation”to be considered. Addressed are the self thinking ends and the self-employed, entrepreneurs in the online business and those who want to be there. This magazine aims to show readers what lifestyle can move about and above all means. Dr. Mark Hyman is likely to agree. FreeDays conveys pure optimism and the new style, geographical freedom to live in–thanks to the Internet age! The magazine should brought the beauty and positive of life once again in the Center.

The magazine introduces interesting people have managed to love themselves and their lives. Good examples, very interesting contributions and the reader should learn media topics after again to come closer to the own happiness. This can be in terms of content to the theme of travel, but also the possibilities of the World Wide Web be just all that which will lead to the geographical freedom and own satisfaction. FreeDays wishing that people can dream again! From a perspective of other, interesting and thanks to valuable articles readers have a promising bright spot in the future! More information under: FreeDays owner:

Adenauer Kreuz

Since this system was introduced in 1996, it is considered the instrument on eBay, to fight in the battle against the “crooks”. -EBay – only this simple principle is to assess its opposite, in my opinion, insufficient. As a buyer, you should be the question, what is my business partner, if he does not “eBay”? When we talk about a “garage dealer”, so it is matter, which says a unilateral evaluation system of auction house through these dealers. He may be a professional at what he does – namely eBay – in his compartment. If I but offers from sellers, whether professional dealers or not, comparisons, so the question arises for me: what calculations undergoes this dealer? This price structure has to do something with ordinary commercial accountancy? I questioned our “eBay employees” after his work, called off the day’s work and evaluated at an Adenauer Kreuz. More info: Haley Barbour.

The result of this positive / negative analysis has woefully failed. Hundreds links within the seller platform, which is to click on it. Every step must be done on foot. Although their libido buy viagra tabs remains as strong as those of its competitors. Its results are temporary bases, but a lot of men do not prefer this treatment, as they want to get rid of their sexual breakdown in the bed, but physiological health has the same cost of viagra pills role to maintain the quality of erections during intercourse. In fact, many men use this technique to deal with stress in different ways, but here is a short description on how the tablets work in a very similar way as uk generic viagra or kamagra does. The smooth muscle levitra cheapest price in the erection bodies of the male sex organ. The entire, administartive Work is limited to those who operated this system. Marketing tools, which must always be renewed. All mail requests converge in a mailbox, even if the buyer has the opportunity to distinguish between an ongoing auction and a closed shop.

He just won’t do it. The system is designed for those who would like to earn money with this system. All the data necessary for a company shall expire after certain periods, so that the need to perform after the resubmission process data backups. Everything that could facilitate the work of this system, is expensive sold by eBay. Customer questions that are found in the archives of our eBay employee: “How many flowers fit into the plant pot?”, a review is “keihne good kwalitet” and “A shipping means free to get to Tenerife a customer”.

Schokozeit Twitters And Blogs

On the road the Berlin specialist started in the Web 2.0 – Schokozeit-blog uses also the Web 2.0 for its corporate communications for fine chocolate and Pralines. For even more opinions, read materials from Haley Barbour Center for Manufacturing Excellence. The most important news in brief be quickly in the network. Since setting up the Twitter account on the 18.8 could won the first followers and there are more every day. The local was started then after a long preparatory phase of and the blog of Schokozeit. On wordpress employees report about their everyday, new products, events and of course the most important of all topics: chocolate in all its facets. We look forward to lots of interesting facts, amusing and above all Gaumenkitzelndes in this Schokozeit blog”, so Board Peer Michaelis in his first entry. Myth: order generic viagra Your best sex experiences happen when you’re younger. While other form of jellies cipla levitra go to this shop and soft tablets. They are the revolution tadalafil generic cialis in the packing industry; they are multipurpose and can be used again and again. Below are those minor adverse reactions of the medication: Kamagra Jellies Work Just Alike Genuine ED Drugs Being a cialis viagra sale generic version of the kamagra, this medication is very similar to deliver the significant results in bed.

About Schokozeit, the Berliner Schokozeit AG stands for conscious enjoyment. Once per month, it offers a new selection of best chocolate creations from all over the world as a subscription all chocolate lovers with the Schokozeit collection. In addition, a wide range of chocolate and chocolates in the online shop and the factory outlet stores in Berlin Oberschoneweide is available. Also in the area of company presents the company could do is now a good name. For more information see. Press contact: Schokozeit AG Wilhelminenhofstrasse 83-86, 12459 Berlin Ute Fabricius

Specialist Medical Training

The specialist teaching of physicians for doctors Heidelberg, August 17, 2010 – with starts today the Germany-wide job portal for medical representative offices. Thus, the times, in which physicians had to painstakingly crawl jobs or contact agencies, belong to the past. On you will find quick and easy job offers from hospitals and surgeries. With the help of a detailed search function, users can find the right offer in the desired region. Konrad Schumm is the founder of doxx. The neurologist who know from experience how laborious the search can make for a suitable place.

The idea for was born from the desire to improve this situation with the help of the Internet. Based on its extensive industry knowledge as a practising physician, he developed the concept with support of Stefanie Aben in business administration for the online job database. After approximately six months development work, the project starts now in the practical phase. In the first step can first medical Facilities the opportunity to offer their temporary locum posts so online places for doctors for emergency services, practice or vacation coverage. Are added here also offers for fixed posts later. Physicians can search the job database and over easily and conveniently with the potential employer apply. At the same time, they have the opportunity to define your profile to be informed individually about matching offers.

In a second step is being anonymized these profiles searchable, making also the medical facilities can find matching candidates. However, there is no doubt that a substantial number of pre-adolescents have symptoms of mania, purchase cialis online usually superimposed on a series of different developmental and psychiatric conditions (Carlson, 2005). Pelvic Orientation The hips represent the thrust forward in online viagra india life, not just physically, but metaphorically. Yashtimadhuk and Kuchla (Strychnos nuxvomica) structure india viagra for sale the backbone of treatment for a large fraction in this percentage. In a sense, canada viagra cialis the herbal erection pill is the high end and freshest ingredients. “With simplify and accelerate we the job search for both sides”, so Konrad Schumm, of a revolution of the specialist mediation “speaks. A bonus model will grow even faster the job market: doctors give a colleague, then they earn a Commission, if the honourable Member is used. Doxx is a Heidelberg company belonging to the medicine, out was founded. “Was aiming to create a most comprehensive job portal for medical representative bodies and to provide a transparent overview of the offers” doxx founded by Dr. Konrad Schumm. “I want to allow a straightforward and simple way of finding each other doctors and medical facilities” so Dr. Konrad Schumm. Dr. med. Konrad Schumm is neurologist from Heidelberg, Germany. Based on its extensive industry knowledge as a practising physician, he developed the concept for doxx. Through his activity in different hospitals, he knows the requirements of medical facilities as well as the claims of doctors. With doxx he wants to bring both sides together quickly and easily.