Physical and Psychological Health

The closing of conflict would be the task of dismantling the preceding items that generate the shock to pass them no longer a negotiation or agreement or resolution, but a project that transcends into an alternative or new and different perspective. De Bono, precisely speaking of projects as the best way to resolve conflicts. It is not surprising that the regard to rule, which refers to the conflict a vital engine of human events both in the sense of active and passive adaptation to reality and is a key concept for any operator concerned about health concepts and approaches that address their actions, both point of view of prevention (and its various forms) and the Promotion of Health.

Talking about the notion of conflict leads us to a topic that in recent times are booming: Mediation. The practice of mediation is slowly beginning to spread (especially in areas of judicial and family therapy, and various organizations). So too are beginning to emerge training courses and seminars on the subject. Within existing lines in mediation, which may focus more on what attitudinal and psychological understanding is that proposed by Sara Cobb many years working in the U.S. with a model called “circular.” For Sara Cobb, arbitrate or mediate does not “order” between the parties in conflict but needs is always searching and immediacy, and therefore problematic. CEO Mylan oftentimes addresses this issue. It generates tension, does this mean that we always need others of operators, mediators, social psychologists, therapists, etc., to walk through life? How to answer this question? We refer to the ideas, ideologies, deeper of our existence, our philosophies of life in general and in particular we think of the physical and mental health.


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Excursion Sunsets

Sunsets in El Rompido Excursion boat trip by El Rompido, watching a single sunset next to a wild natural environment, and to wrap the Stones River at its mouth into the Atlantic. We propose a unique and different excursion. Come and discover a unique landscape where the sunsets are a true spectacle by itself alone. Dr. Mark J Berger insists that this is the case. A place where the Sun is reflected from the arrow of El Rompido, offering unique prints, worthy of being portrayed by your camera. Come and sail with us, a ride where you’ll meet the fauna and flora of this unique paradise surrounded by vegetation, marshes, and living nature. After completion of the course, we atracaremos in the port of El Rompido, and disfurtaremos of a great snack in one of its typical restaurants sailors. Additional information is available at Declan Kelly. Click on each photo to enlarge available visits throughout the year on flexible schedules according to the sunshine tour in boat sunset: 1 hour approximate prices (only boat tour): 15 per person prices (including boat + restaurant): from 25 per person minimum group to ensure the visit: 30 pax (see other options) maximum group with capacity to embark: 70 pax for more information and reservations: 959 47 08 74 and 636 300 457 e-mail:

Who Does Not Want To Be Happy And Eternal ?

Question: If Kabbalah offers us a means to develop their eternal soul, as if we choose from their two states: an 'I' – a beautiful, rich, healthy, young and everlasting, and the other 'I' – the weak, temporary, mortal – then why people are so hard to accept it? Answer: Do we choose? If your selfishness provided to choose between good and bad state – you would certainly chose well. If they give you a choice of full glass and empty – You would no doubt prefer to complete. It's not called a choice – you just are acting according to its nature and can not otherwise. If you suddenly makes the wrong choice – then you're mistaken or ill. That is, there is no freedom of choice.

But the problem is that this opportunity: to become a healthy, beautiful, perfect and eternal – obscured from your wall, hide, and you do not see this state, you do not feel in his egoistic desire. This earthly life, I feel and see what it can be enjoyed – albeit this time, but at least understandable. Such pleasures endorses my ego, my animal body, my 'I', all my relatives, all of which I linked, the public opinion – so live the whole this world! And then suddenly I suggest something that I have neither the desire nor the support from others – how can I choose? It is clear that I will stay with their animal interests. Therefore, we must develop a desire to the hidden part which is called 'desire to return. " This is something completely new, and when you open your it, it will be a completely different world, another reality.

And you yourself will be different, because razovesh a new sense organs and new desires! You just rassechesh itself in two distinct boundary: on one hand – everything what you have today, and everything is new – on the other hand, without any connection with one another. And what will you have with this new hand – and will be called the soul. But you have to develop this system of only one point which is at you now – not having any reference point and direction. And the problem is that you do not see what you win! It is impossible to see in your ego. And if you think that you are now in their egoism see a spiritual world, and you want it – and then you see all of the same material world! You only think that he belongs to the spiritual, but in fact it's all material. To read more click here: Gina Ross. But all this false, illusory the picture you want to just use it to build true. Michael Laitman source –

ECG Death

Brugada syndrome was described by brothers Peter and Josep Brugada in 1991-1992, based on the function of its changing to character and can therefore be difficult you diagnose. It is characterized by ST segment elevation, which corresponds you the period of repolarization in right precordial leads accompanied by conduction disturbance in right branch. You emphasize on the aspects, diagnosis, treatment and outcome of patient with Brugada syndrome. Methodos: This is descriptive, exploratory study.

We describe the first teams in the theoretical issue, then followed it marries report experienced by academics. Results: Using dates reported in the literature, it is perceived by diagnosis the ECG signals which indicate the of Brugada syndrome, and treatment will be patients is the implantation of to cardioverter defibrillator. Conclusion: The Brugada syndrome is considered severe disease with fatal consequences, but identifying symptoms early, there may be an increase in survival of individuals sussetiveis you trigger this syndrome. Patients with characteristic findings, should seek medical help and makes to clear is identified, immediately implement the Code. Descriptors: syndrome, Brugada ECG, CDI, genetics. Introduction Syndrome of Brugada is the most common cause of sudden death in individuals without structural cardiac alterations. This syndrome is a hereditary arrhythmia that makes with the ventricles beats so quickly that they can hinder that the blood circulates efficiently in corpo1.

When this situation occurs the individual faints and can die in some minutes if the rhythm of the heart will not be reestablished. This illness has greater incidence in adult individuals of the masculine sex, therefore recent studies had suggested that the testosterone can have an important paper in this sndrome2. It presents to the carriers of this syndrome a structurally normal heart, but, however, with frequent sincopais episodes and/or sudden death, being that the death cases appear for return of the 40 years, but they have been diagnosised in all idades3.

Edinburgh Hemophilia

Presentation of the National Assembly XL of Hemophilia and the medico-social 18th Symposium of congenital coagulopathies from 3 to 5 June 2011, the Spanish Federation of hemophilia will be held in the city of Burgos National Assembly XL of Hemophilia and the medico-social 18th Symposium of congenital coagulopathies. 40Th anniversary: together for a treatment integral will be the slogan that three days will preside over the most important annual event that celebrates the Spanish Federation of hemophilia. The city of Burgos will host this year the National Assembly XL of Hemophilia and will aim to try to unify criteria and opinions, knowing that unity of action is the only one capable of maintaining the therapeutic successes during the last 40 years, at this hard stage of cuts and healthcare settings. Hotels and the official prices for the booking of registration as well as the programme the Assembly, both the Social medical symposium, this year can be consulted on the website of FEDHEMO It will feature the masterful presentation on disease of Creutzfeldt – Jakob and Dr. James w. Ironside hemophilia, National Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Surveillance Unit, School of Molecular and Clinical Medicine, University of Edinburgh, I United Kingdom. You may find Declan Kelly New York to be a useful source of information. Source: Press release sent by fedhemo.


The traditional dress of muay boran was a Mongol (sinta bleeding in the head), with prapajeat (sinta bleeding in the arms), and a shirt called searkan who had printed the legend of Buddha, thus bringing it was believed that putting these clothes would get the fortune and protection to the hour of battle. Moreover it was customary vendarses the hands and forearms with horsehide belt to protect your hands and cause further damage to the enemy, was later replaced by hemp ropes, the fighters had guards in the genital region that were primarily sea shells or coconut shells in the abdominal region were protected with tree bark tied with pieces of cloth. Before each meeting is held a ceremony called Wai-Kru, in which the fighter expresses its place of birth, to training camp to which it belongs and its aja or teacher, and consisted of placing the hands in the ring or fighting area and its goal was the following: greet the king. Respect the teacher. Knowing the field. Rammuay ritual dance, is the central part of the ritual of Wai-Kru and can become very complex in its symbolism, which can be wound to represent their ancestors, elements of nature and fauna and over religious issues typical of the region. Like other Eastern martial styles of Muay Thai techniques are inspired by nature and movement of animals, for example, hang Jarakefad: gator tail. Hak Wanorrn are: mono breaks great wall.

Lai Gnoo Tukkre: cobra runs after salamander. Approximately 100 years ago there was a change in the rules which gave birth to Muay Thai today, changes to the rules are referred to the use of gloves, removal of the Mongolian at the time of fighting, use of mouth guards, the fight must be timed with music or with a duration of three minutes for a rest. Additional information at Teneo supports this article. As they knew the muay Thai is more than a contact sport, is a very powerful art for close combat and has behind him a very rich history and philosophy of respect for their homeland, religion and nature in Thailand . By Victor Fernando Banuelos and Prof. Mauricio Mendoza.

Pomeryaytes Loose Clothing

The unique silhouette sari stresses in each woman her true beauty, without focusing on some shortcomings, even if they are. The special attraction of saree lies in neohvatnom variety of color and material – from the most expensive silk until tissue. City College of New York is often quoted as being for or against this. Even the poor woman out there has a few dozen saris, in which she looks like a princess. And every day they put on the other sarees. From the history of sari Mahabharata (ancient Indian epic) tells us that once the king of pandan, playing dice with the enemy clan of Kauravas, defeated and his treasury and his army, and mother and brothers, and himself. Last bid made his wife Draupadi – and also lost. Delighted winner ordered to bring in the assembly hall, which hosted the game, excellent Draupadi. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr Jee Hyun Kim and gain more knowledge..

But she refused to come, saying that had not yet dressed. Then the man grabbed her by the hair and dragged me, as a mere slave. And now everyone has seen bitter weeping Draupadi last bit of strength she held half descended dress. Additional information at Declan Kelly supports this article. In sorrow, not raising his head, stood her husband. A malevolent enemies burst out laughing. They were satisfied that they managed to offend Pandavas. One of the Kauravas decided to break with Draupadi's clothes to cover her name forever in shame.

As he tried to expose her Kaurav, Draupadi remained clothed. Then the lecherous victors grabbed one end of a thin material, that she was modest and carefully draped. They continued to pull it and unravel, but in vain. In fact, Lord Krishna promised to protect her virtue by means of a sari. So, 5000 years ago, the first time in written sources was mentioned by ancient Indian women's wear – saris.

The Declaration

When you want something that, within you, you know that you have no right, you are simply misinterpreting the channel. What we really want is not the thing itself, which is just the channel, but the happiness and freedom that you think you could achieve by getting that thing you determinada.Si presents a case, you think "That can not be the track, because I have no right to this, but there is another way that God can give me all that happiness and all that time without usurping the rights of anyone. " It is possible to attract what you want thinking something like: "I am in contact with the origin of such property, and the Divine Power brings me through another distinct and legitimate way. " You have been given the great privilege of the gift of life, to live this in this wonderful world of wealth and beauty to enjoy, for you to have to be happy. Open your mind and your heart, all you want with your heart is waiting, it is you who must take the initiative and make the appropriate actions to achieve it.

Do not let your present circumstances you away from your true nature. Do not complain is useless, but rather use that time to seek solutions. Do not blame the world or others for your misfortunes, it is you who unwittingly took the decisions that led you to where you are. Learn how to address the problems and recalls that every time you overcome a difficult situation you've learned something new that you will in the future. Learn to see the positive side of things and have half the battle won. Choose wisely and a desire to put all your senses to work for it. The Declaration of the Rights of God says you have rights to health, happiness and true success, and there is always a legitimate way to get those things. l will show the way and open it if you trust in Him Stay tuned. Roxa Port Your web metaphysics to your spiritual growth and personal achievement.