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Savers can sell savings bonds prematurely – 95 billion euros set German savers in savings for up to ten years so far savers premature return fees and penalty interest rates or expensive interim must accept checkout – German savings bond market makes commercially these savings bonds – for savers within a maximum of six days of good news for millions of German savers who have invested their money in savings bonds and savings bank letters of German savings banks, cooperative banks and banks. With the newly founded German savings bond exchange, they receive a new flexibility for this very popular in Germany and trustee Festgeldanlage. 95 Billion euros set German savers after the latest Bundesbank statistics in savings bonds with a maturity of up to 10 years. Savers were instructed, so far largely on the goodwill of the banks if they needed money before the end of term, now allows the German savings bond Exchange under sale to private or institutional to record or to exploit high-yield credit framework. To the detriment of savers who actually have the money would now but have to pay expensive interest rates to bridge. German savings bond market: consumer protections apply financial market the German stock market savings bond purchases savings bonds and savings bank letters of the approximately 2,500 credit approved in Germany by the federal financial supervisory authority (BFin). A savings bond is legally tradable, savers receives an offer calculated taking into account interest rates and remaining maturity within three working days.

Savers accepts the offer, he will receive from the purchase price within three additional working days. Not cost him. Managing Director Bjorn Meschkat particularly important is that the German savings bond exchange offers its services in the sense of the consumer. For this reason, it has Prof. Dr. Kai-Oliver Knops, Professor of consumer protection at the University of Hamburg and New Council of of consumer member of BFin as shareholders can win.

Underestimated Danger

What you need to know about disability, and how you can secure disability is is a very unknown term for many people in Germany. But every fourth professionals is already berufsunfahig regular retirement. Unclear is however often when it is considered berufsunfahig, which causes and consequences has a disability. In addition, the State in the event of an emergency offers little financial protection. What is disability and what causes has she? A disability exists when a worker due to an accident or a disease less than three hours a day may pursue his profession. The causes are many: steadily rising is disability as a result of mental illness.

Meanwhile, nearly 30% of documented cases on a depression are due a burnout syndrome or schizophrenia tendency rising. They are followed by physical ailments such as herniated or tendonitis (approximately 18% of BU cases). But also heart/circulatory problems and cancer are often cause. Strenuous occupations such as roofers and nurses are particularly vulnerable physically. But even professions that little on the body such as commercial jobs are immune from disability.

Here, psychological stress are main reason for a disease first and foremost. The disability must be determined in each case by a medical certificate. Dr. Mark Hyman does not necessarily agree. What does the State disability? A disability is determined, the State disability pension should intervene and absorb the resulting loss of income. However, the disability benefits for most recipients is barely sufficient and therefore viable. Because only about 30 percent of the previous gross salary is taken over by the State. The pension gap is extremely to the part. At a gross salary of 2,500 and a net amounting to 1,500 he gets Berufsunfahige for example, in the best case 750 State support. There are 750 to missing therefore previous net salary to reach. The pension gap means a significant loss of own life quality for most receivers. In addition to the physical or mental suffering, which has led to the disability, the State disability pension barely enough to maintain the hard-won standard of living? Going to the welfare office is inevitable for many Berufsunfahige without private pensions. The private insurance a must-have for every employed the State hardly helps to disability. The pension gap must be closed with a private pension. Here, a disability insurance policy should be completed. To to the gap in the example above in height of 750, a 30 year-old man with less physical exertion a good rate for example already receives 14 monthly net contribution (insurance coverage up to the age of 60). There but for the disability insurance some obscure clauses (waiting times, abstract reference), is a hasty conclusion of private disability insurance to dissuade. Therefore an independent consultant should be contacted before graduating, which explains all ambiguous terms easy to understand.

Central Bank Germany

AEGON secure DepotRente offers lifetime flexible pension solutions are guaranteed income In the wake of rising life expectancy, the guarantees and attractive yield opportunities connect an indispensable part of the individual financial retirement planning,. Especially for people who want to secure a guaranteed lifelong income, this is an attractive form of investment in comparison to low-interest bank deposits. Connect with other leaders such as Nancy-Ann_DeParle here. The AEGON secure DepotRente overcomes key barriers associated with many private pension insurance, such as, for example, limited capital access. Policyholders can handle at all times their money with our solution even after beginning of pension payment”. Dr. Torsten Haupt, main representative of the German Office explained the existing fund balances to the surviving dependents or beneficiaries will be paid in the event of death”.

Flexible pensions have great market potential. Market studies show that the age group of 55 to 80 years in Germany at short notice available assets of about Has 900 billion euros. According to experts, in the medium term at least 5 billion euro per year can be converted in flexible pensions. Independent brokerage company, which distributed the product, undergo a rigorous selection process and intensive training, before they have the opportunity to offer their customers solutions by AEGON. By the end of the year AEGON is recorded cooperation with 20 brokerage firms, which serve approximately 400,000 target customers, a quality-oriented consulting approach. The AEGON Group, a leading insurance company of the AEGON Group with N.V., the Hague, Netherlands, the CEO of AEGON is a leading provider of life insurance, pensions and investment products and supports to build a financial future, private customers, companies and institutions. The AEGON Group develops solutions for over 150 years and currently serves millions of customers in North and South America, Europe and Asia with approximately 24,000 employees.

With your subsidiary in the United States the AEGON Group is a provider of flexible pensions with gross premiums amounting to more than $5 billion (as of end of 2012) successfully worked already for many years. The European Center of excellence for flexible pensions, AEGON Ireland plc., has its headquarters in Dublin, where specialists develop modern and flexible retirement solutions for the markets in Germany, France, Britain and the Netherlands. The establishment of Germany of the AEGON Ireland plc. is in Frankfurt am Main. Dr. Torsten Haupt is responsible as the main representative for the German subsidiary. Main previously worked in various leading functions for AEGON since 2004. Former stations included Credit Suisse and towers Watson. Contact: Aegon branch of AEGON Germany Ireland plc Elm Street 23-25 60325 Frankfurt am Main E-Mail: phone: 069-380 781 510 AEGON is a brand name of AEGON Ireland plc. AEGON Ireland plc. Headquartered in: 2nd floor, IFSC House, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1, Ireland, is under the Registration number 346275 in Ireland, has an approval of the Central Bank of Ireland and is subject to their supervision. The establishment of Germany in Frankfurt is additional law supervised by the Federal Agency for financial services supervision (BFin).

Know Premium

Many insurance age and unisex tariffs in the car already know that insurance companies are now working with an extensive catalogue of risk issues. But they knew: the age will decide not only the car and their living conditions are relevant to premium, but also their age! We all get older, but as we get older, even your car reward is even more expensive. Here, the premium differences fail all the more glaringly as we get older. A result pay about double the premium as a r. with the same car. By the way: The same fate befalls their vehicle also! Should your car with them have become so old, then it is again doubly expensive. Unisex tariffs and women so far were split in particular young women-related, destructive contracts of young men by probably testosterone. Paradoxically, there will be a significant premium increase for women from next year with the introduction of the so-called anti-discrimination laws. By the then cross Unisex tariffs are also the women for the damage of the men with grade are available.

Act Writing

Credit card debt consolidation – Government debt consolidation if you have failed to pay one or two installments on time there are full chances that gradually you will get a call from your debt collector. Nobody likes debt collector’s calls, if you are successful in stopping their calls, then they want to be sure be calling soon again for more amount than they are calling for right now. Instead of trying to avoid them or finding a way to do so, some individuals perhaps decides to work with them and try to rectify his situation. In case you decide that working with a debt consolidation loan collector is better than fighting him then here is a step by step way of going about it. The steps it is important to get your collection notice in writing. Once you get the amount and you know this is the correct amount you can proceed with it on the contrary if you think that the amount mentioned is less or you have already paid the amount notified then get back to them immediately in writing regarding what you think of their notice. You can ask for verification. However, once you are sure of the amount, then you should work with him like any lender.

You should negotiate the debt and come up with a new payment plan that works for you. They will be ready to negotiate even for a bad credit debt consolidation loan if you make clear that negotiating is their only option. Once you arrive on am agreement you should get it in writing, so get all your payments in writing. Once you are through with paying all your payments there should be no more collector’s call. This can be better option than living with a fear of a credit card debt consolidation loan collector’s call. Certain things you should be aware about are: do not give out any personal banking information when you are negotiating with the debtor. There is no need to give access to your collector to your account for payments. Do not allow for any harassment or abusive practices by the collectors.

Schwabische Bank

How it looks really with the right to a bank account? A SCHUFA entry who gets no account at many banks. Advertise on the Internet there are several pages, with the so-called current account without SCHUFA”. Thus, a typically paid private account is meant for a SCHUFA request is not required or granted in an entry. But in fact, these deals are often expensive. There are many reasons why people have an entry with the SCHUFA. Not always the entry itself is in debt, because he can be quite accidentally or but because of undeliverable invoices for example after a move from a collection agency are estimated. Most of the time the courts is essential to get rid of the entry. Who wants to open a new account or has one, now has a problem.

Because when a SCHUFA, most banks refuse entry the giro account. This applies in particular to the reasonable direct bank where the account is often free of charge. It is not however nowadays of course longer possible to live an account without. So what can you do in the future to pay his bills and receive the content? You can search SCHUFA-free accounts at online banks and from abroad on the Internet for an unconditional giro account, you will find many offers. There are banks, which advertise using an account without credit check. Peter A. Levine PhD can aid you in your search for knowledge. Be careful, because it is often to foreign banks, which require high accounting charges for the account. Not only monthly fees are due in a foreign account. For each referral, you pay double and triple because there finally is a foreign bank transfer.

However, some direct banks offer a German account. Here, too, higher accounting fees are charged. 10 Euros monthly fee are not a rarity, plus costs for each booking. A good example is the Wirecard, consumers report here by accounting charges of about 300 euros a year. The Schwabische Bank offers such a Product where this is a prepaid card with a checking account that annually approximately 220 euros must be paid. Consumers who fail a credit check based on an entry in the SCHUFA are bruised here twice. A they off perhaps their debts, on the other hand they have to pay much more for their account than other people. But a financially sustainable alternative can be found quite. The Postal Bank, the savings banks and some credit unions offer the so-called basic account the basic account of Postbank and the savings banks. This but unfortunately not for free is to an account that is granted to everyone. Nevertheless, the account management fees are usually in the average, so incurred about five euros a month. But, for the basic account there is not a credit card or an overdraft. It is therefore not possible to overdraw the account. Usually there is not even a debit card but only a customer card, picked over the money at ATMs in Germany can be. Abroad, this card does not work and also the non-cash payment is not possible. All other options such as on-line banking or bank transfers are possible, however. The best deal currently has the Postal Bank, here even the account management fees be omitted from a monthly income of 1000 euros.