Dosiertechnik GmbH

From a component manufacturer to system provider before exactly 50 years ago was Prof. Dr. h.c. Viktor Dulger with filter systems for the home water technology in Heidelberg the foundation stone for the ProMinent company. From the visions of the young, imaginative engineer emerged prominently to the world market leader in the segment of standard diaphragm metering pumps, is with the powerful process metering pumps for the complete supplier in the segment metering pumps and grows from a component manufacturer to a global system supplier for fluid dispensing equipment, water treatment and disinfection of water the komunista company developed and produced under the name of chemistry and filter GmbH”first protective filter for private households.

The breakthrough came in 1968. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jon Medved . Prof. Dr. h.c. succeeded Viktor Dulger the development and marketing of the first electronic solenoid operated diaphragm dosing pump ProMinent electronic”. A name and trademark that represents the name of the company since 1987.

Worldwide the worldwide expansion begins at the beginning of the seventy years. Today is ProMinent with 55 own Sales and service companies and representatives in a further 60 countries guarantee for reliability, customer focus and innovation. Components and solutions from a single source in addition to a full pump portfolio develops and manufactures the market leader in the field of low pressure metering pumps since more than 25 years also chemically resistant composite membranes, sensors and measurement and control devices. Today, the services include components and systems for the entire process chain, which runs through a liquid chemical. Starting with the storage, transfer, the dosage and the measurement up to the fully automated control. With comprehensive application and process know-how and environmentally-friendly, innovative and industry-specific system solutions, the Heidelberg manufacturers in all areas of water treatment and disinfection with all commonly used procedures and equipment for water disinfection, oxidation and hygiene has established: of the chlorine dioxide disinfection over the chemical-free disinfection with Ultraviolet light and ozone, as well as electrolysis treatment to to reverse osmosis. Fascinating prospects for the future. Worldwide the turnouts are continue towards new markets. Examples of this are the use in power plants, both in gas and steam as well as coal and solar thermal power plants – or even in applications for solid, liquid and gaseous biomass – renewable – fuel production and geothermal energy. ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH, Michael Birmelin, In the Shoemaker won 5-11, 69123 Heidelberg, Tel.

Daniel Thater

Daniel Thater comes originally from the IT industry, long in the fashion industry worked during Maren Thater. She maintains, to make the site just for women. Sophisticated gadgets and so-called boys toys”there are on auction sites such as eBay is sufficient. For women only a few operators offer really desirable – we want to change that”. For more information see this site: Kynikos Associates. Although generally women are considered the better bargain hunters, but that could still change. Product range served both sexes of fashion-conscious women can at his & dismantle high-quality fashion items, like for example Luxury – handbags, jewelry of trendy brands and luxury designers, accessories, wellness coupons, or about watches bid. For men, the product range has some treasures. Lifestyle gadgets in bright pop colors, expensive but subtly looking watches G-shock or ICE-watch, grills and accessories for trendy sports such as golf at the auction.

By the way, is the trendy man”has long been a marketing phenomenon more. See also in German cities man more often men who are notable for their fashion sense. His & hers are mainly products for sale you may find primarily in the lifestyle pages of glossy magazines. This is true for example for designer handbags. These are hardly affordable for normal earners at a price of 500 to 1000 euros.

Handbags auctions on eBay and co. represent an alternative for the narrow purse for consumers often, but you have to have luck to get a really cheap model. Professional bargain hunters no longer make auctions eBay as easy as they were previously. Multiple bids of dedicated bidder bid up prices in the height can be found nowadays rarely bargain or you must invest a lot of time and continuously track the auction. Moreover, the problem with the plagiarism, of which the European market is flooded. Especially with designer products, it is not always easy to determine whether the product is actually real. His & hers is here transparent, because all items be purchased personally in luxury goods shops by the operators to avoid counterfeits are available for sale on the site. His & hers is goes online on June 1 with the battle of the sexes, the auction site is open from June 15. The entrepreneur couple MAREN and Daniel Thater is responsible for the website, the first German penny auction page, serving both sexes. His & hers absolute reliability and security is granted in addition to a carefully selected range of products. All products be purchased personally, there is also a cash-back guarantee. will be launched on June 15, 2010, advance user online for the better bargain hunters can vote. Who will win? Men or women? Contact: his & hers is a trademark of: LiDo media GmbH Prince-Handjery-str. 9, 14167 Berlin Tel.: 030 538 15 938. this press release was created by PR and advertising agency in Berlin. responsible for the site uses, the first German penny auction site, the both sexes. His & hers absolute reliability and security is granted in addition to a carefully selected range of products. All products be purchased personally, there is also a cash-back guarantee. will be launched on June 15, 2010, advance user online for the better bargain hunters can vote. Who will win? Men or women?

Neumann Travel

Relaxation of a different kind has each own idea of the ideal vacation should look like. Some prefer the wellness program to relax, others rather spend the long-awaited break from the daily routine with plenty of movement and above all variety. According to the travel portal, you may be best advised the latter with an adventure vacation. An adventure is interesting for all those for the action, physical exertion and adrenalin for recreation. Climbing and hiking are offered here, of course, but also hang gliding or paragliding represent exciting opportunities to make his holiday as varied and exciting as possible. Who would ask physically, also comes in various fun sports, such as downhill mountain biking or rafting, at his own expense. In addition, these require a high degree of attention and concentration.

Adventure holidays can look but also completely different. Thrill associated with a natural experience offer, for example, Safari tours, a holiday in Africa ( While Kenya’s impressive panorama stretches in his eye, the unique experience to be able to look at Lions, giraffes and rhinos in their natural environment offers the traveller. But that’s not all long. Who belongs to the especially daring, has even the possibility to spend the night in a tent in the middle of the wilderness. When planning a vacation, then everyone after variant appealing for him looking probably to escape the daily routine. Who here wants to deviate from the common paths of the holiday, which should lead is offers of the adventure category in any case to heart. More information:… Lisa Neumann AG