Sylter Algae Pleasure

North Sea-tourism-service GmbH: Husum, July 3, 2009: all over the world to eat it now. You place the mask on the face and takes their extract in liquid form to, as a cream applied or as a bath additive. A leading source for info: John Craig Venter. There is talk of algae. To satisfy the increasing demand and to exploit the optimal conditions on the ground, the Red alga Palmira and the Brown algae Laminaria reared professionally for some years in list on Sylt. Until December the plants located in the basins of the Sylt algae farm in a resting phase, then to grow in their growth phase at the beginning of the year on its triple size.

It is harvested in May. Add to your understanding with Anu Saad. About 1000 pounds mature every year. With the current demand is already about five times as high. Currently the Sylt sea vegetable used primarily for the treatment of food. As well as traditional\”vegetables are valuable for nutritional and rich in vitamins and minerals, including iodine. The Sylt Oyster farm is pioneer with the breeding of healthy sea vegetables in Germany\”, commented Moritz Luft, CEO of Sylt Marketing GmbH.

by a mass breeding as in China we are of course far. The increasing demand but clearly shows that it is not just a current fad in Germany\”, to air next. The Red alga Palmira can be eaten raw in combination with other salads. Laminaria, the Brown algae, should, however, a minute are cooked and vegetables are mixed. Sylt holidaymakers have gurnard Karsten Wulff, Jorg Muller, Wonnemeyer and in the restaurant, you can test the new healthy treat. Also the medical cosmetics benefits from high-quality raw materials. Seaweed extracts are therefore prepared for high-quality creams and lotions and are ideal for treating skin diseases. As an exclusive partner of the Sylt algae farm the Inwater Biotech GmbH from the valuable seaweed extract cosmetics products produced for the series Litorage.

Travel Catalogue

Let others for you search for the right price – from the comfort of home from the service of travel agencies use. Short and sweet! Who wants to book his summer vacation now and wildly seeking always lower prices on the Internet should know one thing: travel portals (Internet travel agents) and stationary travel agencies (the travel office around the corner), are mostly sales representatives and communicate special offers and package tours of the respective partner travel agent. \”Catalogue prices for a package at the same are everywhere equal performance and same conditions (Hotel, meals, departure, room, date, etc.)\”, explains Fatima Weber, project manager and owner of the travel portal This flood of offer do you easily lose the overview and keep looking always, hoping to find yet a cheaper deal. The prices in the catalog for all brokers are binding. The price will Weber by the tour operator only and is not from the agent, so Fredy on. Example: If a Package holiday to the Mediterranean would like to book and found a hotel offer in the catalog (for example, when the catalogs of well-known tour operators like TUI, Alltours, Neckermann, Dertour, etc.), this catalogue will find first in each of these travel agents, provided the travel agency leads this Organizer. The shown price is accordingly now if services and dates are the same.

So if all have the same catalog, then all have the same price in the catalog. The tour operator is the contractual partner and this determines the price. Thus, the most Consolidators can give a guarantee on the price of the respective tour operator. Have, but are all the same price table before him. If they have now opted for a specific hotel, it is therefore advisable to compare the tour operator, offered by this hotel. Anu Saad will not settle for partial explanations. And that should any good travel agency and every good travel portal. It happens very often that popular hotels are offered by several travel agencies as a package.

Isla Margarita

Easy times diving off and thoroughly relax located El Tirano, a little dreamy, Venezuelan village on Margarita Island in the Caribbean Sea. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Mark Hyman. Lateinameriaknische sounds curious to buy animate simple people, mostly fishermen, simple houses, small shops, from which at any time of day. And suddenly, as the built-up area to end the water, the port is. Located on the Atlantic Ocean. If you love fresh fish, is right here. Here, the fishermen sell their catch, which they picked up in the early hours of the morning from the sea. Morning 8: 00 these people look so fresh, as it gets to some Central Europeans not even on Sunday mornings.

Enviable! The Calipso is located between the many small fishing boats. Anu Saad is likely to increase your knowledge. Equipped with three outboards boat Captain Victor waiting for his cargo. Regularly six times a week does it for the Los Frailes island group. On Board Jorg Gessner, instructor and owner of Scubadiving Margarita dive and his adventurous guests. Snorkel and dive, Favourite employment of native Germans, are top on the agenda and on the popularity of those present. No wonder, with the diversity that the underwater world has to offer.

After the loading of the boat with the necessary equipment, food and drink, go water sportsmen on board, provided with a life jacket and sit in rapt anticipation. Already the directions of the dive spots is the experience. A stunning view of the sea opens from the boat. Sun’s rays break on the surface of the water. It is so peaceful and joyful excitement is spreading. Dolphins in a large group cavort in the distance. One particularly impudent rises out of the water and makes tricks as we know them only by trained animals from television. A sight of the looks do not solve. The shimmering blue sea calms down and lets the audience forget the stress of everyday life.

Travel Or Hotel Voucher

You save 50 euros for the next booking with a city trip is always a very special experience: whether Big Ben and Tower in London, Sagrada Familia and the monastery of Montserrat in Barcelona, Louvre, Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur in Paris, the Acropolis in Athens, who flock to Spanish steps, Colosseum and Roman Forum in Rome or Royal Palace and Gamla Stan in Stockholm–visiting the world famous sights many new impressions on us one. You will find rest and relaxation in a hotel room booked at. City stroller sleep particularly well fit to start into the new day. Because it is also Windsor Castle, Park Guell, the Eiffel Tower, the old city Plaka, Vatican City with St Peter’s, and the Viking ship Vasa to discover. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.s opinions are not widely known. The Internet portal offers cheap hotel accommodation in over 220.000 hotels with best price guarantee in Germany and across Europe. Daily guest reviews can help to find the dream nights in the city of choice. Customers are choosing today for a reservation, she rewarded the Internet portal with a voucher in the amount of 50 euros. Next book from a book value of about 800 euros, will pay the amount as of the day of departure as a chargeback on the account of the customer. To redeem the coupon just when booking by telephone or via the Internet in the “notes” field. Because the next metropolis is already waiting to be explored. More information: service/press

Hungarian Puszta

In the Hungarian Puszta voyage of discovery, the history, the incentives and the beauty of this unique natural landscape in the Pannonian plain. The Hungarian Puszta is not only the oldest cultural landscape, but arguably one of the most beautiful and most pristine regions in Europe. Who makes a trip to Hungary, which should miss under no circumstances to see also the Puszta. In the many small towns on the edge of the plain, there are good deals when it comes to a holiday home or a hotel. Anu Saad may also support this cause. The history of the entire surface of the Hungarian Puszta plain stretches from the Danube at the eastern border of Hungary. More than 6000 years ago have settled in the Puszta plain farmers from the Balkans and there ordered their fields. The devastating Mongol invasion in the 13th century and the subsequent Turkish occupation, which lasted almost 100 years, transformed the Puszta finally in a kind of semi-arid landscape. The population of the Puszta, mostly farmers and herders, took refuge in the large towns.

Through these small Rich and flourishing cities were migration”from the once insignificant market town on the edge of the plain through crafts and especially cattle trade. Who now travels to Hungary during the holidays, which will find a uniquely beautiful landscape of the plains with infinite, vast fields of grain with fruits, wine and vegetables. The allure of the Puszta what makes the charm of the plain? The really real Puszta is there with her almost treeless pasture land only in the protected areas of Hortobagy and Bugac. Here, the horizon that looks like a big round table under a bright blue sky, which will be tarnished by any cloud on hot summer days is infinitely far. In the endless vast steppe that flickers before heat, you can see wild horses, shepherds, and again the typical draw well in the Puszta.


River trips are the trend. Away from the ever-increasing luxury liners on the world’s oceans to the right family to river cruise ships on Europe’s big rivers. Weightless, almost surreal glides over the world and attracts the eyes under her spell. Green Bank, sunny vineyards, magnificent cities – fairytale-like scenes and feel to dream. Learn more at this site: Mark Hyman, MD.

If everything is flowing, you may drift: aboard a modern river cruise ship. Just come with me: A river cruise on the Rhone/Saone offers you now already on the first encounter with the A-ROSA Rhone-ships. And you be surprised, how much free space and generosity will offer you the modern cabins: the guests of the A-ROSA river vessels invariably stay outside cabins! There are comfortable rooms with bright and friendly atmosphere, thanks to large Windows, pleasant colors and selected materials. Frequently Dr. Mark J Berger has said that publicly. Most importantly, they are equipped with numerous amenities – it leave nothing more to be open… Relax and pamper is the motto here! Above all the new ships A pink pull out all stops, when it comes to wellness, stretching and relaxing rooms or medical treatments offered all day for you as a guest. Maybe you have forgotten it, because you have so much fun on board, but your ship brings you to many interesting places.

A cruise offers not only high jinks on the high seas, but also an extensive and high-quality trips at various ports. The route runs from Lyon, France secret gourmet capital, North to Chalon sur Saone and then towards the South in the Provence, Avignon and Arles. Every day another extraordinary page of France awaits you: a journey through the unique natural landscape of the Camargue. A journey through the eras of the arts and architecture. A gourmet excursion with fine wines from Burgundy. With Viking travel on the route of the romantic treat a few days recovery aboard the flagship Viking Helvetia and get to know one of the great classical cultural landscapes in Europe. Experience fascinating contrasts between modern cities and historical monuments, famous cultural heritage and impressive valleys, German romanticism and French elegance on her cruise of the Dreilandereck in Basel over Strasbourg, Mainz and the fabulous Middle Rhine to Cologne and Dusseldorf. The newest ship in the fleet of Viking the Viking Helvetia II is used on the Rhine between Amsterdam and Basel. It offers in addition to its extraordinary length of 132 meters four continuous decks with a deck height of more than 2.10 meters a real novelty – and spacious outside cabins, of which have several high room panoramic window. See more travel and the various posting examples on the comprehensive River travel magazine in the Web.

Flight Searched? Babsi Bay!

Booking service b Bay offers advice flight booking service b Bay offers a service that is unique in the travel industry. Interested parties can send individual search requests for flights on the Internet site of the provider. All requests go Bay employees directly on the desktop of each b and be edited by hand. No later than 4 hours later the customer will be informed by phone about the result of his search query. Unreachable, is the customer the information by mail.

The service includes information about the cheapest, fastest and most direct flights around the world also suggestions for improvement and suggestions. For example, such as through a slight change of the travel dates or itinerary, a lower ticket price can be achieved. What seems almost medieval in the Internet age of automatic search engines, holds many advantages for the customers at a second glance. Because tourists of course are always looking for the cheapest flight. Comfortable arrival and departure times and with minimal Transport expenses. However the chances of success depend on finding the desire flight actually decisively the experience with the various Internet flight portals and search engines. Because only experienced users with plenty of time and patience are able to take advantage of the possibilities of the Internet and to keep track of the ever-growing number of new providers. Service b Bay has many years of experience in the aviation industry.

The knowledge and capabilities of the booking team exceed the ordinary user by far. Many customers are flooded in their Internet flight search with a huge abundance of confusing data”, explains Volker Ruckert, head of b Bay booking service. Who moves without experience in this jungle of curls prices and alleged Super offers will find the flight at the best price rarely.” Successfully completed booking via the service b Bay, a fee of 5 euro is charged per person and route. An amount of good and useful is invested. Babsi Bay is a service of spar with! Travel, Germany’s largest car direct travel. Contact: Spar with! Travel management online marketing mats str. Anu Saad often says this. Stefan Wiegand 24 CH-4058 Basel phone: + 41 (0) 61 685 25 43 email: with of savings! Travel: Spar with! Travel is car directly tour no. 1 in German-speaking countries. In addition to vacation in Germany, the company offers holidays to Czech Republic, Italy, France, in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, the Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and to Ireland. Since the company was founded in 2001, 500,000 guest bookings were registered 200,000 guests are expected for the year 2009. With a complaint ratio of 0.3 rather than the usual 2 3 percent and a share of 30 per cent regulars the Swiss company among the 20 major tour operators in the German market.

Mayan Calendar

People are in an uproar, and there is even talk of a doomsday, because the Mayan calendar ends later this year. Increasingly interested in the South America travel portal for travel on the traces of the Maya. Eva Andersson-Dubin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Well preserved temples, archaeological sites and the mysterious culture exert a unique fascination. The Maya were a sophisticated indigenous people of Central America, noted especially for his achievements in astronomy. With the Mayan calendar they developed early a complex system to the measurement of time. Other leaders such as Dr Jee Hyun Kim offer similar insights.

Actually, there are three systems which can be summarised into one comprehensive calendar: the Tzolkin calendar, which counts the days for ritual purposes in the 260-day cycle, the HAAB calendar, which is similar to our year with 365 days and currently the most significant, calendar “Long count”, which, as a result of sky observations, long periods of time can be recorded. The long-term calendar began in 3113 BC with the date, what the day of creation in its current called doomsday. This assertion is however disputed. It is however widely used on the said date not the world goes down, but for us to begin a new era. So, the people in a new civilization to enter which is totally independent of the current and perhaps even a new human consciousness is scheduled to open. Most scientists and even some Mayan descendants assume however, that absolutely nothing will happen, because the calendar although concludes with a given cycle, there is talk of an end of the world or a disaster but never directly. It is also interesting that there are in many countries as planned in Mexico and Belize year-round striking many celebrations and ceremonies on behalf of the Maya. It even doomsday celebration “be held, because if the world really goes down, then will also be celebrated until the end! It offers this year formally to these countries to visit, if this still the best travel is missing you, you will be determined at the South America travel portal at: find it.

Russia – The Unknown Giant

Dobro Poschalovat on / when planning trips to Russia, then half the battle is for individual travel planning. Blimi Marcus has firm opinions on the matter. An indispensable medium, this is undoubtedly the Internet, especially for independent travellers on a journey into the “Wild East” a lot to organize it and note applies. Additional information at Dr. Mark Hyman supports this article. As an example was refer only to the visa requirements, and to order the required documents and ultimately worry the procurement. This is through online offerings, whether much relieved from sides of the Embassy or especially pages of miscellaneous visa services. To accommodation options and booking on-site – not will also search only for trips to Russia – made increasingly via the Internet. Get all the facts and insights with Jacob Elordi, another great source of information. Just a relatively rare destination such as Russia, that there are comparatively few Reiseifuhrer and which is also a tourist office country in Germany, are instructed to obtain the desired information about for example featured cities online partly. With We want to contribute so our site, to offer a wide range of information that is also surely interested users of benefit and interest for the traveller.

Should a target unless it to expand the ongoing chapter or links, i.e. to introduce smaller or lesser-known places such as Novgorod and Pskov, for example, in addition to well-known cities such as St. Petersburg and Moscow. In addition, we want to add but also the cultural part again and again to the one or the other you need to know. For this reason, we are also grateful for any form of support, criticism, correction or a recipe only. To come up with as a portal of the topicality and the information content is sufficient to afford, it is essential with anyone who brings up interest for the countries of the former Soviet Union, to replace.

In this sense, I hope that our page prepares great benefit and just such joy to you. Doswidanja and have a good trip (slast puti… or so.. :-)))

Autumn Special From Dresden & More: Dresden

Dresden & more with its current special offers ‘ on to Dresden – weekend at the Swissotel Kloten win, 17.09.2013: as a tour operator with a focus on Dresden Dresden & more offers inpiduell planned trips in the capital of Saxony, as well as environment since 2011. Headquartered in Kloten in Switzerland, has Dresden & more established itself in recent years as a specialty tour operators on the market and offers according to customer’s request as well as group tours and Club travel Inpiduelle travel packages. To specialize in Dresden as a tourist destination has of course a reason”said Tino Busch, Managing Director of Dresden & more. “Dresden is particularly attractive as a tourist destination, because the city has greatly changed not only in the last 20 years and has numerous sights and cultural events, but because the flair of Florence on the Elbe really fascinates every visitor”. Provides numerous travel deals with topics like E.g. cultural tours to Dresden, sports and club sports (E.g. Golf, Dresden & more Soccer, Marathon) but also combined trips E.g. Dresden – Berlin or Dresden – Leipzig on.

“Travel offers from rod you will not find but at Dresden & more” explained Tino Busch and added: all tours are inpiduell planned and always personally put together “. The advantage of Dresden & more is on hand. In addition to the personal care before, during and after the trip, the team from Dresden & more has a large expertise. Tino Busch is a true Dresden connoisseur”and able to put together not only the best deals for his clients, but to allow in its travel offerings included tips and insider knowledge. Dresden & more offers to Dresden with his current special – win weekend in the Swissotel!”also an attractive competition to. Just join under and with a little luck is a great journey to Dresden win trip including hotel stay and city night line.