The suffering can evolve until a extremity, from the interaction between the host human being and the pathogenic stimulatons. Later if he has already a perceivable precocious illness, that in dependence of the intervention if converts into advanced illness, that can in turn unchain in chronic state, deficiency or lead to the death, or the opposite, if he has adequate intervention if he can obtain the recovery in any of its periods of training. From this, a hypothetical model of progress of any illness and its derivations for determined subjects or aspects is considered that the Psychology of the Health approaches. This can be synthecized thus: Health. Healthful behavior. Salutognicos models. Models of health beliefs. Factors of risk.

Estresse. Personal 0 variable. Assintomtica illness susceptible to be detected. Psychological problems of the programs of screening. Symptomatic illness not yet diagnosised. Search of medical aid. Attributions, stigmata.

Manifest illness at the moment of the diagnosis. You may want to visit Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. to increase your knowledge. Communication of the diagnosis. Illness. Paper of patient. Development of the illness. Influence of the treatment. Therapeutical tack. Recovery. Chronic state. Adaptation and has adjusted to the illness. Quality of life of the chronic patient. Illness after the treatment. Teneo wanted to know more. Deficiency. Whitewashing. Death. Confrontation before the death. At a first moment we leave of a healthy man, supposedly healthful and if it studies the form to favor the conservation of its health. It can be deduced that to Psychology it corresponds a decisive paper in the clarification of the problems that more are related with the styles of life and in the search of efficient ways for the promotion of health and the adoption of preventive behaviors. In accord with this, one works for stimulating the main behaviors related with the life styles that constitute protective behaviors, such as practical the regular one of physical exercises, the practical adjusted nutricionais, the reduction of toxic substance consumption, practical of security and the protection, practical adjusted of hygiene, participation in promocionais and preventive programs, learning of personal resources to minimize the action estresse of it, use of sanitary services of the community, among others.

Ultraviolent Light Bulbs

Fototerapia is one ' ' bath of luz' ' in a cabin with ultraviolet light bulbs of the white color for stimulaton of the melancitos (cells) to the production of melanina (that of the color the skin). With use of eyeglasses for protection of the eyes and of preference that the skin is hidratada with creams and protective solar, to always prevent precocious aging and that for it comes ' ' descamar' '. The treatment time depends very on each patient, but according to specialists, in up to 20 sessions of 10 the 15 minutes and 2 the 3 times per first week getting ' ' ilhas' ' (small forms of repigmentao of the white skin). Steve Lombardo New York has plenty of information regarding this issue. One previous hour and stocking to the light bath are used a medication saw verbal, 30 grams of ' ' 8 metoxi pesoralen' ' that it assists the organism in the stimulaton for production of the melanina. Dr. Mark Hyman is open to suggestions. At night, before sleeping, a cream is used to pass in the regions of the body harmed by vitiligo. It has several, being that one very prescribed by the dermatologists is ' ' Tacrolimus' ' , one ' ' macroldeo' ' with imunossupressora activity (it diminishes the activity of the imunolgico system), produced for fungo ' ' Streptomyces tsukubaensis' '. (Responsible cell for unchaining the reactions of defense in the organism) inhibits the activation of linfcitos T, however the accurate mechanism of action still is unknown.

Therefore it is said that vitiligo is an auto-immune illness. A cost of this treatment, monthly, can arrive the R$.600, 00 (six hundred Reals) for particular patients and nor all the health plans cover, therefore the medical cooperatives deal with the fototerapia as a treatment high cost. But fototerapia is not guarantee of cure for vitiligo, therefore each organism reacts of a form, then, it can have resulted partial, or exactly incomplete.

Living With Heart Problems

The cardiovascular illnesses (DCV) are the main cause of death in the world occidental person, as much for men as for women. They have multifactorial and complex etiologies amongst which if they detach the obesidade, sedentarismo, arterial hipertenso and tobaccoism, that generally have roots in infancy and present additive effect in the adult life. The quality of life (QV) was defined as the perception of the individual on its position in the life, in the context of the culture and the systems of values in which it lives, and in relation its objectives, expectations, standards and concerns. Information on QV have been enclosed as in such a way indicating for evaluation of the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of determined treatments for groups of carriers of diverse agravos, how much in the comparison between procedures for the control of health problems. This work objectified to make a bibliographical revision on the importance of the QV in the prevention and/or control of the DCV from the knowledge of its risk factors associates. One consisted in a bibliographical revision approaching important aspects on patologias classified in this group as the arterial hipertenso (HA) and infarto acute of the myocardium (THEY WENT), looking for to correlate them it the respective factors of risks. One concluded that in Brazil, although the discrete trend of decline in the death cases, the disfunes associates to the cardiovascular system constitute one of the main causes of morbimortalidade. It has forts evidences in the direction of that the DCV, revealed in the adult age, result of complex interaction enter a variety of risk factors that they can have origin in infancy and the adolescence. The fall of mortality for DCV can be obtained thanks to reached favorable changes in the style of life and the factors of risk and that the changes of life habits require the awareness and the will of each one, however they also demand the performance in population scale, different levels, as the spreading of information that allow healthful choices, protection against the exposition the not-healthful habits.

Mental Difficulties

From one revision in specific literature on the subject, had been found diverse terms used for the studied authors, as: pertaining to school difficulties of (or in) learning, difficulties, problems of (or in) learning, riots of learning and upheavals of learning. Thus, it can be evidenced that it does not have consensus between the definition and the understanding of the found terms, although the subject very to be argued and to be studied enters the specialists of the area. As already observed, the cited terms above are many employed times inadequately. in the attempt of uniformizar them to allow one better communication between the professionals who act in the area of the learning and, thus, to minimize possible confusions, is necessary to establish what each one represents and also its especificidades. 3. WHAT IT IS LEARNING DIFFICULTY? OF? In accordance with the definition of Sisto (2001), ' ' the learning difficulty engloba a number of upheavals, disclosing itself by means of delays or difficulties in reading, written, spelling, calculation in children with potentially normal or superior intelligence and without visual, auditory, motor deficiencies or in disadvantage cultural.' ' The term shelters innumerable sets of causes, symptoms, treatments and can be demonstrated of some forms (upheavals).

Therefore, if it makes necessary to differentiate difficulties of learning (OF) of pertaining to school difficulties (OF): the first one is of neurological origin, whereas as it has pedagogical origin. However, both generate the failure pertaining to school. It fits to clarify, for one better understanding and reading of the article, the conflict in if using the terms ' ' transtornos' ' ' ' distrbios' '. The first one encloses the mental upheavals and the problems of behavior. According to CID-10 (1992), this term is used by all area of the mental health to prevent inherent problems to the use of other terms, such as illness or disease.


The film counts the history of life of a famous surgeon, arrogant, egoistic and indifferent to its patients, arriving to mention they to it as numbers, agencies, stream bed or for the disease who acomete.with its personal life sufficiently compromised in its relationships familiar.Everything starts to move later that the doctor perceives that simple tosse the beginning of the most serious illness, when it if it submits the examinations it discovers that it is with cancer. From this moment the doctor, starts to ahead demonstrate to fragility and anguish of the picture. Now it did not see more in the doctor condition and yes of patient, thus, he feels what he is to face the bureaucracy and the indifference of the medical professionals who are not compromised to the patients, she takes what it to wait for hours the result of an examination, what he means to be only plus a number, as it always treated the patients. Now it feels as its treatment was impersonal and aggressive.To the step that goes perceiving how much it is damaged as patient, dumb of behavior, also with its patients (Synopsis). Contact information is here: John Craig Venter. The people had always looked to the hospital for cure of its males and relief of its suffering, are about a search of relief, preservation of the life, restitution of the health and improvement of the personal comfort. But this problematic one of pain and the suffering is not a simple question technique, therefore the solidary scienter, fraterna and consoler more than depend an attitude on the character of what of the knowledge. Although science has contributed, for efficient solutions to the health problems, the human suffering says much more respect to the ethics that to the technique. According to dictionary, to humanizar means to become human; to give to condition human being; 1..

Brazilian Society

The family appears then as a space of protection and containment, in such a way physicist as emotional. The well informed family knows that virus HIV does not transmit itself in the social contact, that is, through day to day ordinary share. If you coexist a soropositiva person, know that the virus does not transmit itself through the use of cups, to cut, plates or other objects that if they use for the feeding. The use of the same sanitary vase, chuveiros, banks, chairs does not place the familiar ones in contact with the virus. Kiss, I hug, sweat, tears, cough, sneeze I interchange of clothes not if half of I infect. Excessively it is basic that the familiar ones if inform on the characteristics of the HIV, lighted the gratuitous one to the examinations and treatment in the system I publish of health, as well as of the collateral effect of medicines. If you have a carrier of the HIV in its family, love it, respect it, what she moved in it was the sorologia, aspect of its imunolgico system, not its character, its identity or its form to love its familiar ones.

It does not leave that the preconception and the discrimination say high more than the love and the friendship, the illnesses are part of the life, as well as the joy and the health, and remembers exists as much dignity in the health as in the illness. The illness is not a representative of the dark side of the life, is aspect of it, nor more nor less than this. Pablo 05-30190Psiclogo Tranquility C.R.P and Diplomee Sexlogo in Sexuality Human being for the University Diego Portales- Chile Author of the Thesis ' ' The AIDS between the homosexuals; The confession of the soropositividade to the interior of famlia' '. Member of the SBRASH (Brazilian Society of Studies of the Sexuality Human being) Rio De Janeiro, Copacabana Telephone: (21) 2236-3899,9783-9766 paulopsi2000@

The Body

As it has left integrant of our lives has the leisure, the rest. If to make a comparison, to work direct without rest is as to walk for hours the wire without stopping. Some contend that Dr Jee Hyun Kim shows great expertise in this. We can obtain, however the result will be, at least, pains in the body. If to extend this for our life, we will have resulted similar. In walked ours for the success we leave friends and side relatives, you alert we ignore them of the doctors, you alert we ignore them of our body. Perhaps let us not believe, but our body is extremely wise when it is about our welfare. Let us not take this to the extremity, therefore many will have every day of its body the message of that must rest the day entire. Speaking candidly Wichita Sheryl Corrigan told us the story.

Clearly that this is one I exaggerate and in this in case that we have to search aid psychological. Then we have that to divide our time so that everything that we need to make ' ' caiba' ' in the 24 hours of the day. More than this, we need ' ' encaixar' ' in these 24 hours everything that is important for us, as: work, health, leisure, rest, family and friends. For another it prepared me day to go to the work, at night. Normally work during the day, as most of the people, but in this day in special I needed to come back house and to leave again. My son of three years hugged me and said, simply: Papa, you forgot itself to sleep! In my ignorance I explained to it that it had not forgotten and that I would really go to leave without sleeping to work, but that he would come back as soon as possible. In the truth my son is who teaching was me. Its sapincia was simpler logic: we sleep, wake up, work and come back toward house, always thus.

Childhood Diabetes

The highest rate in Europe for Childhood Diabetes in recent years, registered in Finland, located in a region where nickel is mined. This is due to the fact that in this country is very developed This directive number 94/27/ES about the need to reduce the nickel content in many foods and jewelry (1994). In Ukraine, no tests for nickel is not done, and yet the Ukrainian supply vessels bought in Germany vital human organs and their functioning is frustrating. But because the accumulation of toxic carcinogenic metals in the body occurs gradually and continuously, then the valuation it has no food sense. Visit Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. for more clarity on the issue. We propose a catalyst for a more secure Margarinproma, passed the test in Lviv and Kiev, but not implemented. The author proposes to take into account the special ability of the pancreas to accumulate 28th Chemical element, which is known more than one hundred years. Steve Lombardo does not necessarily agree. Disprove the conjecture of the author of these lines of one of the major causes of diabetes researchers from 2004 can not yet.

With the release of the book Victor Shudina “Causes of diabetes found!” With 33-name conclusive arguments about the origins of the author’s diabetes is now available to all interested and take preventive action. We draw attention to this fact. Can you answer why the Philippines has a very rich black soil and There is something to think about the current government of Ukraine. Well, now more than describe in detail what constitutes a global ecotoxicants. Toxicity and allergenicity of nickel have been known and are summarized in the fundamental work of German scientists (GDR) ‘Clinical Immunology and Allergy’ (Yeager), reprinted several times, as well as the latest editions of the same name in the Russian authors. However, case studies of nickel complex effects on human health have not yet carried out, despite the fact that the world community through the media was notified about the growth of nickel allergy in connection with the introduction of euro coins in circulation that contain nickel (25%).

The State

' ' All have right to the religion and conscience, thought freedom; this right implies the freedom to move of religion or certainty, as well as the freedom to in common reveal the religion or certainty, alone or, as much in public as in private, for education, for it practises for the cult and ritos' '. xiv the Universal Declaration still establishes the obligation state for its guarantees through the Pact of Civil laws and Politicians of 1966 and ratified by Brazil in 2 of January of 1992. ' ' 1. All person will have right to the religion and conscience, thought freedom. This right will imply the freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of its choice and the freedom of it professes its religion or belief, individual or collectively, in such a way public as private, by means of the cult, of the celebration of rites, practical and education. 2.

Nobody could be submitted the coercitive measures that can restrict its freedom to have or to adopt the religion or belief of its choice. 3. The freedom to reveal the proper religion or belief will be subjects the penalty of limitations foreseen in laws and that if they make necessary to protect the public security, order, health or the moral or the rights and the freedoms of the too much people. 4. The State-parts in the present Pact commit to respect it the freedom of the parents e, when it will be the case, of the legal tutors to assure to the children proper the religious and moral education that is in accordance with its convices.' ' xv Some aspects shows devoid of a comment is for its transcendentais aspects, is for its familiar imposition or infantile indoctrination, either for its proper one institutionalization. Inside of the transcendental aspect in them it is the doubt of as to define what he is or not religious and as to characterize this, understanding that the constatao of these facts is not possible empirically, on the other hand, which the limits of what it is the proper religion and its interference in the State.

Media Access

Incoherent? When I was of crutches I walked for the streets and I perceived that to some they looked at me people with curiosity, others with mercy, some I offered aid to me and they ignored me to some, I probably I was giving more attention to the reactions of the people, therefore I made this analysis. Contact information is here: Mark Hyman, MD. In some aspects I felt me different, therefore I passed for similar situations to that they pass the people with physical deficiency for the lack of accessibility of some places. As a capable person of innumerable feels itself total things being excluded of a simple lunch because in the restaurant between the service and the tables it has a step? Or to have that to ask for another person to pay its accounts, simply why the bank found more convenient to make stairs in the door and a slope alone in the lateral, where the access is much more difficult and long for who it has or it is with reduced mobility. When it was of crutches I felt the mechanical difficulties of if moving in places without adequate access. Now I am in return, I transit for the same places, does not have obstacles for me. But the perception that acquired with this experience made me to understand a little as if a person when having feels that to opt to alternative access when all enter for definitive door, and as she is difficult to have all the looks in you while she tries to support itself in something to transpose the great challenge of the steps.

The necessary changes for the true inclusion already are happening, test of this are terms the subject in as many guidelines currently. It is said of inclusion and accessibility in some canals of communication, the population has demonstrated interest for the subjects, and this is without a doubt the way of the change: the information. ‘ ‘ An inclusive society not only has commitment with the minorities and with the people with deficiency. It has commitment with them and its diversity and if auto-it demands intrinsic transformations. It is a movement with characteristics politics. As philosophy, to include it is the belief of that all have right to participate actively of the society. As ideology, the inclusion comes to break barriers crystallized around estigmatizados groups. The inclusion is for all because we are diferentes.’ ‘ (Media and Deficiency Veet Vivarta, coordination).

In Indaiatuba it has movements happening, has interest in the change. In last day 06 the city was palco of an Inclusive Parade, the Asdai (Association of auditory deficient deaf people and of Indaiatuba) grows and if it popularizes to each year, municipal public politics aim at to improve the accessibility in ranks of municipal health of the city and some schools have received adequacies from access. Moreover, some vacant of preferential parking had been created in the city. The restaurant where I tried to lunch when was of crutches, now it has a slope between the service and the tables. We walk in direction to a more inclusive city, with accessibility for all, but the slow steps. What such to speed up this?