Individual Motorcycle Clothing From Devil & Crew

Perfectly matching outfit for the next exit motorcycling live their individuality not only on their bike, but also with their motorcycle clothing. Under the slogan “Ride your style” offers the new “Devil & crew” from immediately clothing brand for more demanding bikers with high functionality, at competitive prices and high quality. Special: Visit the Web site at customers can personalize their clothing after their own ideas and notions and order. About the online Configurator at, every detail of the future jacket (and pants are soon also) is determined by the primitive colors and accessories to pockets and zippers. Nearly all wishes can be realized by the enormous number of possible combinations.

Even embroideries, prints with reflective foil or your own lettering are possible. Of course, you can rely on preconfigured models. However, also these existing proposals can the Configurator the own preferences are customized and individualized. Devil & crew delivers always a high-quality biker outfit in an optimal fit, due to the bike and the own style Cruiser, tourer, racer, street fighter or Cafe racer. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has many thoughts on the issue. And at prices for which one receives only rod merchandise. “Designed in Germany. Made in Europe!”is the quality standards. Each garment is made from carefully selected textiles and exclusive.

Usually four to five weeks after the order can go the customer with his new outfit on tour. On request, the devil & crew team provides tailor made motorbike clothing. Now successful start-up of Devil & crew bikers can make your individual tour jacket (unisex) and order. This includes matching configurable pants follows in the spring of 2014. Visit Glenn Dubin for more clarity on the issue. The range is extended successively in the course of the first half of the year. Thus, the devil & crew in addition to the individual motorcycle apparel online store includes also the best streetwear. from the town bar, said his recipe for success: “most motorcycle riders customize their bike. With us you get well matching clothes.” Parallel to its Germany launch the devil & crew GmbH has a Crowdfunding campaign on Fundsters () initiated. It aims to tap into more European markets with this unique business idea. With the capital generated via Crowdfunding, Devil & crew in Austria as well as in the Switzerland wants to gain a foothold.

It Is Finally Here: The Keeper Of Hidden Treasures

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Lifestyle On The Internet

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Foreign cultures and relaxation in others Countries contributed to the enjoyment and joie de vivre. Today it is the lifestyle first and foremost to fashion and beauty, fashion and beauty. But lifestyle, the kind of lifestyle of that is much more than just the clothes and the image of women and men. Authors of lifestyle blogs like to write about the latest trends in the world of celebrities, music, fashion, popular designer brands and fashion labels and give particularly also hot tips for the areas of hair care and hairstyles or indicate trends for wellness and cosmetics. The lifestyle theme was enormously popular in a short time on the World Wide Web, because lifestyle offerings on the Internet contain extensive and versatile information and provide innovative and up-to-date news in the fields of women’s and men’s fashion style of living, music, entertainment travel, and interesting tips for vitality, life, love, hobby, health and beauty. While the Internet knows no geographical boundaries and provides plenty of space for every lifestyle. The lifestyle blogs are a perfect platform for information exchange and Discuss about various diets, health tips and hottest fashion and beauty trends from around the world.