Homemade Hair Mask

'I want hair like this blonde' – not once you're caught myself thinking, when passed by some kind of beauty with lush head of hair, – "no, it does not, she probably goes to the expensive salons, and I I have children, and the money always not enough. " Do not despair, the opportunity to have beautiful hair depends not on the salon and the frequency of their visits, and how much you love yourself and how much time you pay yourself. You can give odds to every beauty, if you also care for themselves home. Certainly, you can 2-3 times a week to give themselves 20 minutes (this is the maximum for the manufacture of the mask, the rest 40-50 minutes, when the mask is kept on the hair, you can do any thing). Another plus homemade masks – you always know that it contains, no chemical ingredients do not find (and ready shop mask will still contain a proportion of chemistry, without this there would have kept it for months). Somewhere in what – a magazine I read, "You'll feel sure if you know what you spend on a time. " Well, of course, you need to add that the mask can cause hair to your husband or friend – and this is enough to start, because those who renounce the strong man's hands, moving in your hair!


Exclusive collaboration between leading Haarverlangerungs specialist and London BBs LONDON – world-famous luxury department store may 2010 Hairdreams is now also in London BBs world-famous shopping Temple of Harrods department store available. The luxury department store offers its spoiled clientele in the beauty and wellness oasis urban retreat at Harrods now hair extensions and thickening by Hairdreams the leading specialists in fine human hair extensions of top. The most beautiful hair dreams come true in this exclusive cooperation now on one of the most famous beauty addresses of the world thanks to Hairdreams. “Urban retreat at Harrods department store” on the fifth floor of Harrods of Nobel in the heart of London is not only the hottest beauty address of London’s, but at the same time with over 6,500 square meters, one of the largest and most spectacular beauty and wellness salons worldwide. Geneticist shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. There offered only hair and cosmetics services of the highest quality. Now is also a complete Range of Hairdreams services for more length, more abundance of hair and outlandish fashion effects. With its unique, outstanding quality of hair, Hairdreams is ideally suited to the high-profile offer by urban retreat and its philosophy every customer and every customer every time you visit a unique and unforgettable beauty experience to deliver. “A hair extension must offer more, than to make only the hair longer. It comes instead, gentle, not burden the the client’s own hair to create fantastic, tailored to the type of natural hair fullness. “We decided, Hairdreams to record, because in our opinion only Hairdreams perfectly fulfils these requirements and we have the claim, our customers in all areas always the best of the best”and a 100% provide satisfactory service.”says Reena hammer, Creative Director of urban retreat at Harrods”. There is more information at or.

Summer Skin Care

The slightly different skin in summer Wolfsburg, June 7, 2010 summer other season, other skin care during the summer months is the skin naturally much smoother. While the skin in cold weather the constant alternation between cold air and overheated rooms was exposed climatic extremes has the skin’s own moisture balance within they look dry, brittle and irritated regulated himself in the summer again by alone. Skin care should be adjusted so the altered state of the skin. Especially rich nourishing creams no longer needed the summer skin. On the contrary, too oily”skin care products can lead to an excessive care of the skin and cause blackheads. The proper skin care in the summer humidity instead of fat! Optimal skin care should include increased moisture components in the summer.

Creams with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, urea or carbomer is suitable particularly well. Bruce Shalett follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Antioxidant substances of like green tea extract and vitamin protect against free radicals, can the premature Slow down the skin’s aging process. The skin care of women in menopause the mature skin 50 tend to be rather dry in the summer months and requires an individual, tailored to the needs of the skin, skin care. The hormonal imbalance during menopause changed the texture of the skin. Caused by the estrogen deficiency, less collagen forms in the skin. The skin loses elasticity and becomes dry.

Skin care products should be so fat and moisture components. Well water are suitable emulsion with almond oil, Shea butter and jojoba oil domestic oil. That makes dry skin supple again. Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, urea or carbomer provide the necessary moisture. Sunscreen is a must In the summer sun protection preparations are an absolute must. Where: fair-skinned people should use preparations with a high sun protection factor. By a sufficient UV protection, light-induced skin damage, such as premature aging of the skin, can be avoided. The risk to Getting skin cancer is reduced. After Sun care soothing Apres-Sun-recommend products to maintain the skin. Sun-irritated skin covers and thermal water help black tea. Christina Impala which directly is GesundheitsWelt GmbH was founded in a young online companies from Wolfsburg, which 2007 employees of the Deutsche BKK. The Internet portal offers its customers quality tested products around the topics of health, fitness and wellness. This service is rounded off by a carefully researched editorial content.

Heat Cabin Infrared Cabin

“The healing powers of infrared heat or deep heat, which only occurs in the body are known to the man already for millennia Rutzenmoos/Upper Austria give me the power to create fever and I will cure every disease” according to the Greek physician and philosopher of Paramides 540 BC 10981179 already has always fascinated used the healing effect of heat as a fever”. Today, this heat is generated by infrared radiation, which is equivalent to the heat rays of the Sun. Pleasant and totally harmless she warms the upper layers of the skin to the depths of the tissue and is distributed through the bloodstream throughout the body. The different mode of action: In an infrared cabin is equipped with special and highly modern infrared emitters, this heat in the body is created and unfolds in the organism its positive and regenerative effects. But why is infrared heat so healthy? Unlike a sauna where the heat is carried to the body the hot ambient air,.

develops in the tissue healthy infrared heat through molecular vibration. The body deposited more and more pollutants, heavy metals and fats, that he can not be eliminated naturally, in the course of life in the lower layers of the skin. Sweat from the inside of the body is stimulated the body heating with infrared heat waves. Thus, these deposits for the most part be removed with the water of perspiration through the pores of the skin. While it assumes in the traditional sauna, that the vast majority of sweat consists of water, these shares when infrared heated to approximately 70-75% comprise water and 25-30% fat, heavy metals and other pollutants. An infrared cabin can contribute considerably to the detoxification process and partly to reduce weight.

Although back pain, gout, and joint problems or abdominal pain, prostatic disease, rheumatism, metabolic disorders, and many other complaints infrared heat can work miracles. Infrared heat cabin is not infrared heat cabin equal to: many warm cabin or saunas have hardly a therapeutic effect, because they heat only the air inside and therefore no depth effect. Grade in spas and wellness hotels, care should be taken so that the existing cabin is actually an infra-red cabin with effect. Inspection stickers, as well as an opinion of the spotlight, a sure sign that there is a cabin not necessarily is generated the infrared deep heat. The spotlight report confirmed usually only compliance with the prescribed limits of the spotlight. In any case you shouldn’t show up the test certificates. At the purchase or on your next visit to sauna, so watch what it is for a cabin. Speak Not with the present staff or can be experienced professionals how to advise the team by Bodytherm which show you also like all the available quality certificates and explain. Antony Zettl ZAROnews ham Lake 7A 6330 Kufstein/Tyrol email: home:

As A Chicken Into The Water … Your First Steps In A Boat

Some people step into a boat and are straight at home. For them the challenge, the mechanics, the simple joy of sailing all combine to make the sport less of a pastime and more of a necessity. These people? call them fanatics? come to life on board a boat, forgetting the pressures of work and home, the pure joy of surfing a wave in a steady range, or persuade the yacht upwind in a gusty force five. I am married to one of these fanatics. a l is trying to teach sailing. It is a difficult task, I admit, as I have absolutely no desire to set foot on the boat unless the wind (force 1? 2), time (sunny) and the sea (calm) are adequate. But, being a man of considerable determination and luck, he succeeded in giving me my first lessons last month.

I learned a lot. Sailing is, when it comes to this, very simple? a matter of pointing the boat where you want to go, feeling the wind, and adjusting the sails accordingly. Without But it is also incredibly complicated. I used to race boats, sitting on the pointed end by pulling on the sails, but still I learned a lot of lifts and headers, Cunningham and kickers. Everything came flooding back to me as I was in charge of the boat last month, dodging the ferries between and for the first time I really began to understand the relationship between boat, sail and wind.

Collagen Hyaluronic Acid

The debate continues as to whether Hyaluronic acid or collagen is the best option for facial injections. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Geneticist. However, research shows that Hyaluronic acid is rapidly becoming the facial injection of choice. Hyaluronic acid injection face, Restylane, is one of only two injections approved by the FDA for the treatment of facial wrinkles around the nose and mouth. The other two are the collagen injection for correcting soft tissue deficiencies such as wrinkles and acne scars and botulinum toxin (Botox) for the treatment of frown lines between the eyebrows. However, in a pivotal clinical study of hyaluronic acid, the results indicated that hyaluronic acid is a safer and more effective option than collagen. The clinical study included 138 patients who received the injection of hyaluronic acid in Restylane on one side of the face and bovine collagen injections in the other side. Most patients in the studies required an injection, while a third required more than one injection. Hyaluronic acid injection produced a lower incidence of flushing than collagen injections.

The research also indicates that the possibility of allergic reactions in patients using hyaluronic acid is much lower than in patients who use collagen. Allergic reactions are possible in a 3% to 4% of patients using collagen and very, very rarely in patients receiving injections of hyaluronic acid. The reason lies in the fact that injectable collagen is derived from animals, mainly from cow hides and pig skins. Injections of non-animal hyaluronic acid, derivatives and therefore do not contain animal protein which can cause allergic reactions in humans. Finally, hyaluronic acid injections last much longer than collagen injections. The Hyaluronic acid injections can last as long as 6-12 months of collagen, while only lasts about 3-4 months. For example, from increased security, efficiency and results, it seems that hyaluronic acid is about to become the filling of wrinkles, plump lips and murderer thin line of choice in today's highly competitive market cosmetic surgery. is dedicated to promoting understanding of hyaluronic acid, an important ingredient in many medical treatments and the fight against aging and highlight the places where you can safely buy hyaluronic acid products. For more information, go to

Beautiful Skin For Life

Your facial skin is a reflection of health. Physical activity, balanced nutrition, sleep and mood, combined with the correct product for skin care – an essential condition for beauty Your skin. A related site: Dr. Mark Hyman mentions similar findings. Everything you need – is to select an individual program of care, depending on the characteristics and type of your skin. And to help with this you can Optimals series products from Oriflame, which are carefully and gently care for your skin protect it from the negative impact of environmental factors. If you have normal, dry and sensitive skin, stop your choice on a series of Optimals "Nutri-comfort." At the core products of this series is a soothing Complex, rich in flavonoids and saponins of plant origin, which has powerful soothing properties and relieves skin irritation (redness) and extract of black currant, which is intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Series is suitable for all age groups. If your skin needs extra moisture (very important in the spring, and after the holiday at the seaside), then pay attention to a series of Optimals "Hydration and comfort." This series products are suitable for all ages and moisturize the skin 24 hours a day, thanks to technology HydrFix, forming on the skin surface invisible protective barrier that prevents dehydration skin cells. The result of application of this series is an instant hydration, restoration of water balance and freshness of your skin. If you have oily or combination skin (oily and prone to inflammation in the T-zone: nose, forehead, chin and cheek in the area can be very dry), then you need to normalize the status of fatty areas, remove excess sebum and moisturize dry skin. Thanks to the balancing complex and extracts of birch, the products of this series possess anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, narrow pores, matting the skin and give it a healthy look. Series can be enjoyed by all age groups.

Hair Styles

Moreover, specialists of the brand were developed innovative technology for the use of special therapeutic massage techniques in conjunction with products in this series. It should be noted that the approach to the application of medical cosmetic products should be individual and make sure this must be preceded by consultation with a specialist who has worked with some cosmetics or passed the necessary training courses. Another of the advantages of hair – it's their luster. It is a sign of health and beauty. Shiny hair attract the eye, allow a woman to feel confident create a good mood. Why fade hair? Very often in the summer of hair luster, becoming dull, dry and brittle as a result of prolonged exposure to sunlight. Although there are other reasons: low salootdelenie, some diseases, poor circulation, malnutrition, etc.

Often, hair fade from frequent dyeing and curling hair. Perms and chemical dyes contain strong alkalis and strong alter the natural acidity of the hair. This destroys the connections that support the level of keratin in the hair structure, and rebuilds them. Therefore, if a customer color hair and he was more worried about his hair condition, consult use semi permanent dye that contains no ammonia and thus not so much harm to hair. Also, the loss of luster of hair contributes to their dehydration, the perpetrators of which are hair-dryers, electric combs, curlers, curling, which concentrate heat and thus dehydrate the hair. Sometimes the hair luster, due to the mismatch of cosmetic products for hair care, in particular not in accordance with the type of hair.

Never Diet!

Love yourself. Evastochter thus it hard? It seems to be sometimes… Here’s what happens when I ask women to make in the Evakostum so naked, how God created them, to consider in detail and to call then 10 positive characteristics, before a large mirror. Frown, look more or less skeptical, rattles the brain, and we go with the list: 1. my thighs are too fat. 2. my hips are too wide.

3. I have certainly no right waist. 4. on the belly, I have too much fat. More info: Dr. Mark Hyman. 5.

my breasts have never liked. 6. my neck is too short. 7. my hair is a disaster. 8. my calves are too round. 9. I’m too small. 10. my nose is too big. Ten points, and not a single one of them is positive. Bruce Shalett brings even more insight to the discussion. Never once came out of his mouth: I find myself well. I like me and my body. I love myself. I have great breasts, class hips, a sexy figure, a lovely nose, a sensual mouth, beautiful hands, gleaming white teeth…” On the contrary, if women this sentence “speak, can look hard in the mirror, repeating the mantra: I can not say that.” “Often, the rate is: I can not even love me.” Then, I ask why not. “Answer: it can’t.” Source: the love diet, Gaby Publisher Susan Heat Love & life consultant, author, TV expert

Am I A Good Candidate For A Facelift?

Am I a good candidate for a facelift? Plastic surgeries and aesthetic surgeries are a more common theme among women every day. They are adult, youth or adolescents surgical interventions are very required for their aesthetic problems. Although beauty should not be the most important thing in their lives, in recent times it has become take a too prominent. You may find that Anita Dunn can contribute to your knowledge. See nice increases their self-esteem and before the first defect notice in your body or any characteristic with which they are not compliant, that many times it is not any imperfection, but some feature of their physiognomy than to them not like them, they immediately think of cosmetic surgery and immediately call for an appointment with a surgeon. But the beauty should not prevent that they think about their health, they remember that it must always be first first and foremost. Then before deciding to undergo or not to a surgical intervention, it is very important that you take some time to think about if you are truly one candidate for plastic surgery.

It is essential to reflect on this issue and that you also make an appointment with your physician’s header and your surgeon to listen to their views. Aesthetic and plastic surgery are characterized by being very safe (as for example, the operation to remove bags under the eyes), but we must not forget that it is a surgical intervention and therefore complications may arise. Doctors first thing you evaluate is his general State of health. There are many causes for which a person could not be found ready to undergo a cosmetic surgery. Some people may suffer from any health problems that do not let you be a candidate for this type of surgery. Many people have problems with anesthesia. We know that their use is indispensable for carrying out the process, by what a person can take many risks when using it.