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Technically soundtrack, soundtrack

Technically soundtrack, soundtrack (a term also known as original soundtrack) is the full sound and the result of ing of various audio tracks, both dialogues, sounds and music of a work or the accompanying parallel. Normally, with rare exceptions, the term refers only to the music of a film or marketing of the musical themes of a work like video games, television and radio. From a musical standpoint, it is understood as a soundtrack that both vocal and instrumental music composed expressly for a film, fulfilling the purpose of enhancing those feelings that pictures alone can not express.Famous composers are Ennio Morricone soundtracks (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The Mission, Cinema Paradiso, etc..), John Williams (Jaws, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.) Vangelis (Blade Runner, Chariots of Fire, 1492: Conquest of Paradise), Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean film series, etc..) or Danny Elfman (Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Planet of the Apes (2001), Big Fish, Corpse Bride, etc.).. The soundtrack to a movie in a physical sense can be of two types: magnetic or optical. In the first case, one or more magnetic recording bands run along the edges of the filmstrip. These lines to be read by a device in synchrony with the projection, the sounds are generated in a similar manner as would a cassette player. In the case of optical soundtracks, these are areas of darkness and light in one or both sides of the tape of the film.The different intensities of light are then converted into electrical impulses to create the entire soundtrack. They are also used, although not as frequently still, digital sound systems, based on points on the film to be converted by various methods, some still experimental in sound.


Accounting is more than an activity that professional accountants can understand. Accounting is the art of interpretation, measure and describe economic activity that describes the resources, activities and achievements of all business large or small. The accounting function is vital in all units of our society.Large stock companies are accountable to their shareholders, to government agencies and to the accounting p blico.La is a business of providing services whose role is to provide quantitative information about economic entities, the primary information is financial in nature and intended to be useful for making decisions within a business or daily life.

History of Alternative Medicine

Within the large field of alternative medicine, natural medicines and traditional, are as old as human history.Exercised by priests, doctors, shamans, empirical, philosophers and scholars of the time, they have developed and systematized, creating large medical schools that have stood the test of time and remain parallel to the Western medical system, its validity in today’s world . Among the major systems of traditional medicines, with their holistic worldviews, we have traditional Chinese medicine and its widespread practice of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, the Indian Ayurveda, the science of aging, a Tibetan medicine, and traditional medicine of the native peoples of America, among others.

Edwin Walter Kemmerer

Edwin Walter Kemmerer Kemmerer Mission up to Peru (1931). Edwin Walter Kemmerer (Scranton, 1875 – Princeton, 1945), American economist, known as “Money Doctor”. Professor of Economics at American universities, Cornell and Princeton and developed an intense, fruit of his profound knowledge of monetary policy, especially regarding the problem of inflation, financial and economic adviser to governments of different countries around the world , particularly in Latin America. He died in 1945 at the age of 70.

!!!!!!!!! Let’s talk

!!!!!!!!! Let’s talk about nutrition !!!!!!!!!! KB TALK OF NUTRITION Is defined as the ingestion of food substances into our bodies. Even before our birth to death before our food is a dominant factor in our daily life. Food provides us with energy for our daily activity and our vital functions like breathing, heart contraction, maintaining our bone and muscle mass, regulation of movement of our muscles, keeping the mass of our bones, proper function of our nervous system and we could go with all organs of the body from skin to the use of our intellectual functions. But food is much more than a nutrient, because we all find pleasure in eating.


On 28 February and 1 March 2007, SAPUVETNET II project partners and institutions in Latin America and Europe organized an electronic conference on emerging aspects of Veterinary Public Health in the I century. The main theme of the conference is “local production practices and animal health, with special reference to drug use and antibiotic resistance: implications for Veterinary Public Health.” To participate in the conference and receive more information, contact info . Participants and those who wish to make any contribution must register with the site days before February 28, 2007. To register you must: 1. Access the URL 2.”Create a user account” (see upper right on the screen), choose their own language, follow the instructions for registered user 3. then entering your own “password” and “login” to enter the Moodle Univ Evora ( ) Projects in the area-> SAPUVETNET. All registered participants will receive an electronic conference formed to send contributions to the moderator of the conference. Take advantage of this opportunity for discussion and tell your acquaintances interested. See you soon

The feeding of children in summer

Parents should be aware that food in the hottest time of year should be special because it is so important as to respect the schedules of sleep and physical activity to stay in shape, so that children can enjoy a full and excellent health. Some tips: Here we explain some guidelines that will assist us to achieve a healthy diet at this time: – One must be careful not to exceed 30 of dietary fat intake of a child. These fats are mainly concentrated in the butter, margarine, cream, eggs and animal fats. – A large part of the diet should focus on products rich in carbohydrates which corresponds to foods such as bread, flour, cereals, pasta, potatoes, rice, peas, lentils, beans and nuts. – Fruit and vegetables are an essential source of minerals and vitamins, especially for children. Do not forget that is rich in fiber, and its consumption is highly recommended. – It is very important respect the schedule of meals. Do not eat in a hurry and provide adequate chewing your digestion, preventing the emergence of uncomfortable intestinal problems. – We start with a breakfast in which they do not miss the milk, cereals and fruit juice. – Should be avoided, especially fried foods and choose those that are pre-cooked roasts or stews. – As always we have heard, the digestion must be respected before the typical summer bathrooms.


SOLID WASTE THAT IS Material that is not a utility or economic value to the owner, the owner thus becomes a generator of waste. From the point of view the most complicated legislation regarding waste management, is that it is inherently a subjective term, which depends on the point of view of the actors involved (essentially generator and watchdog) The waste can be classified in several ways, both by state, home or property CLASSIFICATION BY STATE: A residue is defined by the physical state as he finds it.There are therefore three types of waste from this point of view of solid, liquid and gaseous, it is important to note that the actual extent of this classification can be determined in purely descriptive or, as is done in practice, in the form of associated management For example a drum of used oil and is considered waste, is intrinsically a liquid, but their management will be as strong as it is transported by truck and not by a hydraulic drive system. In general waste can also be characterized by their composition characteristics and generation. CLASSIFICATION BY SOURCE: Waste can be defined by the activity in which it occurred, it is essentially a sector classification. This definition does not limit the practice in the level of detail that you can reach it. MAJOR TYPE OF WASTE: ——- Municipal waste: The generation of municipal waste varies according to cultural factors associated with income levels, consumption patterns, technological development and quality standards of living of the population. The sectors with the highest incomes per capita rise to higher volumes of waste and this waste has a higher added value than those from poorer segments of the population. ——- Industrial waste: The amount of waste generated by industry is a function of the technology of the production process, quality of raw materials or intermediate products, physical and chemical properties of the used auxiliary materials, fuels used and the packaging process. Waste ——- miners: Include mining waste materials are removed to gain access to minerals and all waste from the mining process.Currently, the copper industry is engaged in the implementation of appropriate management of such waste, which is expected in the near future to have proper statistics. ——- Medical Waste: Currently the management of hospital waste is not the most appropriate in the absence of clear regulations in this regard. The management of this waste is carried out at the generator and not under a decentralized system. At the level of hospital wastes are usually sterile. The composition of hospital waste residue ranges from residential and commercial medical waste containing such hazardous substances. Medical waste is defined as one that is composed of waste that is generated as a result of: a) Treatment, diagnosis or immunization of humans or animals b) Research leading to the production or testing of medical preparations made from living organisms and their products CLASSIFICATION BY TYPE OF OPERATION: It can be classified as waste because they are somehow associated with handling characteristics that must be done: From this point of view you can define three main groups: a) Hazardous waste: waste are by their nature are inherently hazardous to handle and / or dispose of and can cause death, disease, or that are dangerous to health or the environment when handled improperly. b) Inert Waste: Waste stable over time, which will not cause significant environmental effects to the environment interact. c) non-hazardous waste: None of the above SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT The set of procedures and policies that comprise the system of solid waste management.

Food allergy prevention

Food allergy prevention sign in Foods. The food allergy is an exaggerated immune response in the body when in contact with the food allergen. These substances can cause allergic reaction are called allergens or allergens. In its milder forms may be transient in nature (subside with time) can cause cutaneous (from eczema through urticaria atopic dermatitis), gastrointestinal tables (eg, chronic diarrhea), nonspecific gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, difficulty swallowing (eosinophilic esophagitis) and in severe cases anaphylactic shock with death risk. Do not confuse food allergy with food intolerance, which is the inability to eat certain foods or nutrients without adverse effects on health. The effects may be more or less rapid on health.Food intolerance differs from allergies in the latter causing an immune response, activating the immunoglobulin E (IgE) or other immune mechanisms, and intolerance in general be enzyme deficiency that prevents proper metabolism of nutrients . There are common among the pollen proteins that cause rhinitis or asthma, and many plant foods. Many allergic to pollens become allergic to some of these proteins and then begin to have problems with many plant foods. For example, LTP (lipid Transporting protein) are in the skin of peach and the pipe and are also in many fruits and vegetables more, so that those who are allergic to LTP, begin to have problems with allergies to nuts (pipe fruit) and many other fruits and vegetables.Another is the profilins, structural protein of fruits and vegetables, which are usually more mild reactions that LTP but with plenty of fruits and vegetables, other is the syndrome latex / fruit, many are allergic to latex (gloves, condoms, balloons …. ) are allergic to nuts and tropical fruits, tomatoes, etc.., we have the Sazae syndrome (syndrome mugwort, carrot, celery and spices) that are allergic to ragweed pollen allergy start having these foods, etc., etc. .