Continuing Energy

Actually, since we exist. Constantly going split and mix chemicals. Each chemical reaction is either absorbed or release energy. 80% of the released energy goes into the breakdown and absorption of this energy. Going to every cell, this energy must realized. At the cellular level is the following.

The main source of energy in the body is glucose. Glucose – it is the same fuel for our cells as fuel for the car. The splitting of glucose – the only way of obtaining large amounts of energy at minimum cost. This process is minimal accumulation of toxic substances, ie eventually obtained a completely benign products: carbon dioxide and water. But the energy, which in this case stands, is sufficient for other biochemical processes. This construction processes, and various repair processes, the formation of antibodies, ie, what should be constantly engaged in a cage. She must maintain its operation: Continuing to recover and fight with the infection, with the toxins that enter the body. There is a theory of Dr.

Reckeweg called the theory gomotoksikozov. Anybody familiar with this theory? I recently tried to find on the Internet at least some mention of the mesenchyme (intercellular substance). Somehow, in medicine, very little attention paid to this vast space within us. All that happens is not inside a container, not inside the cell. It is precisely in the mesenchyme, ie, in that space, in the intercellular substance, which passes and our life. Come here and nutrients for to get to each cell.

Arnica Preparation

Rhizomes and roots contain essential oil, resin, wax, arnitsin, organic acids – isobutyric, formic and angelikovu. Preparations from mountain arnica (for DA Axelrod, GK Nikonov and A. Turov) have tonic and stimulating effect on the central nervous system, and large doses of a sedative effect, preventing the development of seizures. In addition, preparations from the flowers enhance uterine contractions. Alcohol extract – an effective hemostatic agent for postpartum hemorrhage. Arnica is offered as a hemostatic agent in subinvolyutsii uterus (large fetus, twins, poor uterine contractions, inflammatory gynecological diseases in the past), bleeding, associated with endocrine disorders, for diseases of the sexual sphere (inflammation of the ovaries, inflammation of the uterus after an abortion). Preparations from the roots of mountain arnica accelerate heartbeat and increase the amplitude of the heart activities, enhance coronary blood vessels, improve the nutrition of the heart muscle, lower blood cholesterol levels, due to the presence of arnitsi tsinarinu. These properties of arnica roots can use them when arteriosclerosis, myocarditis, cardiac vasospasm.

The infusion of fresh flowers of arnica on alcohol administered as an internal 40 drops 3 times daily before meals. Water extract of arnica (10 g per 200 g of water) is prescribed as an internal one With a tablespoon twice a day. Decoction of the roots (10 g per 200 g of water), take one tablespoon 2 times a day .. In folk medicine, herbal teas and tinctures are used for sprains, bruises, wounds, insomnia and other diseases. Collection. Arnica flower baskets are collected in the period of full bloom, around June – July, cutting off at the base to balance the peduncle less than 1 cm Color immediately dried without access to sunlight.