Healthy Weight Loss

At the global level has begun booming weight loss not only for figure, but for overall health and wellness. Each day we also find more publicity written, on radio, on television or on the internet that offers the best machine, the best product and up to the best magic formula for lowering, lose weight, or maintain her model figure; but unfortunately these formulas and all of this is at very high prices for pockets and just to think that we acquire and finished under a bed or in a closet saved us discourages or do so by such high investment. This is the best reason to search for the most natural way of lowering without having to invest large amounts of money on machines, equipment, gyms or strange pills to lower that can affect your health, or that it will not be permanent. The secret formula is simple, is easily obtained, of easy application and best of all is you who decides when, how, where and why it is going to do! In addition not only you It will help to lower, to look good and to have better health, but will also make you an organized person who program their life and will feel happy and satisfied and that is priceless. Schedule your first week of activities and you will see that the second is easy, simple, and will do so with more enthusiasm.

Don’t wait to having to be ill or so fat that his doctor almost forced it a little delicious diet for your palate, and thus recover their health a little or at least to keep stable, but already deteriorated. So you feel, don’t think about it any more and be smart in its decisions, lose weight naturally, gaining health, gaining wellness, winning desire to live and knowing what makes now for you and your health will be the reflection of his own in the morning. Every day that passes without a goal, it is a day losing health and welfare; its work is to begin, we give the instructions so that it achieves its objective, now, start your small investment will it compensated in your pocket to be healthy, healthy and with encouragement to move forward.

Wedding Planning

If today you have decided that you are wanted to marry because already you have found your average orange, it is very important to know which are the tasks that we will have to undertake to plan our wedding correctly. To organize a wedding can be a task for titanes. The preparations are many that bring prepared their planning. Reason why it would be good for counting on a year ahead to be able to ensure the success to us. If we began the count down, estoas is the tasks to realise: 1 year before: We will determine the date of the wedding. We will decide if we married according to the church or or the court. We will select some places for the banquet once we know what type of banquet we are going to have. Somatic Experiencing may find this interesting as well.

Approximated estimation of the number of guests. 6 months before: To choose the fianc2ee dress and the complements. To order the invitations of wedding once we already know the guests who vendrsn approximately. To be compiling information on the destiny of the honeymoon in different travel agencies. 3 months before: To have to point all the legal proceedings and necessary red tape for the marriage.

To order the alliances. To realise a test of fianc2ee dress. 2 months before: To send the wedding invitations. To contract the photographer. To have all that with seen and decided music. To choose the suit of the fianc2e. To choose the floral decoration and adjustments. To close the honeymoon. To leave to sight the menu of the wedding. 1 month before: Test of the hairdo and the maquillaje of the fianc2ee. To order the details of wedding. To pick up the alliances. To rent the car for the wedding. To have all preparation for the trip of fianc2es (proceedings, vaccines, passports, ). 1 week before: To confirm the number of guests. To gather the dress and suit of the fianc2es. Goodbye of unmarried. 1 day before: To make a review of the decoration in the church. The day of the wedding: To pick up the branch of fianc2ee and logically to comb themselves, to make up and all the putting to full stop. To deep breathe because already the day has arrived that you had dreamed and everything is going to come out well.

Taking Antioxidants

The best insurance you can have: taking antioxidants. As Hippocrates said: Let food be your medicine and medicine your food. Certainly the father of medicine not knew existed antioxidants but was right, without doubt the best way to prevent or cure most diseases is feeding you with meal healthier. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. often says this. From the first moment in which we breathe we started to oxidize, so it is, oxygen that we inhalamos everyday is the first cause of many of the effects that appear during our life. For example: aging. But do not panic is a natural process.

As well as an Apple to split it and leave it a few minutes on contact with the air starts to rust by Brown, the same thing happens to us humans. Same thing happens to the firewood when burning or the iron when it becomes wet and is left in contact with the air. The atoms or molecules that have properties to avoid oxidation are called antioxidant and atoms or molecules that have properties to oxidize atoms or molecules will call them radical free. For example: the main sources of radical free are environmental pollution, noise, rays ultra violet, artificial and industrialized food, excessive exercise, passive or active smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc.. The main sources of antioxidants are: vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, etc. The amount of radical free an antioxidant can neutralize is measured in ORAC (from English Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). The United States Department of agriculture recommends consuming between 3000 and 5000 ORAC units per day. To give an idea: 5 servings of fruit or vegetables averages 1750 ORAC units.

Surely you are asking if 5 servings of fruit or vegetables averages 1750 ORAC per day I would still have to eat other 4 portions to consume the recommended minimum 3000 ORAC well don’t worry there are nutritional supplements that can help you get all the antioxidants you need, if you don’t want to eat all your rations. Today the majority of the people (80% approximately depends of each country) consumes less than 1000 ORAC units per day. This is worrying not only for the health of people but to their pockets, since the low consumption of antioxidants increases the number of diseases and ailments that can suffer as: cataracts, glaucoma, cancer, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, arthritis, Parkinson’s, respiratory diseases, heart disease, high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, chronic inflammatory disease, accelerated aging, fatigue, overweight, malnutrition, etc.. Imagine how much money on medicines, treatments, hospitals, visits to the doctor, health insurance, you ahorrarias only eat well and be healthy. Taking antioxidants is your best insurance there is no doubt. From today begins to save money and consequences. I am to serve you. ATTE Josele Mora. DontWorryBeHappier. com supplements natural intelligent Josele Mora expert supplements natural. DontWorryBeHappier. com natural supplements Smart

Low Weight For Your Health

The fact of losing weight is no longer something aesthetic. In Mexico, unfortunately, we have a high rate of obesity which puts at risk the health and many times the life of Mexicans. Not only adults they are exposed to fatal diseases, children and adolescents are also at risk of disease by excess weight. For more specific information, check out Somatic Experiencing. This is why we invite you to lose weight for your health. There are different ways to lose weight but the surgical operations are the most efficient. There are three types of surgical operations with the most efficient results: 1.-Gastric Bypass: divides the stomach into two parts. Making the minimum part will be that receive food and the largest part runs out of contact with them. This is so that the stomach of signals to the brain’s satiety when the small piece of the stomach has received the limited amount of food.

2. Gastric band: is the application of a band of silicone around the stomach, making the stomach feel full and thus can lose weight effectively with the feeling of satiety. 3. Gastric sleeve: this operation reduces the size of the stomach by 85% through staples. What makes the ingested food three times less to what used to be, thus achieving the effective weight loss in the patient. Now that you know the best ways to lose weight, get in touch with experts and remember that losing weight is no longer a thing of beauty; lose weight for your health. M.Marin employee of Hold’em partners hold.

Meditsintskie Centers In Germany

The best clinics in Germany How to find a German clinic. Invaluable assistance and may have clinic Freiburg. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.: the source for more info. In Austria, Germany and Switzerland, almost all hospitals to treat patients equally high medical level. Despite this, some hospitals are allocated to provide tertiary care for individual diseases. Based on many years of work in leading hospitals in Germany, we have developed a directory of clinics Germany, where you can pick up a clinic and a professor was on the profile of your illness, whether it's a clinic in Hamburg, Nuremberg and Dresden Duyusburge. According to almost all German medicine, we can help you with choosing specialist who has extensive experience in a particular specialty. If you have any questions to one of the doctors chosen clinic, you can simply send us a request on the organization of medical treatment in Germany. This application will be immediately transferred to our staff and forwarded to the doctor.

Or simply call us. We will arrange treatment in any of these clinics. Frankfurt clinic will be glad to give you treatment at the high level. Our support does not increase the price of your stay is not on the ruble. You will receive a bill for the diagnosis of the hospital itself, where you get treatment. In this case we will design your documentation, including initial translation, the negotiations with the clinic in Germany, utryaskoy formalities etc.

We also organize and clinic in Munich, you can only send us your request. It is important to know when choosing a clinic for treatment in Germany: in this country there is the concept of 'Peripheral' – the best clinics in Germany are not necessarily in Hamburg, often in small university towns, usually in the south of Germany – it is there in search of higher income tend to arranged the best experts. crucial the right choice not only of the medical center, but also a specialist in your disease. the majority of disease treatment in Germany is at the same high standard in all hospitals. rare and extremely difficult to treat nazologii better in university centers, which are in Germany no less than forty. often occurring disease often have better health care in regional hospitals than in university centers. in Germany the cost of outpatient care is much lower than the stationary one. The main podrazdileniem prodvizhenieya modern medicine can be called the prevention of disease, but when pathology has already developed, you want to help the best professors who know the most best practices. Current problems in modern cardiology to identify treatment of atherosclerosis, introduction of modern medicine to cure it, the diagnostic possibilities of studying changes in heart rhythm, especially the dynamics of arterial hypotension in patients with concomitant zabolivaemostyu. The right way diagnose heart disease, even the most careful professional can only after a detailed examination. Drawing up a regular system of therapy can improve the effectiveness of measures taken to get rid of disease.

Effective Diet

When looking for schemes to lose weight many have their preferences and added to these are the countless diets that one can find on the internet. Find the right diet for our lifestyle not only help us to lose weight, but also to change our eating habits. The most recommended when embarking on a diet plan, is that you should consider a diet that you bring between 1000 and 1400 calories. Here we propose a model of regime that can follow and which brings you only 1200 calories a day are sufficient to reduce the extra kilos without dying in the attempt. Well, if just you were looking for a diet, therefore, take a paper and a pencil and write down. For breakfast you can choose to: only (200 ml) skim or well with coffee, tea. You can also choose 2 natural yoghurts fat (without sugar).

Fruit choice: 100 gr of Apple or pineapple, peach or kiwi. 130 g of strawberries, Orange, Mandarin orange or apricot. 150 gr of watermelon or melon. 90 g of prunes. 20 g of wholemeal bread, 15 gr of toasted bread or crackers of light or diet water. To attack hunger on average tomorrow, you can opt for: 40 gr of fresh cheese, 30 g of serrano or cold meat Turkey ham.

Another option is integral or toasted bread. Dr. Mark Hyman describes an additional similar source. The same amount of these that consumes you at breakfast. For lunch, keep in mind the following dishes: main dishes: among vegetables: 300 gr of chard, spinach, asparagus, cabbage, peas, beans, tomato, pepper, squash, cucumber, lettuce or to eggplant. Another good option is 150 gr of carrots, onions, artichoke (artichoke) or beetroot. Side dish: for this you have the option of choosing between different types of meats, obviously to your liking. 120 g of skinless chicken. 100 g of beef and veal, vaccine, rabbit, lamb or Turkey. 60 g of serrano ham or ham without Bacon (this maximum can eat it once a week). 150 g of fish. 150 g of shellfish or 2 eggs. 160 g of squid, cuttlefish and mussels (maximum 1 time per week). 50 g except chorizo sausages and cured cheeses (1 time per week maximum) A time of desserts, the options for the fruits that we suggest for the mid-morning are valid and in the same amounts. With regard the snack, skim or nonfat milk 100 ml is recommended, or you can simply replace it with 1 skimmed unsweetened yogurt. Before I go to bed, you will need to eat a low-fat yogurt or 100 ml of skimmed milk and accompanied with tea or coffee. If you were looking for by regimes to lose weight, here we suggest one, we hope that I will be very helpful and you can cut those extra pounds. I’m going to share with you a secret to lose weight that very few people know. This secret will make you lose weight quickly, and will burn fat around your body. If you really want to have a slender and sexy body, then I recommend that you read the following page. Please Click here to read the message that can change your life forever.


To succeed in life, a woman should feel beautiful, well-groomed and attractive in the eyes of others. In this case, she gets more confidence in their abilities and behavior are also more confident. In order to permanently preserve the natural beauty and youth, women at all times took care of her appearance. It is known that the Egyptian queen Nefertiti used different recipes for the maintenance of beauty. Skin care is carried out by aromamasel and painted eyes and took milk baths. Because of this life, she looked irresistible. Nowadays, most women try to adhere to the latest fashion trends.

The priority direction of modern fashion is the desire to create the most natural way. Makeup should be natural, almost imperceptible, and their own cosmetics contain natural components. Also popular healthy way of life, implying the rejection of various bad habits, proper nutrition and maintaining health through physical activity. It is very important because of the way of life that we lead determines the health of our skin and hair. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Much attention is paid to the choice of cosmetics. Best available tools to effectively perform their functions and, at the same time, do not have a negative effects on the body.

Naturally, it is desirable to prefer natural cosmetics, created from natural ingredients. Typically, in such cosmetics are no harmful dyes, emulsifiers, preservatives, flavors and other substances that are harmful to our health. Natural cosmetics provide quality care for face and body and protect the body against various negative impacts. Among other things, the appearance of women largely depends on how much attention, love and support she receives from the man she loved. Perhaps it is even more important than all the existing beauty secrets.

Aesthetic Medicine

Microdermabrasion – a means of intensive care of the skin, using the basic techniques of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. Innovative design and technology in skin care can be solved quickly the specific problem of the skin without the aid of plastic surgery specialists or salon procedures: Botox wrinkle correction of an oval face, the alignment surface of the skin, restoring a healthy status of the skin, help sensitive skin prone to irritations … Key Ingredients: Algae diatermovye (DIATOMACEOUS EARTH) are solid silicon particles of a certain size and rounded shape. On effect – no different from the crystals aluminum used for mikrodermoobrazii in Aesthetic Medicine – by mechanical means "peel" dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis, deep cleanse the pores and level the surface of the skin. Luffa fiber – plant fiber from the fruit plants luffa, have a mild exfoliating action and make it easier to remove from the skin of dirt and dead cells. The complex of enzymes and fruit acids contained in the extracts Mango and papaya, "dissolved" dead cells from the surface of the epidermis, facilitating their adhesion, promotes alignment of the relief of the skin and restores natural hydration factor of (NMF). Improves the complexion and the skin becomes velvety. Arginine, important amino acid, part of the collagen of the skin, contributes to the process of regeneration and healing of small injuries.

Jojoba oil, similar in their lipid composition to the skin fat, restores lipid mantle of the epidermis and prevents transepidermal water loss. Also in its structure – a high concentration of myristic acid that has anti-inflammatory properties. How to use: Apply a well- cleansed face, neck and neck. Massage your fingertips for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water and apply a restoring cream. Here, Ultra Wellness Center expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Use 1-3 times a week. Length of treatment: Duration of procedure – 1 to 2 minutes in each zone (depending on the condition of the skin and its sensitivity). Attention! Do not apply around the eyes and skin of the lips. If in eyes or on mucous membranes of the nose – all washed immediately with cool water. Do not spend more Microdermabrasion for 2 minutes in each of the designated zones.