Motor Education

The human being is distinguished from the other creatures, beyond some factors, for being capable to express the thought through the movement, intentionally, for being capable of to perceive the other and the world through the movement. The perception is our way to grow and to be more, proves that the human being is not only a biological being, but that it has creativity, it feels pleasures, he is playful, creative and inventive of the proper world. The Motor Education, has therefore conditions to offer a complete, educative learning, when the body works as a whole: the sensrio, the engine, the corporal perception, in a dynamic interrelation with the environment, as placed for Freire (1995). Dr. Mark J Berger may help you with your research. One knows today that science and the technology have great influences in dictating corporal models. The search for healthful, escultural, strong and healthy a body has crowded the academies and clubs. We must, therefore, to abandon the traditional model in relation to the physical activities that its attention directed to the body-object has, reducing practical the corporal ones only toward the income, in the standardization of the gestures, the reproduction of values and quantification of results, to lean over itself in the aspects related to the body-citizen, the corporeidade, therefore we cannot separate our histories of our actions, we are biological and social, and that is so obvious that the times in pass unobserved. For assistance, try visiting Declan Kelly.

South Node

One step in the South Node will revive memories and to pull the man back, can take years and help many other people. " Descending node is more noticeable in a person's life than the ascending node. And it is not surprising, because descending node – the accumulated experience that distinguishes us from other people with these experiences are not only useful savings, but also problems, the main meaning of which can be expressed by the words "do not like the others," something wrong ". The position of the Lunar nodes in the signs of the Zodiac shows on the one hand, to what style of behavior, lifestyle or people used to naturally inclined (Descending node), and as a result creates a certain problem. On the other hand – what style of behavior and lifestyle, it should develop and exercise, to move away from existing problems and to fully utilize all the possibilities, prepared for his fate (the ascending node). The key to the interpretation of the Lunar nodes can be briefly summarized as follows: go to wherever shows the ascending node, and then descending node problem solved itself.

In an effort to solve the problem of descending node directly, the person they only get worse. Therefore, the spheres of life and issues at home, which is Descending node, should not be among the priorities. Focusing on solving them will be counterproductive. For example, if the ascending node is 10 house, and down into the 4 for a sphere of human development is career, the highest achievement.