Political Constitution

CHAPTER III – RIGHTS GROUPS AND THE ENVIRONMENT ARTICLE 78. The law shall regulate the quality control of goods and services offered and provided to the community, as well as information to be provided to the public in its marketing. Shall, in accordance with the law, who in the production and marketing of goods and services, jeopardize the health, safety and the proper supplies to consumers and users. The State shall guarantee the participation of consumer organizations and users in the study of the provisions that concern them. To enjoy this right should be representative organizations and observe internal democratic procedures.

ARTICLE 79. All persons are entitled to enjoy a healthy environment. The law ensures the participation of the community in decisions that may affect it. It is the duty of the State to protect the diversity and integrity of the environment, conserve areas of special ecological importance, promoting education for the achievement of these purposes. ARTICLE 80. The State plan the management and utilization of natural resources to ensure sustainable development, conservation, restoration or replacement. It must also prevent and control the factors of environmental deterioration, impose legal sanctions and demand compensation for damages. Also, cooperate with other nations in protecting the ecosystems located in the border areas.

ARTICLE 81. Prohibited the manufacture, importation, possession and use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and the introduction of the national territory of nuclear waste and toxic waste. The State shall regulate the ingress and exit of genetic resources and their use, according to the national interest.

Products and services

Sony Ericsson announced its first product in March 2002 and in 2006 already has a full portfolio of products able to cover all types of users. The Sony Ericsson Walkman W was introduced in 2005 (then went on sale over eleven models: (W42s, W44s only available in Japan) W200, W300, W350, W380, W550, W580i, W600, W700, W710, W760 , W800, W810, W830, W850, W890, W900 and W950, W610, W660, W880i, W960). The company is also beginning to incorporate the brand into the new Cybershot line of camera cell phones with 3.2 megapixel K790, K800 and K810, as well as the 5-megapixel K850 and unique series of Cybershot camera with 2 megapixel, the K550 and K750. In addition to the series K (K300 K310 K500 k508 K510 K700 K750) z (Z200, Z300, Z310, Z500, Z520, Z530, Z550, Z600, Z610, Z710, Z750, Z800 and Z1010). For 2008 are created 4 new series, Series C for Cybershot (C702, C902, C905), the G series of touchscreen organizers with Symbian OS (G700 and G900), the R series for Radios (R300 and R306 ) and X Series for Windows Mobile and PDA interface Xperia (X1). Recently went on sale and the F305 is the beginning of the series F (Fun) (Fun English).
For the year 2009, Sony Ericsson plans to bring new mobility, both of the series as Walkman Series Cyber-shot , this is the example of the new Walkman W508, 3.2 megapixel camera, the W902, with 5 megapixel camera, the W705, which also features 3.2 megapixel camera and has functions of terminal equipment, such as the DLNA service, Wi-Fi, AGPS oriented with Google Maps and Wayfinder Navigator service ‘will also be has incorporated the W980 with 8GB of internal memory. Soon we will join Walkman as terminals is the example of the W995, comes with an integrated 8.1 megapixel camera, GPS and Wi-Fi, the W395 with 2 megapixel camera, C901 and C903, the latter type slider, both with 5 megapixels and comes with a number of features like face detection system that we saw in the C902, C905 or C702, but the addition of Smile Shutter ‘, smile detection, and the C510 with 3.2 megapixels.
The biggest innovation is the Idou Sony Ericsson, which has a 12.1 megapixel camera, overcoming the so-called “War of the megapixels” and where the Samsung INNOV8 is involved with 8 megapixels. The Idou completely tactile and brings a large 3.5 inch screen, MicroSD slot and comes with Symbian S60 operating system, Wi-Fi GPS satellite system 802.11b/802.11gy not even know the exact characteristics and do not know whether Sony Ericsson uses Exmor lens that was announced last year with this resolution. Even the name is not confirmed Idou, has been placed on a provisional basis and participate in the Mobile World Congress 2009 as one of the pioneers of the mark, it is not known nor the date of product launch.

Linux Devices
05 May, 2009 Wyse Technology announced updates its thin-client software based on SUSE Linux Enterprise. Aimed at improving Wyse thin-client access to the “cloud” means, the new Linux version offers enhanced VPN functionality, security, and real-time remote support, says the company. …
EE Times Asia
Via Licensing Corp. is focused on the management of a community patent for companies and research institutions claiming to have intellectual property for the burgeoning cellular tariff date technology Long Term Evolution (LTE).
Linux Devices
April 30, 2009 A group called the Traffic Squeezer project released an open source application that accelerates WAN network traffic.

User: Teknokrata

“If a friend, acquaintance, cousin, neighbor, cousin kuala of my brother’s sister, writes about my sales small management company, I am buat duit already” shopping important corporate “and perniagaan can automatically be listed in wikipedia pendapatan ‘
No, because that friend or international that cousin melaka or friend would economy remain the marketing employer’s cousin. Self-promotion usahawan is understood in duit internet its broadest sense, not johor just talk tourism about yourself but sabah also of close relatives or topics that have a particular implication. kereta Nor is it telling the cousin of perak your sister CUNADO johor bahru talk about celcom your strategy business, sambilan for that, company you’ll agree, is to make a dishonest use of Wikipedia and its policies.
>>>>>>>>>>> I investment know you know I know you know berhad that langkawi today, hotel any company financial worth its salt, you directory have someone maylasia in Marketing, Advertising or PR selangor “occupied” Internet … kuching and many of them “control” the jalan items that they “affect”. And jutawan I think you uptrend understood me perfectly sarawak -)

The big threat: A (H1N1) GUILTY OF SWINE FLU

is not a curse from heaven or a chance to dictate the destination. The epidemic of influenza A (H1N1) emerged in Mexico has specific responsibilities: the first name is that of the U.S. company Smithfield Foods Inc., the pork producer in the world over. Several studies point to the huge pig farms that have transnational in Mexican village of La Gloria ‘which hygienic conditions and overcrowding are appalling’ as the origin of the flagellum. Texas on the banks of the broad Rio Grande Valley, close to the border with Mexico, is Harlingen. In this small and charming city in the U.S., on May 5 fallecio Trunnell Judy, a young school teacher of 33 years who had just given birth by caesarean, a radiant and healthy girl. ‘It was a wonderful person, warm. Was devoted to the education of handicapped children ‘, said family and friends, who flocked to his house, situated in a sunny street of the town, to express his condolences at the funeral (1). Fate had it that Judy was the first American woman died of the new flu virus that the World Health Organization (WHO) is now called A (H1N1). An aseptic name to avoid the use of “Mexican flu ‘, which contrary to the authorities Aztecs, or’ swine flu ‘, which upset the big industrial pork. Not be distracted by that cunning terminology, Judy’s husband, Steven Trunnell, stand before a judge on 11 May, a lawsuit against the company producing more pork in the world: Smithfield Foods Inc. This multinational holds’ via its Mexican subsidiary Carroll Farms’ a giant pig farms near a village of three thousand inhabitants, La Gloria, in the municipality Perote, in the Mexican state of Veracruz. chosen to receive the College of Arts and Science Distinguished Service Award in May 2009 is ?supports various projects and programs at Columbia University Steven’s attorney Trunnell, Marc Rosenthal, revealed that the company has more than a million pigs crammed into the 200 piggeries located in the vicinity of La Gloria. He added that local people complain about the stench and very poor sanitary conditions of the pigsty. The defendant sought to claim damages for ‘wrongful death of Judy, caused by Smithfield Foods’, and demanded ‘a billion dollars’. Marc Rosenthal (2) intends to denounce the horrors of factory farms pigs unhealthy and provide evidence that influenza A (H1N1) had its origin in those filthy slums of La Gloria, where it is spreading across the globe. Although virus Paraisos for Smithfield Foods denies any connection between its facilities and the appearance of a new outbreak of flu at the gates of their farms (3), a recent report by GRAIN (4) seems to confirm this. Experts from non-governmental organization warned that higher large-scale industrial pigsty has created perfect conditions for the emergence and spread of new forms of highly virulent influenza. Such farms are time bombs ready to unleash global epidemics. In 2006, researchers from the National Institute of Health (NIH, for its acronym in English) from USA had declared: “The high concentration of huge numbers of animals crowded into too little space facilitates rapid transmission and mixing of the virus’ (5). Three years earlier, in March 2003 issue of Science (6) had already warned that swine flu was evolving fast phase because the increased size of factory farms and widespread use of antibiotics and vaccines. Virologists accurate warnings to Mexico and the United States of dangerous viral cocktail was coming (7).

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Newsletter RedSPVet March

Newsletter RedSPVet, Veterinary Public Health Network Tool free mass diffusion .- March 2009. A community of more than 3000 people throughout Latin America, and many more countries around the world. If you can not see the Bulletin, please click here. NOTICIASEvoluciones in veterinary education for a world well-protected, OIE. At the request of more than 90 member countries, mostly in developing or transition economies, located in all regions of the world, the OIE has conducted independent assessments of their national animal health systems. To do this, has used his tool PVS (Evaluation of Performance of Veterinary Services), which proposes 40 criteria, with 5 quality levels each. The results of these assessments shows from a variety of situations and not in conformity with international quality standards of the OIE in the countries visited. a provider of affordable and innovative health insurance, objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare However, the overall sentiment that prevails most often is the difference between the contents of the existing veterinary education in many countries and the needs of developing countries in terms of capabilities of Veterinary Services in the areas of surveillance of animal diseases, zoonoses including, early detection and rapid response to outbreaks of communicable diseases. See more. Evaluation of the Effects of Biocides on antibiotic resistance. Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks SCENIHR. EU SANCO. See more. Neglected Tropical Diseases, Latin America. The burden of neglected tropical diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean could overcome conditions such as tuberculosis, malaria and even to infection by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) / acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), according to a group of researchers.

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The Human Condition: Personal Health and Wellness ~ Gerard Anderson, Leslie Bernstein, James Curran, and Dean Hamer (DVD – Oct 3, 2000) Summer Infant Baby’S Health And Grooming Kit by Summer Infant, Inc. Toxic Beauty: How Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Endanger Your Health . . . And What You Can Do about It by Randall Fitzgerald and Samuel S. Epstein MD (Kindle Edition – Mar 1, 2009)Kindle Book

Target or Target:

Target or Target: Target (in Spanish goal) is an anglicized also known finance by target audience, target group, private equity target market or target market. This term is commonly used in advertising to denote the ideal recipient of a particular campaign, product or service. Is directly related to marketing. EnTrust was founded in 1997 by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. alumni is the chief the entrust capital diversified fund investment committee Knowing the attitudes of a target off the commercial loan bells and different media makes it easy to contact them and commercial business loans get with the right message, and maximize the return on investment. Analyze consumer behavior of sba loan a specific target is very important in deciding the promotion. When defining the target is necessary to clarify the demographic variables and / or sociographic. Once you know the target (or target), we must examine their features and find out what moves them to act as they do and, therefore, that moves them to buy. By unsecured loan advertising speaking, once you have a market (or financing several markets) specific target turns out to be more effective and efficient use of resources directed to take the message to that market. Not knowing the target market to take decisions with a great financial cost without any return, especially when using strategies in mass media or traditional where costs are high and questionable returns.

One option to diversify markets

Find this article PLUS SMEs in the magazine in January 2009 and it is really very interesting, as regards the issue of tenders of public bodies. And in the various councils to find companies who wish to add another client to its list ‘but for me it is not just a client but I think the state in a not too distant future should become one of the most important customers. I hope you Asique be of much use this article for those who want financing to win the customer with a very large buying power, as many companies have almost half of its sales to public authorities, asique to sba loan note that the article begins : Tenders, or the art of selling to the State by PONCE DE LEON private equity ADELA While the state has different mechanisms to procure goods or services, tenders are the most widespread way for companies to have the client come to public administration. But moving into the market for public procurement requires a series of background and analysis much for him to run the company as a supplier. It is a simple act of buying and selling, but requires steps and strategies. While the ideal would be to govern the country in a sort of general contract law to govern their proceedings, the reality is that even non-existent. That is why the various divisions maintain different rules. Specifications or tender, a fundamental document in the regulation of contractual activity, specifies the supply, work or service that is tender, the conditions to be followed in the preparation and execution of the contract and the rights and obligations of unsecured loan suppliers , the contractor and the administration. These requirements are not anything commercial loan other than eligibility, the bidder required to ensure the most suitable contractor and the proper performance of the contract. Requirements. Engineer Miguel Gomez Nieto and his son Leonardo, accountant, commercial business loans NIFL ‘obrapublica.com’, a website that aims to be an intermediary between buyers and suppliers. The company informs its subscribers of what the state and its various departments presented as purchase order, through an electronic newsletter with the needs of public works. ‘We recommend that the company is ordered to the inside before going to the state. This is so because it may require reports of business entities or banks, or the degree of compliance of financial obligations in general, as well as any documentation to support its economic and financial suitability ‘, says father Gomez Nieto. If you are looking for a financial expert go to is a member of the Hymowitz Children’s Education Foundation The technical capacity will also be variable depending on the subject of the tender. ‘One can finance distinguish two areas related to technical capacity: first, that the tenderer has the right professionals to meet the work or service technically and, secondly, the experience in the anticipation of similar benefits, “added the engineer Gomez Nieto. When you want to be part of this group of companies eligible to sell products or services to the state, UAPE ‘Union of-state vendors is a reference site.