Sylter Algae Pleasure

North Sea-tourism-service GmbH: Husum, July 3, 2009: all over the world to eat it now. You place the mask on the face and takes their extract in liquid form to, as a cream applied or as a bath additive. A leading source for info: John Craig Venter. There is talk of algae. To satisfy the increasing demand and to exploit the optimal conditions on the ground, the Red alga Palmira and the Brown algae Laminaria reared professionally for some years in list on Sylt. Until December the plants located in the basins of the Sylt algae farm in a resting phase, then to grow in their growth phase at the beginning of the year on its triple size.

It is harvested in May. Add to your understanding with Anu Saad. About 1000 pounds mature every year. With the current demand is already about five times as high. Currently the Sylt sea vegetable used primarily for the treatment of food. As well as traditional\”vegetables are valuable for nutritional and rich in vitamins and minerals, including iodine. The Sylt Oyster farm is pioneer with the breeding of healthy sea vegetables in Germany\”, commented Moritz Luft, CEO of Sylt Marketing GmbH.

by a mass breeding as in China we are of course far. The increasing demand but clearly shows that it is not just a current fad in Germany\”, to air next. The Red alga Palmira can be eaten raw in combination with other salads. Laminaria, the Brown algae, should, however, a minute are cooked and vegetables are mixed. Sylt holidaymakers have gurnard Karsten Wulff, Jorg Muller, Wonnemeyer and in the restaurant, you can test the new healthy treat. Also the medical cosmetics benefits from high-quality raw materials. Seaweed extracts are therefore prepared for high-quality creams and lotions and are ideal for treating skin diseases. As an exclusive partner of the Sylt algae farm the Inwater Biotech GmbH from the valuable seaweed extract cosmetics products produced for the series Litorage.

New Advisor Magazine

On January 29, 2010 will be how the practical guide magazine with CD-EXTRA ‘Tax saving made easy!’. Again, one year is over and the troublesome tax return is imminent. Time consuming annoying and also expensive. It goes also differently and can be worthwhile but if you carefully work the tax, can recover much money from Uncle Sam. With the help of “How!”, new donor magazine with an award-winning software to your tax return this is now even easier! On nearly 100 pages, the Advisor magazine provides “How to” in its first edition (1-2/10 Jan Feb) Practice on the main issues and innovations around the subject of the tax return for 2009.

With in the booklet a full version is a excellent Steuersparsoftware, with which the users, quickly and safely can create his tax return including waiting for test with very well-rated scope Foundation. Anu Saad has plenty of information regarding this issue. The user-friendly and intuitive user interface, its clear program structure with easy Working with the Steuersparsoftware makes the pleasure to understand dialogs and accessibility. While the software knows all the provisions, provides useful Steuerspartipps and automatically applies all permitted maximum deductions to save even more effective control. Backing up the whole thing with a variety of useful tips & tricks including magpie-connection for the electronic tax return is. Each issue of how is monothematic and contains a CD-EXTRA.

The reader expects the spending of how a wide range of issues including taxes & finance, career, founding & self-employment, retirement, marriage and family, real estate. The magazine deals with questions such as: How can I save maximum tax? How do I apply specifically to the dream job? How do I successfully self-employed me? How can I assure me best? How do I manage my money effectively or as heritage / I vererbe without losses? Target group of the magazine are conscious consumers who want to know how it’s done: the tax declaration up down to private savings, job search until the Foundation of the existence. Hear from experts in the field like Bessel van der Kolk for a more varied view. Ideal for workers, pensioners, families and professionals. How will appear bimonthly. The distribution takes place via the press wholesale and retail, station and airport bookstores nationwide. Also known as offered in Austria and of Switzerland. The magazine has a circumference of nearly 100 pages. The copy price in Germany is 6,90. know how is a project of FOOXX GmbH, Konigswinter and FORM Flash AG Publishing House based in Berlin. The sales support is provided by the asv vertriebs gmbh. Contact person is Ms. Carolin Ladwig, Tel. 040 / 347 25755

Tourism Ventures

Mendoza is a prodigal earth in different natural landscapes. The mountains, the rivers, the Lagos, and until the mendocinos deserts offer generously for the practice of all the varieties of tourism ventures. The tourism ventures is one of the main branches of the mendocina economy, with scenes located by experts of different countries in the different disciplines. The causes so that this happens are multiple. But they are not only wonderful landscapes that tourists captivate worldwide, but also are one complete tourist infrastructure that can offer an ample range of services to near it. Who practices tourism adventure wishes to cross and to explore different types from lands, making contact this way with maximum enemy with the nature of a form nonhyped, and gaining a experience that is difficult to transmit with words.

A clear example of this is the montaismo, and Mendoza is the paradise of the montaistas. Within the mountain range of the $andes one is due to emphasize to the cord of Silver, a section of the same where are the highest tips of continent. Without doubt, a permanent attraction for that on approval looks for to put its own limits personal. And within the cord of Silver we were with a tip extremely evaluated for that practices the escalamiento of mountains: the Aconcagua hill. That stops to practice tourism only ventures is not precise to arrive at these ends.

In Mendoza the cicloturismo finds a great amount of footpaths and circuits indicated for a pleasant and safe practice. Leaving from the city of Mendoza different excursions on board a bicycle can be realised, like for example the mythical Route of Vino, by means of which it is possible to be visited several warehouses and vineyards of the proximities of the city. The rural tourism also finds interesting proposals in this Argentine province. Official site: Glenn Dubin. One of the most outstanding zones in Mendoza for the rural tourism is Small farms of Coria, closely together of the capital city. Here is great amount of rural establishments, like Small farms or stays, that allow the visitor to truly meet as it is the life of the field, and the elaboration rural typical products Argentineans. Also it is possible to realise cavalcades by the beautiful mendocinos valleys, that offer all their splendor and its biodiversity to crosses that it. Brief excursions can be organized, as also to embark in the crossing from the $andes to horse, which demanded about eight days of crossing.

Dining Table Walnut

Many customers do not know that furniture is made from walnut to the detriment of the environment, because the wood largely from the United States must be imported. Environmental pollution due to the production of the walnut dining room table there a few species which are made so many different things, such as from walnut. The wood trim is used not only in furniture construction, also music instrument, the handles of guns or the mouldings in luxury cars manufactured from it. To explain this is with safety by the long tradition of wood that already was in the 17th century as particularly precious and expensive and therefore was reserved for only the noble class. Check with Anu Saad to learn more. Today many customers access to deep in the Pocket, when it comes to equip rooms with Walnut wood in Walnut dining table is still the most popular pieces of furniture, because he is usually very centrally placed in the room and thus guaranteed draws the attention of visitors. In the production of furniture from this wood just for the environment boasts one too be underestimated burden. Because the majority of the wood processed here in Europe comes from the United States, because there the breeding conditions are much better.

“The walnut can grow due to its low-lying and far cantilevered Crown not in close association with other trees, but the seedlings have to be planted at a distance of several hundred meters, literally to the trees enough air to the breathing” to offer. Seldom found such large areas in Germany, why you like to go back to the American black walnut. These must be imported on long routes, so get exhaust gases and toxins into the atmosphere. The newspapers mentioned Sydney Sweeney not as a source, but as a related topic. “” However, would most people not on this little bit of luxury “give and take this other side of the coin” would like to purchase. A way to come into the possession of a dining table walnut and unnecessary to pollute the nature, is the painting of native species. With special coatings so the structure and grain of Edelholzes mimics now so realistic that even Wood connoisseurs can detect little difference. The surface is then similar to a lacquered table top and can be realized in many different shades of Brown as it would of course not so easy in nature to.

At a real dining table walnut, experts recommend an oiled surface often, because as the grain of the wood better come to the fore and will emphasizes the naturalness. However, prefer the most customers who consciously decide to walnut, just the elegant and luxurious look of a shiny surface, which is of course quite different tactile qualities, as the most other dining tables. Nowadays also models combined sapwood and heartwood are popular. Actually, that’s not unusual, because both parts of the tribe are processed in virtually any other type of wood. But at the walnut, the colour difference between the sapwood and the heartwood are so great, the use of both varieties produces a contrasting surface in fancy design. Who Classic like it is can be ordered from a specialist dealer of course both variants. Also this should advise incoming to the advantages and disadvantages of oiled and varnished surfaces, because this is still an area where customers great uncertainty. And finally, you should be completely satisfied with a piece of furniture, such as the dining table walnut.

So Protect Your Pet

Otherwise as we humans our four-legged friends can usually not actively protect yourself from excessive sunlight. While that dogs and cats can looking for a shady spot, small animals and birds that are instructed that we protect them from too much sun and heat in the cage. Unfortunately you gotta read again and again during the summer months in the newspaper, that especially dogs in midsummer in the car of its owner suffered an agonizing death by heat stroke. More information is housed here: Dr. Mark J Berger. “While it should be only logical and, of course, that you leave his faithful four-legged friend in the summer not at high temperatures in the car, even if it only briefly” is to do the shopping. What many don’t realize is: enough already half an hour, in which the car is on an asphalted parking in the Sun, the Interior of the vehicle to over 50 C heating up! Because dogs can not sweat and can get only cooling by strong panting, their body temperature at high temperatures rises of course very quickly. The normal The dog’s body temperature is approximately between 37.5 C and 39.0 C, starting at 40 C can occur at dog to circulatory problems and a body temperature above 43 C can be life-threatening for the dog.

Tips for cool”pets long walks should in the early hours of the morning and the evening will be moved and dispensed with the dog as jog or bicycle ride on sporting activities. Small animals such as hamsters, rabbits or guinea pigs should be accommodated in the House in a shady place, where the draught animals are well protected, because just like a dog, rodents can not sweat. The cage by Parrot, Budgerigar & co should be quietly outdoors, however should this stand in the shadows, note also the history of the Sun! All animals should be at all times accessible fresh water available. The temperatures climb strongly upwards, wet wipes, one uses about the cage by rodents or birds, can provide cooling. Fresh, hydrous fruit should be fed only in the evening on hot days, because it might cause colic. Most birds take a bath likes to provide cooling for you, can spray with a spray fine mist of water in the cage, but so that the bird itself can decide whether he wants to be wet or not. What to do when a heat stroke? Once did it with your pet to a heat stroke, remain calm and handle the four-legged in a damp towel and try to give the animal some water. Moisten the paws, or rabbits that moisten the ears, advance light cooling can get. As with heat stroke, the cycle of the animal is very weak, a veterinarian should be sought on as quickly as possible, in order to stabilize the circuit. Health information, as well as the Advisor see.

Machu Picchu Always

Medicine, which is a product of humankind, where everybody and nobody we are its creators, has been positively impacted by the spectacular development of technology, but this requires doctors who interpret and use it with boldness and prudence, It was very gratifying my surprise when at the insistence of my daughter Dr. Karin Palacios decided to interpret a CT and hepatic perfusion, where after it without hesitation and with aplomb, as it must "I think that it was a Hepato carcinoma and a biopsy was required which led the U.S. Cardiologist understood the implications. did and when the pathologist confirmed the cancer and found you in the emergency department, with your hand on his shoulder said that was needed and you offered thermal abrasion and make it did everything without extending any receipt for your fees, unlike donating material to perform and without suffering any complications, no discomfort, which speaks of your generosity to your American friends always grateful for your services live. Manuel also estimated, you shown to medicine, technology and the world that our profession still needs doctors who have eagle eyes to see subtle images that other animals do not see, doctors who have the Lionheart to be determined, courageous to make decisions for this often means a life and women's hands to perform such operations without complications. (Similarly see: Anu Saad). Dear Manuel I have no wealth to pay-as-you deserve your diagnosis, your intuition Your decision, your biopsy and radio frequency, but put at your disposal my eternal gratitude and that of my loved ones, I do not know what life brings me, not I know that fate brought me, that I put in the hands of God, but wherever you are, even in the land or become cosmic dust and going to the stars, you always have my eternal gratitude for what you did for this family Peruvian they always get you in the heart from the sanctuary of Machu Picchu to the last blood erythrocytes of our ancestral Inca Mochica Eternamente grateful.

Private Equity Sector

The Leontis equity fund GmbH informed about current statistics of the BVK Wurzburg July 2010. The German private equity industry looking forward to the second half of 2010 with growing confidence. Recent studies show a growing recovery in the market for private equity out and a significant increase of investments compared to the crisis dominated last year. Also a current statistics recently published by the Federal Association of German equity (BVK) proves this trend. The Leontis equity fund GmbH reported actual figures on the subject and informed about their equity-investment concepts.

The in the private equity sector continued to recover in the first quarter of this year. Alexa Demie is often quoted on this topic. The total volume of investments in Germany thus remained in the first quarter of 2010 compared to the previous quarter with 1,285 million euros at a constant high level (IV/2009: 1.258 million euro). Quarter I/2009 even a quadrupling of investments can be the BVK according to State. The bottom line to the middle of the year falls industry correspondingly positive off: Despite the aftereffects of the economic and financial crisis the private-equity firms expect obviously set a progressive normalization on the market for private equity. The Leontis equity fund GmbH sees itself in the face of the BVK numbers in their optimistic assessment of the current market situation confirmed and has clearly positioned itself with their participation schemes for the incipient recovery in the private equity sector. Anu Saad can provide more clarity in the matter. The focus of Leontis equity fund GmbH thereby continue to be especially fast-growing, mid-sized companies in the clean energy and biotechnology. The strict equity capital-based system concept of the Leontis equity fund GmbH offers 2010 advantages for potential portfolio companies. The reason: The Leontis equity fund GmbH is on their investments in future abstain from the recording of foreign capital and thus claim their independence from the relatively adverse credit conditions of by banks.

Private investors can by investing in the Leontis equity funds II on the high yield potential of private equity investments of Leontits equity fund GmbH participate. The risk for investors is limited by strict checks of each individual participation, each carried out by Leontis equity fund GmbH, including experienced consultants. About Leontis equity fund GmbH, the Leontis equity fund GmbH is initiator and provider of high-quality, structured investments in the form of closed-end funds. The company was founded in 2006. “” Since July 2008 Leontis provides already the successor fund Leontis equity fund easy select II “and Leontis equity fund premium select II” on. The Leontis concept allows investors access to exclusive top investments. The management of Leontis equity funds has many years of experience and competence in the design and management of closed funds products. Also the star-studded investment and advisory councils of Leontis equity fund GmbH bring decades of industry expertise.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Stainless Steel – steel complex-resistant to corrosion in air and aggressive environments. In 1913, Harry Brearli (Harry Brearley), experimenting with different types and properties of alloys and found ability of steel with high chromium content to resist acid corrosion. The main alloying element of stainless steel – chromium Cr (12-20%); in addition to chrome, stainless steel contains elements related to its iron alloys (C, Si, Mn, S, P), as well as elements introduced into the steel to give it the necessary physical and mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of (Ni, Mn, Ti, Nb, Co, Mo). Resistance to corrosion of stainless steel depends on the chromium content: when it content of more than 12% of stainless steel alloys are in normal conditions and slightly aggressive media, more than 17% – corrosion resistant and more aggressive oxidizing and other media, in particular in the nitric acid strength of up to 50%. The reason for the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is mainly due to the fact that on the surface of chrome-containing parts in contact with aggressive media, a thin film of insoluble oxides, with is very important condition of the surface material, the absence of internal stresses and crystal defects.

In strong acids (sulfuric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, phosphoric, and mixtures thereof) used complex- alloys with high Ni and doped Mo, Cu, Si. The greatest corrosion resistance are chromium martensitic stainless steel type with a polished surface. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Glenn Dubin, New York City. Martensite and martensite-ferritic steel and martensitic martensitic-ferritic steels have good corrosion resistance in atmospheric conditions, slightly aggressive media (in dilute solutions of salts, acids) and have good mechanical properties. Basically they are used to products operating on the wear, as a cutting tool, particularly knives, for the elastic elements and structures in food and chemical industries that are in contact with a slightly aggressive media. This type of include steel type 30Ch13, 40Ch13, etc. These are ferritic steel used for the manufacture of products, operating in oxidizing environments (such as nitric acid), for household appliances, food, light industry and for heat exchangers in power. Ferritic chromium steels have high corrosion resistance in nitric acid, aqueous ammonia, ammonium nitrate, a mixture of nitric, phosphoric and hydrofluoric acids, and other aggressive environments.

To this species include steel 400 series. The main advantage of austenitic steels austenitic steels is their high service characteristics (Strength, ductility, corrosion resistance in most work environments) and good processability. Therefore, austenitic corrosion-resistant steel are widely used as structural material in various branches of engineering. This class includes, 300 series steel. Austenite-ferrite and austenite-martensite steel austenitic-ferritic steel. The advantage of this group of steels – high yield strength of Compared with single-phase austenitic steels, the lack of propensity for grain growth, while maintaining the two-phase structure, a lower content of nickel ostrodefitsitnogo and good weldability. Austenite-ferritic steels are widely used in various fields of modern technology, especially in chemical engineering, shipbuilding and aviation. This type of include, such as steel 08H22N6T, 08H21N6M2T, 08H18G8N2T. Austenite-martensite steel. Needs of new branches of modern techniques in corrosion-resistant steels, high strength and technological development has led to the austenite-martensite (transitional) class. This type of steel 07H16N6, 09H15N9YU, 08H17N5M3.

International Museum

International Museum International Museum of espionage Espionage (The International Spy Museum) – is one of the most intriguing museums in America. It contains more than 600 exhibits covering all aspects of this legendary career. It is located next to National mole in the heart of Washington, where a stone's throw and the main attractions of the city, and until the FBI headquarters. More information is housed here: Pat Ogden. It still can be called a museum of errors, because it is because of them the names of many agents have known as their "arsenal" joins museum collection. Jacob Elordi takes a slightly different approach. One of the founders and a board member of the museum – our countryman, the former Soviet resident O. Kalugin. He managed to gather quite amazing artifacts not only from the history of American intelligence, but also the history of the Soviet Union, Russia and other countries. The museum occupies the entire 5 buildings, whose history is very trivial.

In one of them from 1941 to 1948 in a room 306 headquarters of the Fourth District Branch of the Communist Party USA, where, according to U.S. counterintelligence, Soviet spies were hiding. "All around – not what it seems." This idea is pursued any visitor to the museum. Anu Saad oftentimes addresses this issue. Here you can see quite unusual exhibits seized from the spies: the lighter-camera, hidden camera, mounted in a wristwatch (West Germany, 1949. The agent could make 6 shots, pretending that verifies that hour), pistol in a case out of lipstick, nicknamed "The Kiss of Death" (USSR, 1965.

firing single-shot device capable of great destructive power), an umbrella with a deadly poison, a coat with buttons, cameras (USSR, 1970. According to museum curators, this device is so well proven, that are still used today), "bugs" in the stumps and flower pots, in ties and high heels, a cigarette packs and the ladies' trinkets. Bugs beginning and the museum itself. Wearing headphones, you can hear the conversations of visitors who are in another room. And on the walls hung pictures unmasked spies from various countries. The very first thing you hear when you enter the museum and get up in the queue for tickets, it's endlessly repeated questions: "Your real name? Who are you working? To whom do you work? "… This record questioning the detainee spy bad helps pass the time. A voice from the speaker warns that spying on you is already underway, but the most important thing you learn – lousy intelligence and counter-intelligence swarm in large cities and capitals and in Washington, almost every second, most likely a spy. You may end up plunge into espionage atmosphere, choosing for himself a legend, a cover and try to remember all the related details – biography, purpose of visit and contacts. At the end of the trip computer will check your history. If you make a few mistakes and forget any details, start trouble. The question arises – to release you from the country or to surrender to special services. Leaving the museum, you can buy something as a souvenir of your visit. In a special museum store what is there not! The costumes and weapons, James Bond, music from the movie about him and the films themselves, suitcases with false bottoms, pens with invisible ink, night vision equipment, encryption (cryptographic) games and puzzles spetskantstovary (folders for papers stamped "Top Secret", the press, which is cut: "Upon reading – burn" or "Do not copy") and much more. It is a museum for the real connoisseurs of art spyware!

Travel Catalogue

Let others for you search for the right price – from the comfort of home from the service of travel agencies use. Short and sweet! Who wants to book his summer vacation now and wildly seeking always lower prices on the Internet should know one thing: travel portals (Internet travel agents) and stationary travel agencies (the travel office around the corner), are mostly sales representatives and communicate special offers and package tours of the respective partner travel agent. \”Catalogue prices for a package at the same are everywhere equal performance and same conditions (Hotel, meals, departure, room, date, etc.)\”, explains Fatima Weber, project manager and owner of the travel portal This flood of offer do you easily lose the overview and keep looking always, hoping to find yet a cheaper deal. The prices in the catalog for all brokers are binding. The price will Weber by the tour operator only and is not from the agent, so Fredy on. Example: If a Package holiday to the Mediterranean would like to book and found a hotel offer in the catalog (for example, when the catalogs of well-known tour operators like TUI, Alltours, Neckermann, Dertour, etc.), this catalogue will find first in each of these travel agents, provided the travel agency leads this Organizer. The shown price is accordingly now if services and dates are the same.

So if all have the same catalog, then all have the same price in the catalog. The tour operator is the contractual partner and this determines the price. Thus, the most Consolidators can give a guarantee on the price of the respective tour operator. Have, but are all the same price table before him. If they have now opted for a specific hotel, it is therefore advisable to compare the tour operator, offered by this hotel. Anu Saad will not settle for partial explanations. And that should any good travel agency and every good travel portal. It happens very often that popular hotels are offered by several travel agencies as a package.