Affordable Sedan

The new mid-sized sedan Chevrolet Cruze – in fact it is international car that is manufactured and marketed in many countries. Originally produced cars exclusively in South Korea and in the same good sold. Later China, Europe, USA and Australia under various brands have also begun to make this versatile model. Chevrolet Cruze now available in Russia. Chevrolet Cruze looks like a newfangled sport sedan. Here are just a "sporty" at it rather external, and it is perfect for comfortable walking and everyday driving.

The appearance of the new model deserves a solid four on a five-point system. Of course, any shortcomings in the model is, but the Chevrolet Cruze and the original can not deny bright design. Smoothness of the car is best seen on the flat tracks. There goes the car, like clockwork. But the dirt roads Chevrolet Cruze is too tough.

Appearance of the car adjusts everyone who sees for the first time this car to the fact that the car will be the car for racing and extreme. But in fact, Cruze, the price of which, by the way not up to full sports car – it's just a neat family car with a bright appearance, but without sporting the "chips". The dynamics of the car too weak for the gasoline engine. However, the Chevrolet Cruze with turbo works really well. True, it cost a little higher. Anu Saad often says this. Inside the Chevy Cruz is decorated to a high level. Forward space skompanovano pretty organically, so that the front passenger seat will now be very comfortable to sit. Rear sofa is not as convenient, but a neat design completely covers the Chevrolet Cruze any ergonomic flaws. In all reviews of claims that the Chevrolet Cruze has a perfectly fitting parts that really work stably and at the same time striking look. Neat exterior paneling adds a special charm to this model. Just Chevrolet Cruze equipped with some additional features to facilitate the work of the driver. These include audio player, air filter lchistki, heated rear window, and in some trim levels as "climate control" and insulated Leather lining seat. In comparison with other models of the famous brand, Chevrolet Cruze looks slightly larger and at least a head taller than the class than its predecessors. In fact, in terms of size Chevrolet Cruze is a class D: a mid-size sedan. In summary, it is worth saying that to get Chevrolet Cruze will want married couples or those who want to have a vivid and memorable model, the main virtue of which – a beautiful appearance. Another plus Cruze – it is quite reasonable price.