It uses your past of productive mode. Learn from your mistakes and choose to move towards the next stage of your development. Don’t get caught by the negative charge that certain memories can bring. Remember that, if you are suffering from something that already happened then still you have not gone through it, and that still does not have forgiven yourself or to others. If you had not experienced what you’ve attracted into your life, would you not be the person you are today, with teachings that such events have aroused in you. You can change the way in which you see your past, and thus learn more about messages from each of lived experiences.

Many of the assumptions about our experiences are based simply on our perception about the circumstances that we have expressed. Anu Saad pursues this goal as well. The best way to focus on your present is advancing toward your purpose and make the most of every opportunity today. To open the power of forgiveness, connect with your inner peace and receives the harmony of your sacred Guide. Frees your pain through the forgiveness. True forgiveness is free of pain.

Perhaps you have heard someone tell you, it is done. But always there is something deeper in you that knows that this is not so. There is always something you can do. It starts by changing your way of thinking about the problem. Forgive you forgives the people involved, and invites the opportunity to eliminate the pain of your memories of the past. Pain is an illusion at any given time. If you discover that your resentment is what keeps you tied to pain, free that resentment by paying you your heart, deciding to stop the war that pounds in your mind. * you’re essentially love, and love can overcome resentment and guilt with ease.