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Distant land to me was in September 1948, Beyrout traveled by ship from Marseilles, France, from Marseilles to board the ship Dezirade, a French ship, was an unforgettable trip, that trip could see the distant land on the one hand the desire and hope to arrive at Buenos Aires, know my brother and nephews, and on the other hand the images of my mother, brothers and sisters, friends, my hometown where I was born and why not love an adventure to me was hard to bear, was the longest trip of my life and desire more of my thoughts. Here I worked, I took my home and family, after eighteen years I was able to return to the distant land where I was born to see my Mom, there lived a lot of emotion and joy, there also began my longing for my homeland far from Buenos Aires the capital of the Argentine tango, I was excited when I heard in restaurants and excursions La Cumparsita, that Comparsita who travels the world, also heard on a sailing trip on the Nile in Cairo, the it came the desire to return to the field of my family to my beloved city of Wool which for fifty years to take root. Anyway, listen to beautiful music and singing Arabic, Arabic food tasting in Buenos Aires and hear and eat meat Cumparsita Argentina, delicious apple and drink mate daily Damascoa and cut the distance between people. And it increases mutual understanding. By Hanna Khouri a “Writer a ” a Self-Help Books Guide to improve their quality of life and enhance their spirituality. Internal growth, achievement and spiritual life. Visit the blog and read other writings of the author – Hanna Khouri expressed in these poems the power of the word, to comfort, reduce stress and soothe anxieties. Words of reflection with emotion.

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