Smoking Before, During And After Pregnancy

Columbus is discovered not only America, but also smokes (tobacco)! Both, you know what the! The woman has reduced ability to conceive. In men, reduced sperm motility, decreased ability to fertilize. (Source: Dr. Mark Hyman). This data is foreign statistics. Too many pregnant women quit smoking for yourself, without going to any particular victims. This is a normal reaction expectant mother to tobacco smoke. Typically, a woman did not smoke during pregnancy and lactation, but then again, this habit makes itself felt.

But some women continue to smoke even during pregnancy, ie, the need to smoke them remains, and it is so high that even care about the health of her child did not "outweigh". Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. may not feel the same. Smoking, especially after the fourth month of pregnancy, can cause serious complications such as uterine bleeding, premature separation of child seats preterm rupture of membranes and, finally, miscarriage and premature birth (physicians believe that smoking is the cause of them in 14% of cases). Smoking is, undoubtedly, affects the development of the child in the womb. Since Nicotine is a spasm of blood vessels, including vessels and the placenta, maternal smoking leads to disruption of the exchange of nutrients and oxygen between the mother and fetus. This leads to delayed fetal development, children are often born with low birth weight, and sometimes these children long runs "of neonatal jaundice. In addition, children of smoking mothers are more susceptible to respiratory diseases and increasingly the victims of "sudden infant death syndrome." A what happens when you smoke a nursing mother? Nicotine reaches the baby through the milk. They usually have such a child is lowered immunity. It is more susceptible to colds. The baby is disturbed sleep, it is more capricious.

SMEs in software and services sales increased by 32 in 2007

The part time jobs CESSI presented the first data collected by the Foundation Center OPSSI part time and SMEs, on the current situation and prospects of SMEs in software and IT services . Export capacity, employment generation and commitment to investment are factors identified in staff this sector in the ICT industry. management jobs Buenos job search Aires, April 2008 .- The agencies Chamber of Software and Information Services agency (CESSI) presented data from the first market research of the Permanent Observatory of the Software Industry and Information Services (OPSSI) on the current situation and prospects for SMEs in software and services. During the seminar, which was performed in the framework of the 5th annual conference of the SME Observatory Foundation (POF), were present Vincent Donato, Director of the FOP, and Miguel A. Calello, President of the CESSI. According to Mario Sosa, Director of the Center, ‘The business sector SMEs are very young. 40 sales jobs of them started their operations after 2002 and only 14 did so before 1991. However, it is a sector very early as consultants it is noted that most of these companies are companies incorporated either anonymous or limited. The sector’s export capacity, his responsibility in generating employment and its commitment to investment, are key factors are the leading role of SMEs in this industry ‘. Moreover, it found that “companies that receive benefits of law is a dynamic software even higher given that increasing turnover, occupancy and exports well above average ‘. He also noted that ‘remains the subject of the most worrying HR and secondly the increase in human resources costs above the price that causes a reduction in the rate of return. ” The research jobs in data collected by the OPSSI showed that: – 83.2 of SMEs investing in the sector. – 26.7 of SMEs are attached to the Law of Software and receive its benefits. ?CEO and Corporate Director Recruiter is now the director of AirClic – 32.4 increase in sales of SMEs. – 15.9 more occupancy of human resources within SMEs. – 59 of SMEs export, and a large proportion of them did so regularly to countries throughout the world. Source: Communications and Mazzalan CESSI.