South Node

One step in the South Node will revive memories and to pull the man back, can take years and help many other people. " Descending node is more noticeable in a person's life than the ascending node. And it is not surprising, because descending node – the accumulated experience that distinguishes us from other people with these experiences are not only useful savings, but also problems, the main meaning of which can be expressed by the words "do not like the others," something wrong ". The position of the Lunar nodes in the signs of the Zodiac shows on the one hand, to what style of behavior, lifestyle or people used to naturally inclined (Descending node), and as a result creates a certain problem. On the other hand – what style of behavior and lifestyle, it should develop and exercise, to move away from existing problems and to fully utilize all the possibilities, prepared for his fate (the ascending node). The key to the interpretation of the Lunar nodes can be briefly summarized as follows: go to wherever shows the ascending node, and then descending node problem solved itself.

In an effort to solve the problem of descending node directly, the person they only get worse. Therefore, the spheres of life and issues at home, which is Descending node, should not be among the priorities. Focusing on solving them will be counterproductive. For example, if the ascending node is 10 house, and down into the 4 for a sphere of human development is career, the highest achievement.

“Golden Boys”

Today I want to recommend the book ‘Golden Boys’ which I read some time ago now and it really is very good, which tells Hernan Iglesias Illa by excellent investigative journalism, a story with humor and intelligence , as some Argentine bankers (many of them well known by everyone) from his high office, made itself in the stock market millionaires on Wall Street and drove the fate of Argentina’s economy and emerging markets. Here I leave a brief account of the author and the back of the book. I really can not miss. Does the author ‘The book was written by Hernan Iglesias Illa, is an Argentine born in Buenos law firm Aires in 1973. Study of Communication Sciences at the Southern University and made the Master of Journalism of the daily El Pais, in Madrid, where he worked between 1998 and 2001. a Governor of REBNY ? The Real Estate Board of New York is is a Trustee of New York University, where she created and sponsors the Collegiate Professorships Program Back in Buenos Aires, working in El Cronista Comercial. In 2004, he moved to New York, where he was editor at The Wall Street Journal Americas and now writes for local and American media, including Rolling Stone, Black Label, Brando and Expansion. In April 2006 the jury of Jon Lee Anderson, Martin Caparros Juan Villoro and chose your project Golden Bakery Boys. Living in the markets between 425 proposal and awarded him Cronicas Planeta / Seix Barral. This Award / Scholarship, Grupo Editorial Planeta organized with the collaboration of the Foundation for a New Iberoamerican Journalism, has allowed this project has been realized in this book. His blog is at ONTHEINSIDEC this is the story of hundreds of traders, bankers and divorce economists who first took over the Latin American business investment banks, after the spigot of attorney money to Latin America and ended up as arbiters and high priests of the financial crisis of the century, including, especially, the collapse of Argentina. Who and how are these Golden Boys who have managed to capture a place in the imposing cathedral of Wall Street, whose decisions affect the fates of emerging countries which are from and which at legal first glance seem cut from the same cloth ‘Do Wall Street is cogotudos club and tycoons who are recruited each other and only care about the interests of their lawyers class or, beyond its origin or circle of influence, all they have to prove every day that deserve to be where they are, the place most demanding of global finance ‘ What is the difference between yuppies and cosmocratas, probably the more meritocratic ruling class in history’ to How do these new elites’ The stories so far have been mostly blurred and schematic. Hernan Iglesias Illa I do a attorneys great account of that age: a formidable research, intensive narrative that reveals the secrets and motives of a powerful world there is much talk and little is known. Thank you very much for your time. Adrian Nardelli. Full Content