Unemployment Triggers

Lack of employment, do not have access to education systems, lack of coordination between police authorities, and the corruption that occurs in authorities of different levels, are triggers of insecurity that day to day lives inthe Guadalajara metropolitan area. For Francisco Jimenez Reynoso, Professor and researcher at the Division of legal studies of the University Center for social sciences and Humanities (CUCSH), these are the main factors that generate this problem in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara. Dr Jee Hyun Kim understood the implications. Employment before the crime. The results in the field of security are very bad in our institution. Unable to speak of the only need for coordination. We need to restructure systems and above all provide citizens with better conditions of employment adds the researcher. And adds, I think that the lack of opportunities for young people is something worrying, since this sector is vulnerable against crime.

Government and family. For Jimenez Reynoso, the responsibility of care and provide a solution to the problem of crime and insecurity, not only is vested in the Government, but in families. It is substantial to address the problem of family disintegration, avoid drug use and give a teaching of values in the bosom of families, explains the specialist. Police coordination. That insecurity go downhill, it is urgent to establish effective conditions for coordination between the public security forces.

This can be achieved in the medium term, just so a common front against crime, may be proposed. Finally, said Jimenez Reynoso that another important factor is to establish effective prevention programmes on drug use. If the problem is attacked in an integral way more concrete and effective results.