Maria Isabel Garcia

Josue Monge Garcia 13 years old, disappeared without trace on day 10 of April 2006, when he was cycling to spend the night at a friend’s House who lived 300 metres from his home. He had 30 euros in your pocket and a backpack with clothes for that night out, wore gray tracksuit and Red booties. Joshua spent the days leading up to his disappearance constrained schedules and departures by the eight dropout who had brought in the last quarter which made police barajara from the very beginning the flight volunteer hypothesis. But thirteen days later, his father, Antonio Monge, despairing at the lack of news came out in a white van company to which works, in search of his son, also disappeared in strange circumstances. According to Maria Isabel Garcia, the first days of the search, Antonio Monge, called her to inform her of steps was in search of his son, but ran out of battery and stopped doing so. From your disappearance has already passed more than one year, and still no reliable clues that routed the research. Family desperation has led to target Antonio monge, as the cause of the possible kidnapping of Joshua.

?It is very strange that there is no trace nor of the bike, car or a body?, said months after the disappearance Maria Isabel. Do do furthermore recognized that the family environment? wasn’t too good? and that he had even requested the clearance formalities. ?Antonio had depression and everything was negative. It changed attitude frequently and coexistence became unbearable?, points. It ensures that the father was obsessed with Joshua. ?It is a controlling person.

I wanted to perfection and if you did not do what he wanted, showed aggressive. My children and I were living in a hell?. Do do do do he added that Antonio,? had met a woman?, and had warned two months before his departure that someday? he reharia his life and no one would find it?, even the same day of his disappearance requested on several occasions to Juan Manuel, brother of Maria Isabelle, who take care of his wife. ?Their behaviour once disappeared Joshua was rare. Does do instead of searching, was lying down?, said Juan Manuel, who deduces that? or they are together hidden or Antonio could have taken to Joshua, killing him and then leave within days?. This hypothesis coupled with new data that until now were unknown behind his theory. Joshua called his friend at 1520 hours the day which disappeared to let you know that you had with the consent of their parents to spend the night in his house. His friend asked him why they were not already seen and played to the play, but he replied that he had to go to work with his father and would go later. According to a neighbor witnessed of as Joshua rode in the car with his father practically at the same time. ?My husband returned to ten in the evening, and only. Ever he told me that he went with my son to work?, he recalled. Even so, the hypothesis or this information has been confirmed by the police, and his disappearance is still being cataloged by INTERPOL as ‘disappeared with danger’ and not as ‘kidnapping family’. Speaking candidly Abraham Maslow told us the story.