Keeping your fridge hygienic clean inadequate cleaning and the improper storage of food can cause that in the fridge bacteria and mold spread. Also expired food should be removed as quickly as possible. Most people do not often enough clean their refrigerator. Thorough hygiene measures are recommended at least every four weeks. Actually, every third German followed this advice but only average.

Every fifth German cleaning the refrigerator even only one or twice a year. Every four weeks, so, thorough cleaning is strongly recommended in private households. In the catering industry, for example, the refrigerator must be cleaned daily or weekly even, depending on the use. Fruit and vegetables transferred bacteria germs come from outside in the refrigerator and can proliferate there. It is above all the fresh, non-packaged foods that are known to be carriers of fungi and bacteria. Fruits and vegetables are particularly burdened. But also with bare hands, we carry bacteria from our environment in the refrigerator.

In addition to the regular cleaning, the careful packing of open food is important. Especially dangerous is it when bacteria in the water and is on the inside of the refrigerator system increase. Meat should be never disclosed to defrost in the refrigerator, because here the most dangerous bacteria lurk. To clean your refrigerator properly every four weeks you should make at least a complete cleaning of the refrigerator. Here you can sort out at the same time expired or spoiled food. First clean the refrigerator completely empty and then clean the inside with warm water and a vinegar-based cleaner. The acid in the vinegar-based cleaner prevents the growth of mold. After cleaning, wipe again with clean water and dry the surface with a clean, dry cloth. But be careful, the used cleaning rags should be very clean. Otherwise only new pass through the cleaning Bacteria in the refrigerator. Thoroughly clean the removable side panels and shelves. With the purchase of the refrigerator, you should take care that it can be easy to clean. There are indeed great differences, some models are complicated in the cleaning, others no problem. Read this product recommendations on the page sausage and cheese with mould separately keep many meats and cheeses are covered with a fine layer of mold, so for example the famous Camembert. This mold is edible, it should not spill over but still on other foods. That is why it is especially important that you separately pick up cheese and sausage with mold, best in a well sealed fresh holding box. Eva Otter