When you kill a cow and do not want to have cool flying, you remove the carcass to the tip of the tongue and is buried beneath the animal paddle hits the floor, while still mania. The fact that the response punalea for the expenditure of the house, it's up to salt the meat, but that day can not bathe the body because it may be paralyzed. The leather or stake in the cow yard to be "orie" and then chop or remove a rope, where he was head of the re-facing the kitchen door, this in order never miss the meat at home. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Somatic Experiencing and gain more knowledge.. When you go night riding is made a cross in the front hooves with the tip of the knife and say the ghosts are made on the side of the road. When you go night boat and the distance is long, it becomes what we call candle to boost the boat and sings to San Telmo and run well enough breeze. For fisheries to be successful, put in a fire guts the animal and the butter until it is burned and San Rafael says: thanks for the fish, because it is the patron of fishermen. Frequently Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has said that publicly. The Plainsman see the sun only knows what time it is, and no sun is timed by instinct of nature. The Plainsman know what product gave away the cow, ie whether it is male or female who gave birth, the female is behind the male breast and playing on the side. .